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  1. carouselride

    Dynasty (2017)

    Before knowing about Steven's actualy paternity, I thought he simply meant he was raising Steven and Fallon (because I doubt Blake and Alexis did much parenting to be honest) while not being his own. It's not the first time it's been implied he's been a father figure, the Alfred of the Carringtons
  2. carouselride

    Season 1 Discussion

    What I understood is Alexis made the guy cut off his finger. She told him "it's healing nicely". I knew the guy was fake but wasn't expecting Alexis to be in on it, even less to be sleeping with the guy...
  3. carouselride

    S14.E21: Bad Reputation

    I remember reading the articles that she was coming back with his child, like implicating Karev could be the father. And then her storyline was her bitching about what Karev did eons ago. Grow up, honey! It was Nurse Olivia but it could have been someone else, for me she wasn't that important of a character that I needed to see again.
  4. carouselride

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation: Benchmarking

    As far as I remember, Sara's renewal negotiations were undergoing at the time the finale was filmed. And between that time and when the episode aired, Sara decided to leave/didn't like what they offered her and told Shonda. They left an open end for her story, she left so Callie stayed in NYC; if Sara would have stayed, Callie would have come back and probably patch things up with Arizona. Patrick and Sara's departures were mutual decision and this time they are firing them (not renewing their contracts; same thing) but it does seem there's no bad blood; every actors knows that can happen anytime. And Shonda has a deal coming with Netflix, maybe we'll see any of them popping up in the new Shondaland shows. But if the reason isn't money, good lord get rid of those interns no one cares about and they don't even bother to give a storyline too. April and Arizona have been around for 10 years, but you can still give them things to do: I'm enjoying April this season, Arizona seems to have found something to stick to with this study.... Not to mention Arizona has a daughter living with her and it'll be nice to see the woman who changed her mind about having kids deal with being a single mom AND dating.
  5. carouselride

    S14.E13: You Really Got a Hold on Me

    I found that conversation really off putting, she was basically harrassing the doctor "I'll keep calling until he speaks with me". Maybe Meredith should go the regular chanels and email the doctor requesting the pattern, or a meeting at least, instead of calling out of the blue? (I was only half paying attention so I missed if they explained if she try to contact him before) I doubt Spain has heard about the prestigious Grey Sloan Hospital and the Avery Award and all that...
  6. carouselride

    S14.E11: (Don't Fear) the Reaper

    I hope not. She will die like the rest of the relatives that come back
  7. carouselride

    Wake Up, San Francisco! Full(er) House Media

    Me too. It's exactly what I look for in a comedy; I can just sit and enjoy, no need to think. Plus, I think a big part of the success is that they actually are like a real family in real life and that comes through the screen. Maybe he's moving because he knows he can't look after his monsters by himself? I hope we still get to see his wife at least for one episode, she comes to see her kids settle in SF. I just like the actress haha As for Urkel, they probably won't think too much and he will just pop by. I like the OG on the show, but I don't want them to take focus from the She-wolf pack. I'm fine with the amount of screen time they were getting but I do agree some of the reasons they made up for them to come visit was getting weird.
  8. carouselride

    Wake Up, San Francisco! Full(er) House Media

    I gotta admit I thought it'd be cancelled considering how long it took them to announce the renewal. Fuller House Renewed For Season 4
  9. carouselride

    Season 3 Discussion

    I'm glad they stopped breaking the 4th wall while referencing Michelle, but it'd been nice if DJ had said "You're starting to skype too much with Aunt Michelle" or something like that, at least refer to her as if she'd still be in touch with the family.
  10. carouselride

    Season 3 Discussion

    I like DJ with Matt as well but I'm glad I won't have to put up with DJ/CJ mixup; it wasn't funny anymore. Hello Kitty (I so knew Fernando will be into it, still didn't disappoint) and that boyband, they got a nice worldwide promotion
  11. carouselride

    Season 1 Discussion

    it was the phonecall from Food Truck woman, wasn't it? She told Cristal not to come for specials anymore. I don't think she told her someone came looking for her though, can't remember the exact words right now
  12. carouselride

    Season 3 Discussion

    In the first episode I think Danny told DJ they could stay there for free. But again, I'm guessing they pay their own bills and not expecting Danny to get those as well; only Stephanie has no job, DJ has to make quite good money and Kimmy seems succesfull. And pretty sure that house's mortage (sorry, not sure on spelling and too lazy to look it up :P) is already been paid off after all these years or even with the settlement they got from Pam's killer...
  13. carouselride

    Season 3 Discussion

    My rational mind wants to think they at least pitched in with bills. And they were living there rent free in exchange of helping look after the girls. How much did Danny save having Joey and Jesse babysitting while he was working in the first few seasons?
  14. carouselride

    Grey's Anatomy in the Media: Incident Reporting

    I read it more as Krista wanting (or at least hoping) to bring her but Shonda or the network not allowing it. Or Krista knowing they won't allow it
  15. carouselride

    Season 3 Discussion

    They obviously decided to bring old Gia back (though I did like that she left the punk girl days in high school). But I'm going to play devil's advocate for one second: Her second marriage was to some business man/lawyer so she got to play soccer mom before the marriage fell apart between last season and this one