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  1. I started the documentary last night. I now see where Meri is getting her eye makeup ideas...
  2. I hope he's a nice guy, and treats her well. I see the matching outfits are already a go.
  3. So it drove Jill crazy because that's what SHE is doing, and there can only be one?
  4. My third grandchild arrived this morning, 39 weeks on the dot. She’s petite, but doing very well.
  5. Thanks. My son is now in his late 20s, so it has tapered off tremendously. I remarried a couple years ago, and I actually had someone ask if we were going to try for kids (?!?).
  6. Yeah, but some opinionated woman had to remark on there that she hoped Gracie got a sibling soon because it's no fun growing up without one...the kid's not even two! Granted, I'm touchy about the topic. I had three miscarriages in addition to my son before being told I was infertile, sucks to be you. Didn't stop a bunch of women from telling me I wasn't a "real mom" and was ruining my son's life by not producing siblings for him. And I wasn't even fundy. Also, I have two siblings. The one I was closest to died several years ago. There is no animosity between me and the one who is left, but
  7. I am grateful I wasn't taking a drink of coffee when I read this...
  8. Waverly is 80ish miles west of Nashville, so I'm sure the crew is falling back on "not really neighbors" Geez, is David in Nurie's lap? Nice that Best Momma chose the seat with more leg room.
  9. Sending hugs and good vibes @sixlets!
  10. I work for a hospital group, and right now the rule is all employees must wear masks, even the ones not patient-facing (like me, I'm an accountant). Corporate employees can take theirs off in their cubes, but have to wear them any time they leave their desk. The vast majority of my department is full remote, but if we ever have to run by the office we have to wear them.
  11. A tulle skirt with basketball shoes. I will never get this fashion thing down... Glad to see the splash of mustard in the socks :)
  12. I have heard of CaringBridge. They offer space for family to share blog-style posts/updates for someone who has a recovery ahead of them (cancer, bad accident, etc). That way the family can update once, and anyone who is following will get the info.
  13. I rarely get on here on Sundays, so I'm always late on the good news... Congrats to all who are expecting grandchildren! We're currently awaiting #3. Her sister arrived three weeks early last year, and she tried to make a break for it herself almost two weeks ago. She was stopped. My DIL is 35 weeks now, so if we can just get her to hang out a little while longer that would be great. My family made it through "the dates" for my brother, and we got the news last week that my dad's cancer is Stage IV and inoperable. That said, if he responds well to these shots that we're on, we could hav
  14. I don't know if it's quite the same situation, but my cousin's wife went into cardiac arrest while on a jog. I don't know the name of the procedure, but they basically put her in a hypothermic state for a couple days to lessen the chances of organ damage. She had to undergo heart surgery later for a previously undiagnosed valve problem, but that was 10ish years ago and she's doing very well. Is that what is going on with your friend?
  15. Thank you @SunnyBeBe. I was initially going to like your post for your kind words to me, then I read about your friend, and a like no longer seemed appropriate. I hope he will make a full recovery.
  16. I started the shots to shrink my fibroids a couple weeks ago. I've had a few side effects, but so far they have been mild. Dad has his first shot of the same medication today. I hope he has an easy time, and this stuff works at shrinking, for both of us. This is just a hard week. My brother took his life several years ago, and this week is the anniversary of when we think he died/when we found out for sure. He had been gone a little while before his work called us to let us know he hadn't been coming in and they "thought" there might be a problem.
  17. Not for my dog, but years ago my aunt died of cancer quite young (late 40s). My grandma took her Yorkies. A couple years later Grandma needed back surgery, and while she was recuperating one of the dogs began obsessively chewing at her paws. We suppose she was afraid another owner would die. She was put on Prozac, and it helped, although at the time my mom (the caregiver) joked it should be for her instead of the dog. Once Grandma was able to move around again and the dog could see she wasn't dying, she was able to go off the meds. Hopefully that's at least a little helpful.
  18. What I noticed in this picture is a plate of pasta and (burned) bread in front of Jer, and a teensy salad for Jin. They do appear to be using real dishes, though...
  19. Welcome back, @Marigold! We went out of town this weekend. We have had a lot of stressors this year...both having Covid, Mr Turquoise in ICU, my surgery canceled because Covid, moving (twice), both starting new jobs, me dealing with my ever-expanding tumor "pregnancy". Then we found out my dad has prostate cancer, and it's spread. Helping out my parents was one reason we moved back to the area, but I wasn't anticipating it being a few months after we got here. But fun fact...my dad and I have to be on the same shots to shrink our tumors before any other steps can be taken. Apparently we k
  20. I went to a monster truck show several years ago...you can't have the "Hey, going to the concession stand...need anything?" talk, much less a heart to heart. Those things are loud. As far as the devotions and her kids "sweetly agreeing" with her, they know they have to agree with Momma or else.
  21. They are illegal here, and a sheriff's deputy lives two doors down from us. He was one of the main ones setting them off the last two nights. Our chihuahua is thrilled. We can deal with a night or two of festivity a year, but we're already on a week and it's too much. They started setting them off at 10 yesterday morning, it was hard to even get him outside to do his business.
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