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  1. Dating myself, but this made me think of an old SNL skit:
  2. It looks like they were duplicating the end of the song from the movie:
  3. You would never see such things at the good Olive Garden! Perhaps she found the "please wash your hands" hilarious? I'm assuming the barndo doesn't have separate bathrooms? Using a unisex restroom is not "acceptance of sin".
  4. @BetyBee There is a discussion for The Way Down under HBO Documentaries, but only a few comments. I watched it this past weekend. I lived in Nashville for several years, so I knew a small bit about her church. I had no idea how cultish they are. Her plane went down maybe 10ish miles from where I used to live.
  5. Random thoughts on the anniversary post: Renee, it really doesn't take someone special to have 13 children. My grandmother had 14. She was no great shakes as a mother or a grandmother, just a devout Catholic who happened to be fertile. The end. Miscarriages are hard, I've had three. With one I did hemorrhage for hours, losing a lot of blood. But I didn't realize I was supposed to get an exact percentage of how much blood I lost for future reference. Darn. My son is grown and aware of my miscarriages now (he was young and/or not born when they occurred), but we don't discuss them endl
  6. I'm surprised it wasn't SEVERE hate followers...but I guess that would've given Jill away. I am a bit amused that social media was down most of the day yesterday. I'm sure that put a crimp in BME's life. Today is our anniversary, so it's appropriate everything is running again. LOL
  7. @BetyBee I'm so very sorry for your loss
  8. That would liven up Minute With Jill, or whatever the hell it's called...
  9. I see Jonathan is developing the frozen, what-another-propaganda-picture smile too...
  10. Hateful critic here, wondering if he swiped that sucker from The Fair...
  11. Mr Turquoise and I road-tripped around the UK and Ireland for our honeymoon a couple years ago. London wasn't my favorite spot, but we did a nighttime Jack the Ripper walking tour, and it was interesting to see the streets/buildings that have not changed much. One funny story-we came to an old wall, and our guide said "business" was often conducted there. Several members of our group were leaning against said wall. He suggested they not, because "old habits die hard". It was hilarious watching them put distance between themselves and the wall. I did like the Tower and Westminster Abbey. W
  12. I started the documentary last night. I now see where Meri is getting her eye makeup ideas...
  13. I hope he's a nice guy, and treats her well. I see the matching outfits are already a go.
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