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  1. Not for my dog, but years ago my aunt died of cancer quite young (late 40s). My grandma took her Yorkies. A couple years later Grandma needed back surgery, and while she was recuperating one of the dogs began obsessively chewing at her paws. We suppose she was afraid another owner would die. She was put on Prozac, and it helped, although at the time my mom (the caregiver) joked it should be for her instead of the dog. Once Grandma was able to move around again and the dog could see she wasn't dying, she was able to go off the meds. Hopefully that's at least a little helpful.
  2. What I noticed in this picture is a plate of pasta and (burned) bread in front of Jer, and a teensy salad for Jin. They do appear to be using real dishes, though...
  3. Welcome back, @Marigold! We went out of town this weekend. We have had a lot of stressors this year...both having Covid, Mr Turquoise in ICU, my surgery canceled because Covid, moving (twice), both starting new jobs, me dealing with my ever-expanding tumor "pregnancy". Then we found out my dad has prostate cancer, and it's spread. Helping out my parents was one reason we moved back to the area, but I wasn't anticipating it being a few months after we got here. But fun fact...my dad and I have to be on the same shots to shrink our tumors before any other steps can be taken. Apparently we k
  4. I went to a monster truck show several years ago...you can't have the "Hey, going to the concession stand...need anything?" talk, much less a heart to heart. Those things are loud. As far as the devotions and her kids "sweetly agreeing" with her, they know they have to agree with Momma or else.
  5. They are illegal here, and a sheriff's deputy lives two doors down from us. He was one of the main ones setting them off the last two nights. Our chihuahua is thrilled. We can deal with a night or two of festivity a year, but we're already on a week and it's too much. They started setting them off at 10 yesterday morning, it was hard to even get him outside to do his business.
  6. Turquoise


    I must be doing it wrong, because these are some of my favorite rolls... Being a mom is a different level :)
  7. I am getting Project Yank the Uterus back on track in our new home. Went yesterday for an ultrasound to see how much the fibroids have grown since last summer. Doctor has mentioned wanting me to take a series of shots to try and shrink the "pregnancy", to make surgery and recovery easier for me. Looks like we're looking at maybe late September, which will leave me available to help with my grands when their baby sister arrives in a couple months.
  8. @jcbrown So sorry for your loss
  9. Oh, sorry. Gabby Barrett and her husband, Punchable Aunt Cade Foehner (PAC) are friends of Jeremy & Jinger. There’s pictures posted of them on that thread every so often. Gabby placed third on American Idol and is a rising country star. Cade was also on Idol, didn’t do as well, career is not hot.
  10. I don’t know if I can add a whole lot more…usually this would be CMA Fest in Nashville. It’s been canceled the last two years because of the pandemic, but it’s normally a huge deal with a lot of events & tourists. The CMT Awards are scheduled for the middle of this week. Gabby was slated to perform with Lady A and another person. She released a statement yesterday that she was dropping out due to personal circumstances, hoped to see her fans this summer. Gabby won an award at the ACMs several weeks ago, and PAC made a post pointing out she was “Mrs. Foehner”. So there has been specula
  11. I saw today Gabby dropped out of performing at the CMT Awards tomorrow night due to “personal circumstances”. I hope the circumstance isn’t Punchable Aunt Cade pitching a fit because he’s the spouse of a star.
  12. Posted by floridamom on JD/Abbie: I believe Anna went to the car lot early on because she didn't know what to do with herself alone at home, much like Jill who clung to Derick at Walmart corporate. No life skills for these undereducated, under experienced brides. I think that may be part of it, but given what we know now I also suspect Anna was there to make sure ol' Joshie stayed off the computer.
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