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  1. I saw what could only be a LuLaNo outfit over the weekend...skin tight, 3/4 sleeve, what I think was supposed to be a boatneck shirt in black with horizontal white stripes, floral maxi in dusty rose, taupe, and blue with a ruffle at the bottom and artistically knotted at the right kneecap, and a VERY long, skinny mulberry sash. All polyester. I have a lousy poker face so I didn't dare ask her where she got her outfit.
  2. LOL...I live in Nashville, so I know exactly what traffic circles you were in last week! The nudes are called Musica. I had to look up the name for the sticks one...and it's called Stix. Go figure.
  3. The donation names are hilarious! I'm surprised Classy Court Heels hasn't made an appearance yet...
  4. I figured the same... Advertising fail. All I noticed was the bad Photoshop. Lol
  5. Random, but did someone actually Photoshop skirts onto those two girls in the background? They don't look natural...
  6. I've seen posts at various times here describing Jana as boring and bland. I'm not convinced that's the case. I'm a friendly introvert who doesn't easily open up to people. I also have a very dry sense of humor and realize that doesn't go over well with everyone, so I usually keep it hidden until I know my audience. I've been told many times that I'm hard to get to know, and friends found me boring until they got to know me. I think this is what's going on with Jana, plus she had the whole blanket training/snuff the spark out raising. I think the poor girl has very few people (if any) she can be her true self with. YMMV
  7. At the risk of dating myself, those pants look like the ones that were advertised in the coupon section of the Sunday newspaper when I was a kid. Polyester, elastic waist, seam down the front of the legs, came in 20-ish colors. Gah.
  8. Gosh, I'm 18 years older than Jill, and I don't have the forehead lines yet... Her hair is a pretty shade of brown, and it looks healthy in the pictures. Imagine how much fuller and bouncier it would be if she cut it even to mid-back.
  9. Not only monogrammed, but with a GCS. I didn't think they were married?
  10. Oh my...the scented lotion is not doing the trick...
  11. How awful for Joy & Austin. Annabell Elise is a lovely name. I feel for them having to watch all the baby girls arrive this fall. Lauren better not deliver any where near Annabell's due date...she'd be obtuse enough to point it out.
  12. Oh holy hell, I'm getting married October 5. I had no idea I was adjacent to Madame Crazy(no decent woman should ever wear)pants' magical day!
  13. Challenge accepted! Now that it's below 60 degrees here, I am feeling sluggish. I am struggling to open the blinds every morning. Because I also am dealing with static electricity in the colder weather, I have been adding coconut oil, butter, and locally sourced honey to my morning coffee. Honey has antibiotic properties! I am not really sure the honey is killing any germs, but honey masks the fact that I have recreated Exxon Valdez in my coffee cup. Honey really is the bees' knees!
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