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  1. You can see the very visible line around her face/neck...you wanna be you, Meri? Dynamite...really be you. Not the Fooled You on Match.com You.
  2. Mine would be "Thyroid Cancer Survivor. I don't have a sore throat. I am fine". I'm beginning to think my coworkers and some other people around me never listened to me, because my cancer was two years ago. Pre-surgery I had what I refer to as my "barfly voice", post-surgery I am frequently hoarse. Now people are panicking, asking me if I have a sore throat, do I feel bad? When I say no, they want to know why I'm hoarse then. The same reason I have been for TWO YEARS NOW.
  3. My granddaughter is due in early July, but over the weekend she thought maybe she'd like a May birthday. The doctor was able to get labor stopped, and is hopeful maybe my DIL can get to the 36 week mark. I'm heading to them to help with my grandson. My son had to go back to work this week after a 10 week furlough so the grandparents are tag-teaming it.
  4. I am tired. I am fed up with a snotty little girl who has no clue about the real world telling me what needs to be done. I am sick of pictures of snarled, greasy hair. I am tired of skin-tight bike shorts ruining a lovely view. I feel much despair. If this is where it's at, I don't want to be woke. I'll be damned if I don't stay unwoke...
  5. LOL...I started using Instacart when my husband was in the hospital/came home with a port, to reduce the chance of me picking a bug up at stores. In one of my first carts, I asked for a jar of peanuts. I received a box of Krispy Kreme donut holes. I chose to interpret it as a sign from God.
  6. We're expecting a granddaughter in early July. I had made a counted cross stitch blanket for her brother and wanted to do the same for her. When I started the project, I was concerned I wouldn't get it done before her birth. Then came Covid-19. I finished it yesterday with 10 weeks to spare.
  7. ...to be completed by 6:02 pm. Enjoy your SPECIAL party mints and AMAZING fellowship with SWEET friends.
  8. My husband's last infusion is tonight. It takes until about 1-2 am to finish and for me to flush/cap off the line, so we've been binging TV to stay awake. We discovered Outlander way behind the rest of the world, but we're up to date now. 😂The home nurse will be here tomorrow to pull his line, and I know he's excited, it will be the first time in 5 weeks he hasn't had at least one line coming out of him. He moves to oral antibiotics tomorrow, and we be able to go back to a normal sleep pattern. I hate this happened to him, but it was nice that I was working at home full time, it made it easier to deal with everything.
  9. @ChiCricket, I'm so sorry for your loss
  10. Thanks for all the good wishes! I ended up having to learn how to do his infusion via Zoom meeting, but it went well. I'm comfortable now that I have several under my belt. They did give us extenders, but I'm home full-time at the moment (my company is an essential business, but I'm an accountant so they have me working remotely), so I can handle it for him. We even tackled a shower yesterday, with much Saran Wrap involved. LOL. Our home nurse comes for her first visit this morning, to draw bloodwork & do a dressing change.
  11. I get to bring my husband home from the hospital at some point today. We haven't seen each other since he went in last Friday, although we've been in phone contact and the doctors have included me via speakerphone in rounds. They're putting in a PICC line so they can continue with his antibiotics. I'm waiting to hear how they're going to show me the basic care. We'll have a home health nurse, but I need to know what to do in between visits.
  12. I'm in Nashville, and we're on "safer at home". Basically the same as other places with a softer name. To make things more fun, my husband is in the hospital. He is having some complications from surgery he had in early February (ironically, when news of coronavirus in China was just starting to hit heavy). I haven't been able to see him since Friday when they took him out of the ER. I'm a corporate accountant, so working from home, and doing conferences with my husband and his doctor via speakerphone, What a life. Hopefully we'll be able to get him home by the end of the week, I'm going to run him some more clothes later, and I ventured out to get him some travel-sized toiletries and a couple treats to make him smile. Still no toilet paper, paper towels, Clorox wipes. We have some of all, but good grief people. And people are still wanting to bitch that the can't go downtown and party. Makes me want to bitch slap them, with a Louisville Slugger. I'm not a violent person, but this is so frustrating!
  13. I'm in Nashville. We were very fortunate, the tornado went north and east of us so no damage and we didn't lose power. There wasn't much time between the phone alert/sirens and the storms hitting, and it was the middle of the night, so unnerving. It has been heartwarming to see everyone banding together to clean up the devastated areas.
  14. The fact that Jenelle is in my town makes me want to take a Silkwood shower
  15. Turquoise


    But where are the typos??
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