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  1. I think it’s that she’s lied in the past to protect someone she cared about and it caught up with her and didn’t work out the way she planned. That experience may have taught her that it’s better to tell the truth. The snitching here really doesn’t bother me because the stakes are so high.
  2. Regarding the discussion over the feasibility of writing on the back of one’s arms, she actually had scars all over her back too. I saw them very clearly on my tv; every inch of her body that had been covered by her clothes was covered in scars (all words) - back, chest, legs, shoulders, arms. I could read a lot of words. The one that stood out to me was occult. My immediate thought was that it would be impossible to do that to yourself (maybe if you used a long piece of wire?). Its so weird that so many many people couldn’t see the scars or could barely see them. For me it was like words written all over that would be impossible to not notice. I watched on a five year old medium quality tv using hbogo and chromecast, for anyone keeping track. I really enjoyed this premiere and am looking forward to it for the next several weeks. I’m actually glad I haven’t read the book yet because it seems like the tv series is really well done. I kind of wish she weren’t such a hardcore alcoholic - I feel like there’s enough going on without that added, although maybe I’ll feel differently as I watch more.
  3. I really enjoyed this episode. Yes, it’s totally unrealistic that this relationship was never mentioned before, but moving beyond that point, I liked seeing Hannah happy with Zack (who has always been one of my favorites). Even though the way Zack ended things was shitty, he seemed remorseful then and obviously even more so now. It was also more of a relatable teenaged problem (thankfully) instead of the outright villainy shown in the series, which made it more poignant for me.
  4. My big issue that I can’t get over is that the water is so dangerous that you can’t even step in a puddle, plus it rains every night, so why doesn’t getting dirty kill them (like when Rasmus and Simone were dragged back into the bunker)? Or just touching damp leaves and grass when hiking through the dense forests? I think it would have been more believable if there was just the initial rain event maybe lasting a year or two. I am enjoying this overall, but some of it is just too unbelievable and some of the characters’ actions are so dumb/annoying.
  5. I think they should start deducting from the Composition score (which is part of the program components score) for programs that have all of the jumps in the second half. I love Zagitova's free skate, and I think she is completely amazing, but I do think that composition suffers when all of the jumps are crammed into the end of the skate. They could at least deduct a point from composition for it. Then the skater would still get extra points for doing the jumps in the second half, because that's valid as a difficult thing to do, but maybe it would slightly discourage it. Zagitova's composition score was 9.39 last night (Mirai's was 7.89, for comparison).
  6. This is actually a pretty common issue and her reaction is not at all abnormal. I agree Dylan and Sheinelle together can devolve into a giggling mess, but this is some straight up mom-shaming, which I guess goes with the whole anti-woman vibe of this thread. There's plenty to snark about with this show without resorting to Hoda's scandalous shoulder baring dresses.
  7. So when Deb said camera guy reminded her of someone from her time in camp, do we think maybe she was referring to the tall man? I mean they don't really look alike other than both being african-american, but this show isn't exactly smartly written. Maybe she saw all the visions of the tall man back in the day and was turned over to the dark side with him and the satanic cults, etc.
  8. Alex told Blotter that he would have "Barney Rubble eyes" if he took the liquid acid. It's a play on the 80s song "Bette Davis Eyes" and is because acid would give you giant pupils, resulting in big black eyeballs like Barney Rubble from the Flintstones has. So the show is still not great, but I'll keep watching. It's entertaining enough, and I actually do kind of like each of the counselors and the camp director (I like them as characters, not so much as humans). I like that they're apparently going to do a flashback of a different character each week. The satanic cult or whatever is totally stupid. I really hope this show's mysteries aren't going to be 100% supernatural, but it sort of seems to be going that direction.
  9. Maybe it's because I don't watch OUAT so I don't have the same pre-existing hatred towards the creators like everyone else here seems to, but I kind of enjoyed the pilot. It was fairly predictable and not exactly Emmy winning quality, but it at least met (and possibly surpassed) my expectations for a show on this channel. I mean really any show set in the 1980s, featuring a summer camp, starring Elizabeth Mitchell, and with some element of mystery is right up my alley. I liked this better than the pilot of Guilt or the current season of Pretty Little Liars. I'm not sure what to expect from the central mystery, like I can't tell if this is 100% supernatural, or if there's going to be some more realistic explanation for at least part of it. I expect our central character Amy (who is totally dull- I agree with everyone on that) to have some historical connection to whatever it is, and I'm somewhat curious about whatever family drama she briefly alluded to. Elizabeth Mitchell's character seems totally shady, so that could be interesting. I just hope it doesn't end up cancelled before they reveal anything good.
  10. As someone who has watched 2 episodes this season (1 of which was last night's), I completely agree with this evaluation.
  11. This was my favorite season since the first. The shooting in episode four took me completely by surprise, and I just really enjoyed everything after that point. There weren't really any boring/disturbing subplots dragging the season down for me, like China in season 2, too much Remy/Jackie in season 3, the whole Rachel thing, etc. I'm definitely ready for Frank to be taken down, but I can't help but love Claire. I think this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I loved the relationship between her and Tom. They have great chemistry and are both super attractive and just hot together. Plus I've always kind of enjoyed the non-traditional nature of Frank and Claire's marriage, which hadn't really been explored since season 1. That breakfast scene had me laughing out loud. Also, I haaaaated the Conways. They were so obnoxious and impossible to root for, even as adversaries for the Underwoods.
  12. Interesting finale. I thought Jeffery sounded the worst he's been all season. His song choices didn't suit his voice and he seemed really tense. I hated Jordan's song choices. I tuned in a minute late and thought Climb Every Mountain was his holiday song (a lot of people group the Sound of Music into holiday music for some reason) because why else would he sing that? He has a beautiful voice, but he's like the least modern contestant ever, and not in a cool retro way. Then he sang Mary Did You Know, which is one of my absolute least favorite Christmas songs ever. I hate that song passionately. I was fine with him winning, which I still think he will, but now it's going to annoy me. Barrett was fine but unremarkable. I thought he was good on Silent Night, but what is with Blake saying he has such a unique voice? He has a completely bland, generic country voice. Even if I were a huge fan of his and trying to point out his good qualities, that's the last thing I'd say because it's completely wrong. I thought Emily Ann was the best of the night, although I'm still not amazed by her. She has a nice voice, is very pretty, and could have actual country success, but her voice lacks power. Maybe it will develop in the future, but she still seems kind of amateur. Her song choices were solid though, and she performed well. Leather and Lace, God Only Knows, and Islands in the Stream are three of my all time favorite guilty pleasure songs (I guess GOK isn't exactly a guilty pleasure, but considering I'm usually an unsentimental atheist, it kind of is), so I was very happy the coaches chose them, and I enjoyed them more than the other performances. I also thought most of the contestants sounded their best during the duets.
  13. This finale really exceeded my expectations. I'm usually underwhelmed by finales, especially when they're big reveals of the mystery of the entire season. Finding out Hester was the other red devil wasn't surprising, but I thought the episode was really well written and just tied everything up so nicely. Plus it had a lot of hilarious moments. I loved Chad and Denise's breakup scene, obviously, as well as the Chanels loving the asylum at the end. The other scene I really liked that hasn't been mentioned here as much was Dean Munsch and Hester's blackmail agreement. I loved how it was all dark and menacing, and then JLC was just like, "OK!" and they were cheerful again. I also actually laughed out loud (which I never do when watching tv alone) when JLC said the face of the girl baby was burned into her memory, like Joe Theismann's injury and 2 Girls 1 Cup. For this show in general, I thought the premiere episode kind of sucked, then I started to enjoy it more as it went on, but the finale was definitely my favorite episode, like by far.
  14. I absolutely love this show, and I can't even really articulate why. The writing and acting are so good, and I think it's almost heroic of Simon to write a show that totally calls out the racism that is underneath the objections to public housing. This subject could be boring, but instead it's thought-provoking and interesting. The guy playing Nick is especially good. I can't even believe he's the same person who played the inventor guy in Ex Machina. It also helps that I really like Springsteen.
  15. It wasn't even just that the Full House sets in the movie were in reverse (which was a big glaring issue on its own), but the entire style of that house was completely different than the real Full House set. The house shown in this movie had a bunch of country knick knacks that looked like they belonged in the Roseanne house, and the building looked like a craftsman or something. It was so different it seems like someone was intentionally trying to create a house that looked absolutely nothing like the real Full House set.
  16. The Full House sets were soooooo bad. They were absolutely nothing like the actual sets. I thought this was even worse than the casting. Also, Bob Saget's kitchen, the show exec's offices, and other sets in this movie were totally from the 2010s. The offices had mesh work chairs, which I don't think even existed in the 80s.
  17. So who/what does everyone think Orion/ORyan is? The constellation? Some military aircraft or weapon named Orion?
  18. Someone did burn the president's daughter's arm in their little scuffle, so one of the kids who was around at that point has to be Drill. I'm guessing Henry. He also was in the photo lineup when that creepy kid with bangs got all freaked out. Plus he's the main characters' son, so that's pretty obvious. I'm a Harper fan too. I wouldn't want to know the character in real life, but she's an entertaining character and a decent little actor.
  19. I'm sure Aria was going to SCAD, Savannah College of Art & Design. They have a good writing program.
  20. I liked it, for this show. Yes, there serious issues with the transgender aspect being thrown in haphazardly, as everyone here has stated repeatedly. Some would argue that they can't/won't put that aside to consider the rest of the show, and I understand that, but I personally choose to put it aside and evaluate the show without it. Last night's finale had tons of ridiculous, silly moments, but this is Pretty Little Liars. It is always ridiculous and silly. This episode was over the top and I personally enjoyed it. I feel like if you hated the finale (unless that hate was 100% because of how they mishandled the transgender character), there's no way you could have enjoyed the show for like 90% of previous episodes. Like this wasn't some big departure from the normal show. Also, it's always going to be annoying that some mysteries have completely been dropped, but did anyone really expect answers to every single question this show has raised? I mean really, what were the alternatives for a more interesting A reveal that would have still actually made some sense? Wilden as A because he hates teenaged girls? That's boring. Ezra as A because he's a creeper? Interesting and satisfying, but with lots of logistical issues. I think I'm always going to be let down by the big reveals on this show, but I was less let down with this finale than I usually am at the end of a half-season. Also, yay for Sarah Harvey being in on it and Emily punching her annoying face!
  21. Is it just my tone deafness, or were the last big notes of Matt's Somewhere Over the Rainbow really really off? I like him, but I thought the end of that song was terrible. I'd rank the performances as follows: Matt's single Damien's single Matt's duet Chris's duet Craig's single Damien's duet Chris's Cry Me a River Chris's single Craig's duet Damien's A Song for You Matt's SOTR Craig's Picture I've always really loved Damien's voice. I just enjoy listening to him sing, even though I think he's had horrible song choices 85% of the time, and his style is just not appealing to the masses. Matt is good and original and I like him but don't love him. I guess I think he should win though. I really like Craig when he sings more classic rock style music, but honestly the religious song and following exchange with Pharrell a few weeks ago really turned me off (I've read all the arguments that it's not his fault or whatever, and I agree on a rational level, but I'm still turned off), and his country performances bore me. Chris is just kind of a non-entity to me. It is nice to not actively hate anyone in the finale this season.
  22. I don't know if it will hold, but I do think they were at least trying to make the viewers think that there are two Ali's. I like the theory that the scar is from Aria on the train, but I also think Ali #1 might have been so freaked out about that and the appointment in general because something would indicate that she's not actually Ali. I don't wan this show to go with the Ali has a twin thing, but I totally think they eventually will. Every time I hope they'll do something interesting and different from the book, they end up going right back to the predictable book plot in the end. My current theory is that Mrs Hastings actually killed Jessica D. Spencer is trusting in her mother and scared of her dad, but then she'll find out it was actually her mom and she'll freak out.
  23. This was my biggest issue with the pilot as well. Obviously opinions vary about what the natural reaction to this kind of event would be, but I think that is just proof that individual reactions would really vary. Sure, some people would still be totally depressed and in just a pit of self-destructive wallowing 3 years later, but some people would move on, be strong, actively seek answers, etc. I think it's extremely unrealistic that every single person in society would have ended up like these people. I just felt like this show was SO melodramatic and self-important. As has been stated by others, that cult was laughably ridiculous. I mean, really with the smoking? That sounds like a detail written by a 10 year old. They also seemed like total assholes with their sign at the ceremony thing. I saw the wife in the cult thing coming a mile away too, to the point that I'm still not even sure if that was supposed to be a surprising reveal at the end. I was most interested in the storylines with the son and daughter (I'm in the minority, but I always enjoy rebellious teenager stories). The son screaming in the pool was by far the most poignant and interesting moment to me. I was a huge Lost fan, even at the end, because I love a good mystery, even if I don't get all of the answers neatly presented to me. The mystery elements of this show are interesting, but I basically hate 90% of the characters and the writing in general, so I don't think I'll keep watching. I may read some recaps just to see where the mystery goes, but this was truly kind of painful for me to watch.
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