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  1. GaiusB

    S03.E10: Fallen

    If he wanted to have sex with her its not rape, since its not against his will. He never said no, he just said "but i have a girlfriend" and than he just went towards Ontari to have sex with her anyway. Its true it would be dangerous for him to say no, but luckily for him, he wanted to have sex with her. Atleast that was my reading of the scene, he was not scared, he just tried to be a good guy loyal to Emori for few seconds before he used Ontari´s threats/seduction as excuse to not be. Only he (and obviously writers) know for sure if it was really against his will or not, but why do i have a feeling you will claim he was raped regardless what Murphy himself think about it.
  2. GaiusB

    S03.E10: Fallen

    Well, i also dont consider Murphy scene as rape. He was quite clearly willing, he even said it sarcastically "things i do to survive". He will have no physical or mental trauma from that for sure. I think to call it rape sort of bagatelize suffering of real rape victims. I think Americans are way too quick to label everything that is not perfectly politically correct sexual encounter as rape. I dont think it will be a topic of discussion when its air in Europe. Specially in this case, we are talking about characters of Murphy and Ontari. Murphy forced Charlotte to suicide, murdered few other people from his camp and is quite willing to help Ontari to became Heda even though she clearly stated that she intend to wipe all of his people out. He get to have sex with her as reward and i should feel sorry for him and pretend that he is any sort of victim? Nope.
  3. GaiusB

    S03.E03: Ye Who Enter Here

    I understand Gina´s death being anoying, but i think its unfair to criticize it as usual lazy plot device. The writers already proven that they can do better with female characters, its not like Lost where most female characters died for male angst and those who did not had not nearly as good story arcs as male characters like Jack, Locke, Sawyer, Desmond and Ben. Gina was not the first red shirt on this show. Not every minor character destined to die can get a lot of character development. Sure they could simply not cast her at all, but there was a three months time jump. It would not be very realistic for Bellamy to remain celibate. He could have some one night stands, but that does not seems to fit his season 3 character. So he got a girlfriend. But since the writers did not wanted to dedicate a lot of screentime for this pair, she got killed quickly. And obviously it will serve as a justification for Bellamy to side with Pike. Imagine if he sided with him without Gina´death. He would turn into villian (or just into big dumbass) and the writers would be hunted on social media for ruining Bellamy intentionally for Clexa.
  4. GaiusB

    S02.E05: Episode 5

    I think the semen is Eric´s and its not mentioned because it is not an issue anymore. Both Eric and Taylor agreed that they had rough sex, i see no reason why it should not be Eric´s semen. I think it is irrelevant unless someone else raped Taylor after he had sex with Eric, but it does not seems very likely to me. Its too complicated, it require another closeted gay and it would be third significant event of that night besides Eric/Taylor sex and the taking of those pictures. I think the story progressed and the question is not anymore about who had rough sex with Taylor, but if it was consensual, who drugged Taylor and about what happened and who was present when those pictures were taken (those were almost certainly taken some time after the sex/rape, not during it).
  5. GaiusB

    S03.E03: Ye Who Enter Here

    That was a poor day for Bellamy from the romantic perspective. 1. Gina got murdered. 2. Echo, another potential love interest, make it possible through her betrayal. 3. Lexa is all "Clarke stays here as my lover, i mean ambassador." It was not that great day for Raven either, like every day since she arrived on the ground, she must really hate Earth by now. Where are good old days of living on the dying space station under the fascist dictatorship. Good day for Lexa, you can feel everything goes her way, i bet she even intended to provoke Ice Nation into the War to get excuse to kill Ice Queen. For Costia and for more power, for whatever her goal is. I love her, her way of talking and her rationalizations. "Lets not dwell on past betrayals and genocides, Clarke." "But Clarke i waited for a WEEK, it felt like forever for me!" Roan, you will have to try harder, if you want anyone to believe that bad reputation of Ice Queen is just Lexa´s propaganda. There are some interesting consequences for Lincoln. He have the kill order on his head. If Arkers are part of the coalition, shouldnt they follow through with the order?
  6. GaiusB

    S02.E05: Episode 5

    I dont trust a word from Taylor. Eric´s version is partly true, but not complete. He is covering for Kevin also. Kevin have to be involved somehow, yet both Taylor and Eric dont say anything to anyone about his possible participation. Coach´s daughter will be involved too. So my conclusion is that its not about the nature of sexual contact between Taylor and Eric (which was consensual as Eric said), but about the group humiliation that hapenned after. That make involvement of Kevin, coach´s daughter and even other basketball team players possible. Its also why Taylor was not bothered until he saw the pictures. Rape accusations are his revenge against Eric, either because of Eric´s rejection or more likely because he blame Eric for set up for his humiliation.
  7. GaiusB

    S03.E02: Wanheda (Part 2)

    So Emori is an unapologetic murderous thief? Look no further Murphy, you found a soulmate, what´s up with your moralizing. Lexa is very fluid with her alliances and deals. Speaking of fluids.....nice foreplay for hate sex Clarke! They are teasing Bellarke shippers quite a lot. I would be carefull with that if they dont plan to deliver.
  8. GaiusB

    S06.E03: Ghost Your Baby

    I still like the show, but my enjoyment is somewhat diminished because of tendency of making each Fiona´s and Lip´s sexual partner less interesting then previous one. Karen was the best, Mandy was worse, but still good, Amanda worse then Mandy, but still ok, but Helena? I dont see any chemistry or interesting storyline there. Fiona is on similar trajectory from Jimmy/Steve to Sean.
  9. GaiusB

    The Shannara Chronicles

    I liked it. Even though GoT is more my cup of tea and i was totally bored by LotR. It share its traditional fantasy simplicity with LotR, but it is way more progressive story. Both female characters are relevant and they deal with the issues Tolkien ignored. Princess´s desire to belong to the traditionally male order or Thief´s desire to escape peril of abusive marriage is something that would fit into GoT well. It is often very anachronistic, but intentionally so for comedic relief similary to A Knight´s Tale. I like how Will is realistically more interested about naked princess and hot thief then about epic quest to save the World.
  10. GaiusB

    S02.E02: Episode 2

    I dislike how everything is so vague. Its so manipulative. Lack of details about what happened, closeted gay teenagers, hysterical mother, son only react after pictures emerge, even a talk between suspects make rape very unlikely judged on what we are allowed to see. I fear that is intentional to make viewers feel guilty at the end of the season for not-believing the victim. It is not a smart storytelling, it is manipulative and predictable. That is the main reason i hope it was not rape and the story is more about damage of false accusations born out of fear of homophobic reactions and difficulties to accept own sexual orientation.
  11. GaiusB

    S02.E01: Episode 1

    I liked many things, actors are great including young ones. What i liked most compared to the last season is the microcosmos of the school and involved families. Much better then the collection of racial stereotypes of the last season. I am more then little worried about the case though. I fear some heavy handed preaching about how we have to believe rape victims and how hard male rape victims have it. I dont trust the show to do any better with it then it did with race issues last year. Objectively what Lili Taylor is doing is crazy, to make case public will hurt her son a lot in any case and she have really no serious base for her accusations. Many other things then rape could have happened. It could be just a relatively harmless sexual ( or not-sexual) humiliation, it could be a drunken sex, it could be his first sex, it could be his first sex with boy, it could be a fear how his peers will react (i think this is something many gay teenagers fear), there are pictures afterall. All of this could lead to his panicky reaction and making a big public rape case from it is the worst thing that could happen to him. Actually i think it would be much better story if possible rape was just a misdirection and the real issue was the fear of gay teenagers to admit their sexual orientation to their peers and to their parents.
  12. GaiusB

    The Last Kingdom

    Hm, i think i liked this episode less then any other. The main reason was that it revealed some serious flaws of the show. Its incredibly rushed and as result only Uthred have enough screetime to develop his character, expect he is a total moron with little character development. His lovers, wifes, companions, enemies exist only for few episodes and than they are replaced with other ones. I heard it is pretty much same in the books, so that sucks for me. Beyond that Uthred is for me the worst character, his action scenes are about as tense of those of Jack Bauer, but the worst thing is i can not root for him, because essentially he is a classical traitor scumbag, who betrayed his people for profit. Now if he reconnected to his Saxon origin, it would be fine, but that not what happened, he dont belong to Saxon culture, he dont respect Saxon culture, he is still a Dane, who joined Alfred, because it was more convenient way to get what he think belongs to him.
  13. GaiusB

    The Last Kingdom

    The second episode only confirmed my good feeling about this show. Hopenfully more people will learn about it and will watch it. I dont want this gem to be cancelled prematurely. I am also liking Alfred. After Vikings it feels so unusual to have likeable English characters....
  14. GaiusB

    The Last Kingdom

    I liked it a lot, more the then the first episode of Vikings. Vikings improved a lot over time though and have characters played by actors with amazing charisma. This show sure have a potential to be great. I am bit unsure about lead character, he is too much generic pretty boy for my taste, i thought that his younger version was actually played by better actor. I like both young ladies, Brida and readheaded Ragnar´s daughter. Overall i feel it could easily be my favorite new show this year and the guy responsible for The Bastard Executioners should take note how to create medieval drama.
  15. GaiusB

    S02.E02: A Matter Of Geography

    Once again a very good episode, but the final scene worried me a bit. A lot actually. After Lost experience my first thought was that Kevin is special and the higher power does not allow him to die. Exactly what The Island did to choosen losties. I like the atmosphere, emotions, characters of this show and i dont want it to be ruined again by some mumbo jumbo religiously magical stuff. Oh yeah and like others, i also dont like GhostPatti. And i miss gloomy Jill.