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  1. He is a 2. She is higher than that for sure. She is a 2-face though. Sometimes she is pretty sometimes she is scary looking. I think it is her satan teeth. As long as she keeps her mouth closed, she can look pretty. Lol. Cracking myself up.
  2. The whole thing is crazy! He is definitely not making any money. I guess he calls it "our business venture" because SHE has a business, getting clothes to resell from all of her boy toys. His part in the business is that he is her supplier. And now he has been shown on TV bringing goods for resale into Haiti. So he really does not have an alibi.
  3. For every happy Match.com story there are 1000 failures. I'm sure Darcy has tried it. Match these days is full of predators and guys that just want sex chat. Sean is living in a house he is flipping. If you look in the background, the rooms that are finished look beautiful. They keep showing him in unfinished rooms. I was hoping they would show the living room which looked really nice. It is in the background in a few shots. Most likely the light was wrong for filming, so he was in the room with the construction materials. Interesting comments on getting all those clothes in throug
  4. Also I think Darcey is kind of cute in her own way. Her boyfriend is too rigid. He is all wrong for her. I don't know that she could easily find a man though. It is hard for a single woman with kids in her 40's to find a decent man. Match.com is not as great as married/coupled people seem to think it is.
  5. My other observation is that they both could have learned to speak the languages with that app. If every time they type a sentence, they make the other repeat the original a few times while reading what they typed, they could learn a lot. It seems like Pole could have picked up a shitload of Portuguese and vice versa. Except his English is so bad. It would be hard to "repeat after me". How did they even talk online? I don't get it.
  6. Oh yeah and what was in the 4 giant chests full of luggage he was leaving in Brazil? Obviously it is not anything that he needs.
  7. I don' understand how Sean is calling this clothes thing a business. Even if he is getting the clothing really really cheap, on clearance, or overruns, it has to be sold very cheap in Haiti. No one in Haiti has any money. It's not like you can buy clothing in the US, sell it to Haitians and make a profit. Of course Abby is making a profit because she isn't paying for the clothes. She is paying with sex. She is doing the same with Chris. When Sean asked "What can Chris do that we can't do just as well the two of us?" well the answer is MORE INVENTORY=MORE MONEY for her family. Why is she going
  8. Donate to Stand Up 2 Cancer or Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Komen is useless. Awareness has been achieved, now let's cure it! Early detection does not always mean you won't die from it. This is a myth as the majority of women who are Stage 4 were diagnosed at an early stage. Breast Cancer doesn't work the same way as other cancers, it doesn't progress chronologically. You can also be diagnosed late stage and survive. It totally depends on what type of cells you were blessed or cursed with. This is why we need research and not parades. For all of those who have lost love ones to any kind
  9. And survivors also have to live with a lot of issues post-treatment, effects of chemo, losing breasts, worrying about your health- life will never be the same. And they totally ignore the fact that not everyone survives too--the whole pink balloons, everyone is upbeat and warriors and fighting, has to be upsetting to those who have lost a loved one. Like did they not fight hard enough? Did they not have the right attitude? It really is a crap shoot. They don't know enough about why cancer spreads from the breast in some people and in other people, even if they never had any treatment, it woul
  10. Yeah PR pandering to Pinktober. I wish they would have metastatic breast cancer patients on, you know the 1 in 4 that do not survive. Maybe they didn't fight hard enough.
  11. These leashes are a good idea. I never used one because they didn't have these cute backpack ones when my kids were toddlers. There is a stigma because we only have ever seen a dog on a leash. I would feel weird having my kid on a leash but I can see how this could solve a lot of problems, with a wild toddler in a busy place. The kids seem to accept them because it's a backpack. Once i was trying to garden so I tied my 2 year old to the tree on a long rope, lol. What the neighbor must have thought. My boys also never sat in a stroller, they climbed out of the high chair too.
  12. Nicole kept saying this trip was to see how Azan was with the kid. And now Azan can see how difficult it is to control a 2 year old. This is probably the hardest stage, between 1 and 3 years old. He doesn't know how hard it is. She barely knows because her family helps her. The two of them are starting to see how much you can fight if you disagree on parenting styles. So this argument they are having is very realistic. Now they both see throwing the kid into their "fairy tale romance" can really upset the apple cart. But no matter how much fighting and how hard it is with Mae, neither one of t
  13. Wasn't Will giving Jen the death stare in the doctor's office? They called it something else. Some type of stare. He was mad at being told what to do so he stared Jen down. And maybe she said Oh Okay the stare down- well I'll stare you down right back. He had a really strange look on his face- not one we have seen too often. He was mad and staring down his mother.
  14. This was a pretty boring episode with so much useless filler. How many interviews with Bill and Jen: It's important to take them to the doctor. Going to the doctor is important so you can see where they are. Then an X ray is important. An X ray tells you how they are growing and if there is a problem. If there is you might have to act on it, if there isn't you don't. It's let's you know. The doctors will tell us at the appointment. This is why we are going. To get the kids checked out. It is important to see specialist that know about their condition. Hopefully they are fine, but as parents
  15. Courtney + Antonio = Cornio I like better - pronounced Hornio in the local dialect Or Cornytoe
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