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  1. I live in Worcester and called my husband in to see this part. We got a good laugh out of it.
  2. Callasin

    Holiday and Seasonal Commercials

    I was not really paying attention to the Best Buy commercial last night until I looked up right at the point they said you could get a Roomba for the cat. And there was a cat that looked like our Charlie sitting on the Roomba. Love it!
  3. Callasin

    S16.E10: Driving Miss Unconventional

    But by now the designers should know to stay clear of the hoses\cords. Just like you should know not to go on the Amazing Race without knowing how to drive a stick.
  4. Callasin

    S05.E07: Blindsided

    I noticed they never mentioned Oher as well. I wondered if he must not have wanted them to.
  5. Callasin

    S16.E05: Descending Into Good And Evil

    Yes! Someone who remembers it as Collinwood other than me. I attended a Dark Shadows event there some years ago amd the property is amazing.
  6. Callasin

    S16.E05: Descending Into Good And Evil

    I was thinking an evil and very sexy Shirley Partridge complete with melted record sleeves. I loved it and wish she had won.
  7. Callasin

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I am so sick of some of the commercials that run on almost every episode of a show I watch. First is that horrible shrieking Cathy Miller and her stupid brownie pan rhyme about how difficult it is to make brownies that don't crumble. Just shut up! Second is that kid who talks with a fake sounding baby voice for the Shiners hospital. I can't hit the mute button fast enough. The worst is the charcoal black face mask. It is so disgusting. I do not want to see a close-up shot of someone squeezing blackheads.
  8. Callasin

    S16.E03: A Leap of Innovation!

    Because both Project Runway and her movie Leap are Weinstein Company productions.
  9. Add me to the list of those who can't stand Mama Stick's screaming. Her hissy fit about Po Boy parking next to her was childish. At least the breakfast diva is quiet. I was so surprised that team wanted to take time off. Yes you have $200 but so does the other team that you are now competing against!
  10. Callasin

    S16.E01: One Size Does Not Fit All

    Same here! My friend and I started humming the Star Trek theme when we saw that design. I thought the silver shorts the twin made looked like sparkly red carpet Depends. The grey dress and Chacha's dress were equally bad to me. I would have auffed the grey dress only because it was not red carpet to me. Actually I would have considered a double elimination. I did love the winning design. So pretty and well designed.
  11. Yesterday I watched So You Said Yes. The outdoor wedding is ruined by rain and the indoor venue gets flooded. We see everyone indoors upset with the weather. Someone has an idea about where to have the wedding despite the rain. Cut to stock footage of the outside of the new location and it is a beautiful sunny summer day. Ooops!
  12. Callasin

    Stranded With A Million Dollars

    I will laugh if Cody and Makani are disqualified for contaminating the water and Alex and Gina are disqualified for destroying the prize money.
  13. Callasin

    S01.E01: The Internet Never Forgets

    It bugged me the entire episode that nobody took all the money. There are more than 5 ATM's within blocks of my house that I would hit before heading out. When the mom and daughter were leaving the apartment what got dropped on the floor? As for the calender who writes a street name or address for friends? It would make more sense to use just a first name or even better a fake name.
  14. Callasin

    S02.E05: Light Up the Runway

    I was waiting for someone to make a ball gown and get criticized for it being a big fat gypsy wedding dress.' I'm also going to join in beating the dead horse. This episode and the designs could have been awesome if they had been given two days. They needed a tutorial on the lights before sketching and going to Mood. Speaking of Mood I was tired so I'm not sure if I missed Swatch or he wasn't on.
  15. Callasin

    S15.E04: Blacklight or Daylight?

    I have not warmed to Erin and I think I know why now. To quote Nina I have seen this before. One designer that they love and rave over each week. One that viewers feel gets robbed each week. One they keep for drama or other entertainment. One they hate. I want to see longer challenges with designers that are all talented enough to have a good competition. I don't want to know who the winner will most likely be from the start even if they are very talented. I could not believe Cornelius' arts and crafts project was in the top. He did not even try to cut the tape to make well formed designs, he just stuck it on. Even Kimber put more thought and work into her ugly flowers than he did. Jenni could have made an awesome outfit if she had put a top and pants under the jacket that did not glow. Speaking of Jenni I know someone with a much softer version of her laugh. That person did not start laughing like that until her late teens so I suspect Jenni used to laugh like the rest of us too.