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  1. Her foster sister inferred that she had a problem with opioids which she never divulged to Dr. Now. That was probably the reason for the bowel obstruction.
  2. I think this show is hilarious. Laugh out loud funny sometimes. Maybe not politically correct but very funny. When she thought he might have murdered the kids...hilarious!
  3. I love how Dr Now meets his patients in the parking garage and goes into the hospital to get a wheelchair for them. He even goes to get the jumbo scale for them. He seems devoted to his patients, even parental. Especially when he reams them out. I am always amazed that these people pack at the last minute by shoving their crap into garbage bags and bins and grocery bags and whatever is available. Then hit the road with no preparation for unforeseen expenses. I have moved a lot (military) and the lack of planning makes me crazy. I always leave one full day for cleaning the house after packing and loading. Was glad to see that Michael had his own business. I was concerned what income they had. Overall they did a great job and the kids were well behaved and loved. I think Carlton's girlfriend came from a dysfunctional family situation and seemed quite fragile. She panicked when Carlton suggested she go back home. Carlton's depression seemed to deepen as the diet went on and not having food to cope. I hope he keeps on top of that or it can derail him. I have a couple of friends/acquaintances that have that super close sibling bond. In each instance, there was childhood trauma that forged it. Older sister usually protecting younger sibling.
  4. Amy should be glad she has Dr Proctor and not Dr Now. Dr Now would have expected more than 25 pounds in 4 months. And even then, he would have scheduled her surgery for a month or 2 months out to have more weight loss. I don't think Amy made any great changes and she definitely wouldn't have made it on Dr Now"s 1200 cal, no snacking eating plan.
  5. I teared up a little at the wedding. I like that they made it as nice as they could afford and seemed to enjoy and appreciate the event. They are a very sweet couple and I see great love between. Tammy felt like she was let down again. As if things are out of her control. She needs to let go of her victim mentality. She is a big anchor on Amy. Their mom has done immense damage to them in the past and continues to this day.
  6. A friend told me a couple of years ago that her husband forbade her to listen to NPR because of their liberal bias. This has been a long standing but quiet campaign by Faux News to brand NPR as liberal. Now it has become somewhat of a right wing talking point. So Meghan is just spouting the party line. I have never heard anything more ludicrous in my entire life.
  7. This episode was extremely hard for me to watch. I thought I had seen enough at this point not to be shocked. I can't believe that he was not bedridden. He certainly was an eating machine. There is no way I thought he would be able to stick to Dr Now's diet. But somehow he controlled his massive emotional eating. He looked very depressed. I think there is a nice looking guy buried under all that fat.
  8. Andy is going to be the death of Denise. She wants his approval so badly.
  9. I wonder why Dr Phil still sends people to the PNP center yet he never does any follow-up shows to show their progress. The reviews online for PNP are horrendous. I don't know how they manage to stay open.
  10. Where are they from? The only time I have heard sodie was when I lived in/near St Louis.
  11. Very cringe worthy. The "nice" guy Chris was disturbing when he was feeding Joy. She probably found him on the feeder app. The guys skeeve me out. I know guys that are married to big women. It's not about their weight. They don't creep me out.
  12. I think minor dietary changes would work for small weight loss goals (10 to 20 pounds). But these morbidly obese people would soon plateau and their bodies would reset and they would start to gain weight again. I really trust the doctors who have experience and knowledge of morbid obesity to know how many calories they should have as well as when they should have counseling. JMO. I have no knowledge or experience in the field.
  13. These ladies are a hot mess. There are layers of pain and trauma that are deeper than what weight loss surgery can help.
  14. Also, as far as a couple of the wives/families sharing a house (doubling up), when I have rented a house or rented out my own house, they were always zoned as single family dwellings. It's in the lease. They could get away with having a single person living with one of the other wives. (Meri). But we know that's never gonna happen.
  15. I hope the Browns get the irony of them thinking that Las Vegas was not good enough for them and their kids and the AZ cul de sac disapproving (for whatever reason) of the Browns.
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