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  1. Random thoughts: Thinking back over the last several episodes, I can't recall one scene where Whitney is shown getting up from the floor/ground on her own. The camera usually cuts away. Babs has not seemed well since she had the stroke. She has fallen more than once. Older people (👋) should report to their doctor when/if they start to have falls. Their doctor, not chiropractor. I wonder if she even has a doctor. It usually signals a decline in health. Recall the scene where Whitney coached her friends on their behavior upon meeting The French Man.... no saying negative things a
  2. Okay. A Place For Mom? Choked on my drink.🤣🤣
  3. SE is not as strident as she was at Faux News. After being on HLN, MSNBC, and CNN she has softened. She, Nicole and Ana are in no mans land since there is no Republican party as they knew it. They are not the Party of Trump, but not Democrats. I won't hold it against her that she is a friend of MM. She might be a good fit. But I need to see more people
  4. I was very concerned to hear Sherri say she had purchased a gun. She had just spoken about Jeffrey and his seeming depression. And she brings a gun into the house! I so wish she would stop speaking about Jeffrey. I don't really believe that she keeps it in her bedside table. But if not, what use is it? My neighbor's husband is a hunter and has lots of guns. He also has guns for "protection. Because they have children she said he keeps them very secure. She explained to me that his guns are in a gun safe in one room, his ammo is in a safe in another room, and the keybox that holds all the
  5. Did anyone else hear Moriah refer to Max as her husband when answering one of the questions? I rewound and it was in the cc as well.
  6. Whitney's "French" man's accent sounds more like a Nigerian Prince.
  7. Deon just posted some health news about GG on Twitter. I don't know what the rules are on here about spoilers or even if this would be considered spoiler. But if you have Twitter just search DerricoStrong.
  8. Kathy Hilton is the real MVP. She never fails to make me laugh. She seems quite out of it but can bring the zingers. And she looks like a wealthy bag lady. I love it.
  9. Say what you will about the parents, but I commend them on raising kind, compassionate, caring and loving children. You can't fake that. I loved when Poppy had each sibling greet Diez and let him touch their faces and heads.
  10. She is so rude and mean. She was rude to Norman and also to DJ Suss again. She must be very very unhappy. She must be a bear to work for. There is not enough money for me to want to work for her.
  11. Nobody was ever going to mistake Michael for White no matter how many surgeries he had.
  12. So, Wendy dates often and a lot. And the paps are outside her building all the time. Yet, the only photos we see of her are the staged ones. I smell a rat.
  13. Quite the shit show today. Stupid dating story. Bad advice on Ask Wendy. Just another Tuesday.
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