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  1. Those Derricos are asking for trouble. They have already lost one "triplin" , had problems with Dawsyn, and Diez needs surgery because of a complication of being a multiple. Karen looks worn out. Like she has a bad thyroid maybe. And her uterus can't be very viable after that many multiples, can it? This will be a high, high risk pregnancy. That is not fair to the baby that is coming and could face multiple surgeries and complications. Poor Gigi. I like that Gigi speaks her mind.
  2. Regarding Wendy's interview with Gary Owen, they were talking about it on The Breakfast Club and Charlemagne made a good point...what if that had been a man doing that to a woman.
  3. That interview with Gary Owen was so cringe worthy. He seemed repulsed by her. She is so full of herself right now. She is delusional. It's embarrassing. She also needs to step away from the lip injections. She looks like that old lady puppet Madam. And she has too many fillers in her face. Yuck. She seems to be going off the rails again. Who does a talk show and their main hot topic is themselves.
  4. Wendy's breasts were uneven today. Her left breast was very low. Might be time to get them redone. They age her IMO.
  5. I fell asleep between the time when the hospital crew was getting Cindy up from her bed and when she finally made it to the scale to weigh in. Tedious.
  6. Wendy looks kind of broke down and elderly in that pants suit.
  7. As far as why Wendy doesn't buy a house, she has said many times that if she didn't have a man to protect her, she would live in an apartment in the city with a doorman and one way in and one way out because you know....the killer. Wendy is a bundle of insecurities and fears. Boof is married. Maybe his wife got tired of him being at her beck and call. I can't believe she sexually harassed him. She's abusive but I don't see her being sexually abusive. I can't really picture her being sexual. She really needs an audience. She's an energy vampire and I don't see this lasting for
  8. COVID-19 is so unpredictable. I thought for sure GG was going to have major problems due to her age and lung cancer. My friend is 80, has had 5 heart surgeries and she survived. She had symptoms similar to GG and Deon. Thank God they all recovered. And that 2-week period to wait for results is/was ridiculous. My niece in California had recovered and finished quarantine before she got her results.
  9. After all these years of watching the show I briefly heard Dr Now explain in a recent episode his weight loss method. F A T. I started a few weeks ago and have lost weight easily without feeling hunger or cravings. It helps that I already had the A and the T in place. So I just had to implement the F. I am not a big eater and even though I have a disorder that causes weight gain, I always wondered why I couldn't lose weight because I am very disciplined in my eating. The show has not been very gratifying lately so at least I got something out of it.
  10. Did I dream this? When the epi started she lived in a house that appeared to be a duplex. It was white and had two doors in the front. Later on, she lived in a green house with arches in the front. Single family dwelling. And she had different and better furniture. I kept waiting for an explanation. Did anybody else notice this?
  11. Her foster sister inferred that she had a problem with opioids which she never divulged to Dr. Now. That was probably the reason for the bowel obstruction.
  12. I love how Dr Now meets his patients in the parking garage and goes into the hospital to get a wheelchair for them. He even goes to get the jumbo scale for them. He seems devoted to his patients, even parental. Especially when he reams them out. I am always amazed that these people pack at the last minute by shoving their crap into garbage bags and bins and grocery bags and whatever is available. Then hit the road with no preparation for unforeseen expenses. I have moved a lot (military) and the lack of planning makes me crazy. I always leave one full day for cleaning the house after pac
  13. Amy should be glad she has Dr Proctor and not Dr Now. Dr Now would have expected more than 25 pounds in 4 months. And even then, he would have scheduled her surgery for a month or 2 months out to have more weight loss. I don't think Amy made any great changes and she definitely wouldn't have made it on Dr Now"s 1200 cal, no snacking eating plan.
  14. I teared up a little at the wedding. I like that they made it as nice as they could afford and seemed to enjoy and appreciate the event. They are a very sweet couple and I see great love between. Tammy felt like she was let down again. As if things are out of her control. She needs to let go of her victim mentality. She is a big anchor on Amy. Their mom has done immense damage to them in the past and continues to this day.
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