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  1. yes, as my father always said when we pointed out inconsistencies "it's a TV show"... I'm sure Yevgeny got a huge promotion for finally finding out who the traitor was---thus her ability to get good information and to live in that great apartment. all in all I loved the ending. Although I generally liked Yevgeny, he always seemed to have an air of superiority over Carrie. Sure, he admired her abilities as he said after hearing her convince Jenna to give up the safe house, but he still thought he was better. and thru out he sort of was--always showing up at critical times, stealing the black box from her after all her work.... even at the end when he said "what you are doing is important" it was kind of paternalistic. so to realize that Carrie was the one really in control was fabulous.
  2. the most glaring "does not make sense" moment is when Anna and Ryan were trapped in the basement. They could call Saul, but not an American security team in the building?
  3. I saved all the episodes on my dvr so I could binge watch--anticipating a suspenseful show. although I did get thru it all, I admit to fast forwarding parts here and there to speed it up. I could only take some much philosophizing. I love Mat Bomer (NEVER cut your hair again) and Bill Pullman but the whole series was like watching paint dry.
  4. just added Acorn while under self isolation due to virus. Love the show. in the middle of season 3 right now. I love British TV......I have all but stopped watching American network shows because they become so tedious as they drag things out. I've been alternating between this show and No Offence....
  5. three words "jumped the shark"
  6. I know this is supposed to be a more serious show. But I kind of miss the snarky comments of Project runway. Couldn’t agree more with you about Naomi Campbell. What she was wearing look like a clown costume and she had a particularly nasty way of saying she didn’t like something.
  7. I just love watching Rob play. I left out loud that he was able to just say the little he did in the other players instead of thinking that’s super player Rob talking to us immediately accepted that what he was telling them was true. That’s the brilliance of Rob. I really dislike the show making Ethan do that task given his cancer history. As someone else pointed out it was sadistic and unnecessary. They could’ve done something less physically tasking.
  8. I'm afraid I watch the whole show now with a jaundiced eye. Is Sergio really that obnoxious or did he decide before hand to have a gimmick to stand out and thus be kept longer. Same with Brittany....making snarky, albeit, funny comments would be entertaining and keep her around. We all know about the disclaimer that contestants are chosen along with production....and having watch Unreal....I never trust anything that's said. I just watch the show as entertainment, and decide which clothing I like the best.
  9. the good thing for me is I can go back to fast forwarding thru anything with Amelia in it. given her many differing views on having a baby, she is in no position to judge Linc. My last reaction to her last night was that I hoped she died in childbirth. but she won't but there will probably be a crisis and Linc will realize he doesn't care whose baby it is, he lovers HER! barf. and it makes no sense that if you have a world class diagnostician consulting to take the case and give it to a general surgeon. I used to round with surgeons in surgical ICU removing all drugs was a technique often used when a patient isn't responding. but surgeons like to cut, not diagnose so they would always defer to internist. also, I thought they had the patient on steroids at one point. now maybe they weren't "high dose" steroids but one would still think she would have showed some improvement on them. also, with someone with a pre-disposition to bipolar, going without sleep for that long could precipitate a manic attack.
  10. I only watched to see what the paternity results were. I, obviously, feel very cheated. That one the only time I didn't fast forward thru Amelia, who I have no interest in usually, and the ending was insulting. barely, hanging on watching this series.
  11. Am I the only one that thought it was odd that Dayoung got sick right after she got the last available model. The one everyone else passed by?
  12. if someone is on an island with lots of down time for 39 days, and know there's a possibility that the ability to build a fire might seal their fate--wouldn't you think they'd spend some of that time learning to build a fire?
  13. not to mention playing basketball got him admitted to an Ivy League school--Columbia.
  14. I want to see if Karishma's husband comes for family visit given what she said.
  15. as much as I agree that Kate can be tedious and needy, she is the parent spending the most time with a toddler that has limitations. Meanwhile, Toby is doing his Crossfit. Then he has the audacity to complain that something happened while he was not there.
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