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  1. eclectcmoi

    The Zoo

    I had no idea she and Jim were married. She always wears something animal inspired too, either a print on her shirt, a necklace or earrings. I think animals truly are her life. Love both of those shows too!
  2. eclectcmoi

    S13.E19: Reunion Part 1

    Southern California native here... Orange County is gorgeous, no doubt, but also pretty plastic and extremely image conscious. That said, there's no way Tamra, Kelly or Gina would be considered fat there. Actually... none of them are extremely overweight or fat and calling them names is pretty harsh in my opinion. Different sizes are normal even in Orange County. Thank the good Goddess that there is only one Vicki Gunvalson and she's located behind the orange curtain. May she stay there and never venture north.
  3. eclectcmoi

    S13.E15: The Day After

    I don’t think Shannon filing for divorce gave David permission to move on. Hell no... He chose to do this all on his own WHILE he was still married.
  4. eclectcmoi

    S13.E15: The Day After

    With all the negative happening in the world, I’m going to do my best to say something positive about each of the ladies. (See... I’m already being nicer and not calling them howives!) Gina... has great legs. Emily... is capable of showing emotion and cries real tears. Kelly... had a great surgeon do her breast reduction. Shannon... Archie! Even though we haven’t seen him in several episodes... damn it! I digress... must be positive... Vicki... uh... has pretty hands. (Had to dig deep for that one!) Tamra.... uh... well... Okay, that’s all the nice I have for now.
  5. eclectcmoi

    S13.E14: Blow Up

    Yep... the one I remember most is when they were in Bali and Vicki and Shannon were calling Tamra out for talking out of both sides of her mouth. Tamra got up from the table and ran off very dramatically while yelling that they'd never see her face again. Vicki also stormed off from the reunion last year, saying she was off the show. And they both LIED!!!! Damn it!
  6. eclectcmoi

    S13.E14: Blow Up

    So many posts to quote that I had to limit myself... Oh if Gina stays around this will happen for sure at some point. No doubt about it at all. The cost of Shannon's rent is very believable, especially in southern California. One of my kids rents in LA County in a normal neighborhood and pays over $1600 for a crackerjack sized duplex. The other is in north Orange County about 15 blocks from the beach and pays over $2500 for a very small triplex. Check out rental prices on Zillow and you'll see. This said... let's not forget that Shannon isn't the only one in the home she rents. It appears as though she has primary physical custody of her daughters so the girls would be with her most of the time. Even if she has 50/50 custody, why shouldn't the girls get to live the way they've always lived? After all... It definitely was not their choice for their parents to divorce. I agree 100% with your post @Gromit. Underneath all, Shannon is very real and very raw; she is who she is and it's all out there front and center. She can be rude and self-absorbed, but she also does not appear to be outright malicious in any way. I don't see her gas-lighting or being downright nasty to any of the other wives. No... we have Tamra, Vicki and now Gina for these stellar attributes and behaviors. VIcki has been so restrained this season and so not herself that I've wondered if at some point, Steve is thinking of still trying to throw his hat into the political ring. I can just see how self important Vicki would feel if she was a politician's wife. Oh the attention she'd receive and maybe even some casseroles from campaign workers! @MajorNelson you are very well informed with so many details of the Beador's divorce. No judgement here at all... just impressed with all the info you have.
  7. Agree 100% with both of your posts @queenjen and @Pop Tart. LeeAnn is a master manipulator and I think this goes back to her carny past and was further cemented during her pageant days. It's unfortunate really that Brandi and D'Andra are playing into LeeAnn's hands that "aren't knives, but they work quite well." Indeed! Brandi will never reach the vileness that is synonymous with Vicki Gunvalson unless she too participates in a cancer scam and is first and foremost a narcissistic asshole.
  8. Tamara said recently on WWHL that David "broke up" with Eddie because Tamara is friends with Shannon and David didn't like what was said about him on the show. I know this has all been discussed to death, but if I had a girlfriend who chose to set up my ex with friends of hers, regardless of if I had wanted to divorce him or not, I would not consider her that close of a friend anymore. For me a line would've been drawn in the sand. It is possible to stay friends with both sides in a divorce, but you have to stay truly neutral and Vicki did not do that. Out of loyalty and concern for Kelly's feelings, Vicki, at the very least should've talked with Kelly first and told her what was happening before it happened. Kelly was hurt and felt betrayed and to me, this is very understandable. As we know though Vicki truly only cares about herself and isn't that great of a friend. I would not have put it past Vicki to have gone after Michael herself had Steve not been in the picture. Vicki is that much of an asshole. In Jamaica, it appeared to me that Vicki just got very overheated at dinner and she made that worse by drinking red wine. I'm of the same age and I know better. Red wine in the summer or in any hot climate, raises my temperature and I'm a mess in no time. Okay Tamara... your bathing suit top came up when you jumped into the water. I can sort of buy that happening. To swim/walk over though to the edge to where a man is going to help you out and you didn't even try to fix your top to cover yourself? Just no. Desperate for attention much? Bet your ailing husband at home loved that ridiculous exhibitionist display. I know I've definitely seen enough of Tamara's tits this season to last a lifetime. I'm a Shannon fan and yet I'm growing tired of her whining and complaining. I think if I had to be around her a lot, she would exhaust me. That said though, I didn't see anything wrong with her disconnecting at the dinner table. She's not going to please Gina with anything she says, so she might as well not try. I know I wouldn't. And I definitely wouldn't have stayed in a room with Gina and Emily. Why walk on eggshells during a trip and be uncomfortable the entire time? I also got why she was upset having to move again. I was a single mom for quite a long time and rented many places, hating every time when we had to move and my girls were uprooted. One morning I went out to go to work to find a for sale sign on the front lawn of the house we were renting. Yeah... that was really fun. I think the Earth must have stopped it's rotation because I like Kelly this season. Seriously shocked!
  9. eclectcmoi

    S03.E06: Smashing Friendships

    I don't think Stephanie is dumb at all. Far from it. I believe she has self esteem issues and is probably way too empathetic for her own good. You can see on her face that she hurts when other people hurt. Stephanie leads with her kindness and understanding and hopefully one day she will realize her self worth.
  10. eclectcmoi

    S13.E08: Seeing Red

    Yep! Such a lovely suggestion. Oops... You beat me to it @ivygirl Madame Chairwoman Diva Queeness... Southern California Costco has alcohol and the Kirkland vodka is absolut(ely) very good.
  11. eclectcmoi

    S13.E08: Seeing Red

    Tamara thinks she's a sparkly special cupcake and the self appointed hottest housewife in Orange County. How could something bad keep happening to her after she prayed! I mean really?!! Not just you... I've always been kind of ambivalent in regards to Eddie, but after hearing him saying what he did about Shannon, I thought he was pretty much a dick. Then I remembered he married Tamara. And forgave Vicki for spreading rumors about him. The man really doesn't have a clue. Madame Chairperson, I concur! Kelly earned major points by going to bat for Shannon against Tamara at the golf course. She seems like a genuine and caring friend. This makes me understand better why she was so hurt by Vicki setting Michael up with her friends and even double dating with him. Kelly can be out of control when drinking, but I do think she's a ride or die friend.
  12. eclectcmoi

    S03.E04: God Save the Queen, Bitch

    Agreed! As soon as this episode ended I thought to myself that it was very fun to watch. I even saved it to watch again. I didn't once feel the need to fast forward through endless and pointless screaming and yelling, women all talking at once and hurling low insults and name calling. Hell... there is enough nastiness in the world without being subjected to it on TV shows meant for entertainment. There is still plenty of material for snark too... I second your entire post @Marley with the added suggestion that if Kameron has to be on that she please not talk. Watching her mouth forming words and hearing the sound coming out... there is no way I could ever spend any amount of time with her in person. Cary's blue eye-shadow and lashes in her talking head actually startled me. She looked like she'd just come from a free make-over at the mall. Love her handling of Kameron though and jumping up to help LeeAnn with her eyelashes and also to stick up for LeeAnn during D'Andra's engagement/marriage blast. That attack just seemed to come from nowhere. Light, fun, happy... and then wham. Seeing the total of D'Andra's shopping spree makes me feel better about never getting out of Target under $100. I feel completely robbed at not getting to see the queen of the show fight. Where is the undercover cell phone video? Come on Bravo... you know someone recorded it!
  13. eclectcmoi

    S13.E06: Rumors

    Perhaps the partnership was Shannon staying home taking care of the girls while David worked. Now that that partnership is no longer happening, Shannon IS trying to do what she can to bring money in to help support her family. Unfortunately it's not as easy as snapping your fingers and this happening instantly. Also, in California, the cost of living is very high. Is that a problem across the US... maybe... but it is a reality here that a lot of people have to deal with. The support David is paying now sounded like a temporary judgement and could be reduced later by whatever income Shannon is bringing in. David is not being punished. David chose to have a relationship outside of his marriage and chose to leave his family. He is not a victim in this situation. Kudooz @918lux... you beat me to replying and said it much better than I could have!
  14. eclectcmoi

    S13.E06: Rumors

    It is a great system... it's called a partnership. Also, he has children and must still contribute to their support with his silly money.