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  1. Did Guy really need a bigger space for Flavortown Market? I'm wondering what's up with that move.
  2. Come on Bridget.... do it for US! We need the inside scoop! 😉
  3. Yes, this is who she resembles! I was wracking my brain thinking she was a blonde version of an actress, but couldn't place who. I do like her and wouldn't mind her on the show. Especially with her connection to Whitney... and that sticking in Lisa's craw!
  4. Yes! I was irritated with Darvil at first, thinking he was going to be one of "those" contestants who is a know it all, not listening to their partner. Surprisingly Darvil got over himself and became a much better partner. Lindsey spoke up and was great at providing food. They ended up being a great team with really high PSRs.
  5. Another garage and backyard make-over and also changing the exterior color. I think they could have scheduled differently so as not to have had two such similar episodes in a row. At least this renovation also included a storage shed for all that garage stuff that can no longer be stored. Josh Groban seemed very genuine.
  6. The first game was no produce, but John Conley used fresh fingerling potatoes. I think one of the other chefs used what looked like baby onions in a mesh bag. Dominca used frozen potatoes, saying she couldn't use fresh. I'm confused...
  7. I think Brett looks like a cross of Toni Collette and Julia Roberts. Ryan has very shifty eyes. Not sure if that's due to nerves or maybe anxiety. I agree with who said he has a whole lot of sad going on. Rachel's friend... wow... harsh! What if it's Rachel who doesn't like the husband (Jose?) at the altar? What if she wants to turn and walk away? With that friend, you don't need enemies! That bouquet was way. way too big for Bao. It completely overwhelmed her, though it would have been better had she held it down at waist level. I'm not sure why brides hold them up so
  8. It was a nice make-over, but I just kept wondering where the family would store everything that was in the garage. No way was the closet in the living area big enough to store all the tubs they had, plus bikes, etc. Does anyone else fast forward through all the over explaining the brothers do in every episode?
  9. Yes... I didn't notice it at the beginning of the show, but it was really obvious at the end during the reveal. It almost looked to me like a scrape or divot out of her nose.
  10. I agree that they should announce the celebrity's name before the contestants come out. It's all so anticlimactic... And do they really even go on a date? I have my doubts.
  11. I really don't care for Gwyneth. I think she's pretentious and full of herself. That said, I was pleasantly surprised with this episode. The connection she had with her assistant seemed genuine and reciprocal. She also did actually did get in there and do several projects unlike other celebs... who are there just to get their faces on TV. I'm looking at you Kim K. I'm thinking perhaps the bedroom was on the bottom level before coming up to the living room kitchen. Even if this was just a studio apartment/townhouse, he'd have to have a full bathroom somewhere.
  12. And... season 3 is following right along with being as disappointing as the first two seasons. I keep trying to separate the TV show from the books, but it's so difficult when so many of the changes and plot lines just make no sense whatsoever. The heart of Virgin River is missing in the TV show and it's just a silly soap opera. I think I'm done.
  13. I've been trying to separate the TV show from the books (I've read all 20), but it isn't easy. This season is so so depressing and I agree with whoever said it's like a soap opera. So much drama, so many silly plot lines (how the hell is Charmaine not showing with twins!) without any of the heart I was hoping this series would have. It's really disappointing. I take my birthday off every year, because my supervisor thinks no one should have to work on their birthdays. So... okay!
  14. In that talking head, her chest looks beyond fake and reminds me of the Halloween costumes with the plastic breasts.
  15. Thank you @NotChristine and you're right... the episode wasn't marked as new or even titled. It randomly recorded today and I was able to watch. The appetizer and entrée in one hour was a really intense challenge for those chefs. I think the additions of the new food stations add an interesting element too. Glad they're back to filming in the store!
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