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  1. Erika is preposterous. I was cracking up when she was telling those tall tales. Mauricio and PK also had me laughing. The "just operate on the ankle" joke was gold. They don't believe that nonsense. Come ON! The women are smarter than this, they know in their hearts she's a lying ass liar.
  2. I hate to be this blunt, but Kathy don't love dem hoes. They could probably fall off the face of the earth and she wouldn't care. She made Kyle beg on her knees for years just to get near her again. AND the butler didn't know who the heck Kyle was-that should tell you something about their closeness.
  3. Yep, and Teresa didn't think she was going to jail at first either. I feel like Erika is going to be on the wrong side of some locking doors soon enough. The IRS don't care, if you sign those tax return forms, you are on the hook. Period.
  4. Isn't it strange? Kyle raised girls who have a strong, quiet confidence, while she herself is weak, loud, and self doubting. Dorit raised sweet, authentic and true to self children, while Dorit is a phony with no sense of self. Sometimes that apple falls far from the tree. Damn, don't go to Erika's house, your car will just automatically roll over--it's just what they do there.
  5. It must be the end of the world, because PK was spitting facts and I feel he is an interesting, smart, and very astute man who can tell a great story. I am seeing what Dorit sees in him. Also, I wanted to actually hear the story Dorit was about to tell about her and PK meeting and dating, I was annoyed when they cut her off. Okay, I'm gonna go wait for the comet that must be crashing toward earth.
  6. Right, when you are playing both sides you have to be VERY careful what you say, because nothing you say should be able to be used against you, you have to stay vague. Lisa did that well. I can't believe those bimbos didn't just enjoy that fabulous meal. What undeserving creatures. It reminds me of the saying "God doesn't care a bit about money, just look at the people he gave it to."
  7. Erika was acting. When she was dealing with Sutton she used aggression and anger to get Sutton to back down. She used it again at the end of the episode when she felt the tide turning on her side again. When she was dealing with Dorit she used making Dorit feel heard and letting Dorit speak (this made Dorit go softer on her, and Erika knew it would). Dorit is a bladder-mouth who loves to hear herself speak. When she dealt with Garcelle, she cried. She knew Garcelle backs off when Erika turns on the tears. I see through her like glass. I'm surprised others don't. She is playing
  8. What Dorit doesn't seem to understand is that everyone is merely tolerating her. Kyle put her on notice, Erika did and Garcelle too. They are letting her know she doesn't have charm, she isn't funny, she doesn't say anything profound-she is kind of just there, so if she starts to be an obnoxious jerk no one has any time for that.
  9. No lie, I've watched this episode 4 times already. This was a great episode. It couldn't have been better if someone wrote it. It is so fascinating to see someone deal with a huge scandal in real time. I actually clapped when Sutton was talking in the first part of the episode. It is too bad everyone backed off once the dinner rolled around (well, almost all of them), but it was danged interesting to watch them try to protect themselves, not anger Erika, try to not have the fan base turn on them, and be wary of being dragged into some unlawful crap. Rats leaving a ship, indeed.
  10. I feel like Sonja is doing what is expected of her for the money. She knows a lot of people love the drunk, crazy, over-the-top woman act, so she is giving it to them. At this point I feel she goes away to these retreats and wellness centers so she can prepare her body for the damage she knows she is going to inflict on it during filming. I also feel as though she knows she is going to be looked down on, made fun of, and pitied. She also feels jealous of the other women for having more stress free lives and options.
  11. Leah is such a pill. Things are going well, then she brings up some drama to stir the pot. I understand it is part of the show, but it is so obvious it is taking the fun out of the show. I don't feel she is the kind of drama NY needs. LOL at the women trying to get Ramona to admit something. Are they all new here? Luann looking around while saying "what man?" after Sonja mentioned the guy complimenting her made me laugh out loud. Talk about never changing. 3 people are never going to change: Ramona, Luann and Sonja. What you see is what you get.
  12. The funniest part of this episode to me was when Joe Gorga tried to say Teresa told Jackie the cheating rumor because of an "all women stick together" thing. I loved it when everyone was like, um, no. Then Joe just kind of shrugged it off properly chagrined and said he had to try, because he was defending his sister. I also thought it was funny when Jackie started talking about how Teresa was being mean to her to her brother. He got this, "oh crap, we're really doing this?" look on his face. You could tell he didn't care and it was something they would never usually talk about, but he wa
  13. Go look at Gia's social media, she is getting called a cokehead, people are asking to do lines with her, people are laughing at her. It's a crapfest. But some feel like Gia deserves it because Teresa sucks, Gia agreed to be on the show, and she's over 18. Or I guess they just don't give a damn something happened to an innocent person. Also, Teresa can be a jerk for accusing Evan and Jackie can be an jerk for dragging Gia in it. It isn't a one or the other situation some are trying to make it be. Teresa shouldn't have accused Evan, full stop. Gia should not have been dragged into it
  14. The problem with Jackie saying that Gia does coke is now people are saying they believe that Gia does coke. I see it on the boards here and I'm seeing it on Twitter and other places. Even though Jackie is saying she totally made it up. If someone stabs a member of your family who is innocent you can't go and stab a innocent member of their family for revenge. It doesn't work like that. It makes you as bad as the other person.
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