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  1. Dariendude17

    Teen Titans Go!

    Weird Al has been getting a lot of voice work these days it seems. loved that episode though!
  2. Dariendude17

    Power Rangers

    it's easily the best PR season ever, with in space a close second. I can't believe how crappy the new rangers season is, considering where the series has been in the past, the new cheap crappy direction for Supermegaforce is just criminal.
  3. Dariendude17

    S06.E10: Something Big

    Psychic Tandem War Elephant, sir. This season's been interesting, to be sure, but all the drama and seriousness is beginning to turn me off just a bit. Don't get me wrong, I still love it, but it just seems to be getting real heavy up in here. We need more goofyness. That having been said, I still want to know where the hell Finns father is, dangit!
  4. Dariendude17

    S06.E09: The Prince Who Wanted Everything

    Color me utterly disappointed. I know that the idea behind Fionna and Cake to begin with is that it's just fanfiction, but I was really hoping that at this point in the show they might be hinting at F&C becoming a more significant part of the show. And if there's one thing this episode wasn't, it's significant. Heck the whole joke is that LSP doesn't get what she wants. And neither do I. Okay, I get it, Adventure Time. Those of us that want the portal to open up and Fionna and Cake pop into Ooo are just wierdo morons. We are Ice King with his creepy shrine to fictional characters. We're wackos for thinking it would be awesome and adorable for Jake to meet Cake. Stop teasing us and just keep F&C in the comics.
  5. Dariendude17

    Early Pilot Reviews

  6. Dariendude17

    The Boondocks

    Seems I'm not alone in hating what Boondocks has become. I'd go a step further and say that only season 1 is worth getting on dvd. At least that season remembered that Huey Freeman and actual commentary on modern black culture is the whole point of the fucking show to begin with. Season 2 onward it was "The Riley and Grandpa Show! What deez Niggaz up to Now!?" I mean come on, the only episode of season 2 that was an actual commentary on black culture "Hunger Strike" was on of the 2 of that season that were barred from being aired. A quick glance on Wikipedia says that a 5th season is possible. I can only pray that the powers that be get their heads out their collective asses and put some balls back on this show for a 5th season. But of course that won't happen. It's just be waiting 2 or 3 more years for more bullshit. Wait, which voice actors didn't show for this season? Far as I can tell (Wikipedia) everyone but Jasmines original voice are present and accounted for.
  7. Dariendude17

    The Boondocks

    Ah, good times. I discovered this strip in my local paper a couple of years before the first season. Pretty much when the strip ended. I can't believe it was so long ago, makes me feel old. More importantly, it makes me miss when The Boondocks was actually good. When The Boondocks about Huey Freeman and about commentary on black culture. I can't stand where the show went from season 2 onward. A real shame considering season 2 is when the animation really got good. Anybody else feel the same way?
  8. Dariendude17

    Gravity Falls

    This show is some of the best TV out there right now. Is that weird? Am I weird for liking a show made primarily for kids or at least adults who watch TV with their kids? Also who else is shocked as hell to see this show actually renewed for a second season? Between cancelling Tron Uprising and Motorcity, as well as the hectic schedule they aired this on, it was almost like Disney was trying to sabotage it or something.
  9. Dariendude17

    Early Pilot Reviews

    Welp I thought the pilot was pretty okay. I'm getting used to the idea that these shows cater to a different demographic first and foremost before they bother to intrigue the comic book crowd. The drama and pretty young actors take center stage and the action and adherence to the comic books is absolutely second. Not that I'm complaining or anything. Hell, I'm happy to be alive during a time when comic books are so popular as to merit several primetime tv shows and a multibillion dollar movie industry! My only real complaint is that some of the special effects were really lame--especially most of the shots of Barry running around at super speed. The shot of him running around the tornado was pretty much the only one that rocked. Weather Wizards tornado effect was also way lame--It's supposed to be a Category 5 Tornado but it doesn't seem to cause much beyond a gentle breeze outside of breaking through a barn roof. Most of this I'm positive is just a result of this being a pilot so budget was a major concern. I don't doubt the vision of the people behind it and I'm a huge fan of Arrow, so I know this is in good hands. I'm way psyched about this pilot and I'm so glad it got picked up for a season. Here's hoping this goes on for years and inspires more and more comicbook based tv. I can't recommend the animated movie Flashpoint Paradox enough--to you and to anyone in this forum with an interest in this show. It goes a great distance to educate anyone who watches it about the Flash and his villains, especially the yellow Flash you see in this pilot killing his mom. Okay so maybe it only touches on his villians and then it focuses a bit more on the DC Universe as a whole--especially Batman. But it's a great movie, easily one of my favorite. Seriously, check out Flashpoint Paradox.