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    Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    "IDON'TLIKEIT!!" "YOURTOPPRIORITYSHOULDBEMEEEEEEEE!!!!" "WHATABOUTMYSON!?!?!?!" (attempting to do her weird fast run all the words together speaking) Incidentally, I wonder if these two hooked up on some Anti-Semitic website? Someone prior mentioned about how the area she's from has an Anti-Semitic issue, and she uses two Jewish names in the name of her supposed company, and he's from an area that also has some Anti-Semitic issues. It would explain their stupid "I was shopping for furniture and accidentally met him" story. 🙄
  2. funky-rat

    Evelyn & David: Who Let Them in Here?

    But then she'd have to leave behind the best apples ever, and the best breakfast ever....and she doesn't drive in big cities...and....and....and.....🤣
  3. funky-rat

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Mr. Funky has cousins and step-nieces with this mentality and I just don't understand it. For the step-nieces, some of it is alcohol consumption, but not all of it. For the cousins, I think it was just poor upbringing. The cousins (and my husband) were all raised with some degree of abuse in their houses, and my late MIL and her late sister (one sister is still living) in particular were horribly mouthy, and loved starting fights. MIL would back down if it threatened to get physical, but her one sister wouldn't, and landed herself in jail a few times for assault. My husband was like that to a degree when he was younger, but the difference is that he left home at 18 and never returned - his cousins all stayed home - they were all young mothers (and one young father) and they were dependent on their moms for much longer. The cousins managed to get themselves in several abusive relationships each, so the cycle just continued. I had to unfriend all of them on social media because I grew weary of all of the constant back and forth between them and women their men were sleeping with on the side, between them and the current so's of their exes, etc, and their attempts to drag me in to it. I am pleased so see a number of THEIR kids are working hard on breaking the cycle - I remain friends with the kids on SM. The step-nieces baffle me. Like I said, sometimes alcohol is a factor, but not always. The one step-sister is an alkie, and the kids were not always supervised, but the other one did her best to give the kids the best life she could, and yet there they are on a Friday night, posting about how proud of their men they are for getting in to fights at the various bars they are at. Like the cousins, there are multiple kids with multiple men, and no marriages - in both cases, their mothers made the same mistakes (well, my husband's late aunt did - his mother and his living aunt weren't revolving doors like step sisters were). Truly sad.
  4. Agreed. Some people (myself included) have the bad luck of having crappy body chemistry, and we sweat sometimes in areas we'd rather not. One of the reasons I left my prior job is because one person would leave nasty notes on my desk, and several times had a supervisor speak to me (the 2nd or 3rd time, the supervisor relented that she didn't notice anything overly offensive). I had such a complex that I upped my lunch time to an hour, and would go home to clean up, whether I really needed it or not. I ultimately consulted with a doctor, who assured me the person was just being a jerk and was making greatly overblown comments, but still.... I wish we could just all accept each other. I've seen ads from back in my grandmother's time that advocated making a douche with Lysol. I can't imagine.
  5. People I know who used it did so for odor, chafing, or sweating. I recall commercials in the 80's to use powder to keep you "fresh" and keep odor at bay. Scented body powder was a thing for a long time and could be found on lots of people's dressing tables in a pretty container, complete with a powder puff (usually flower scented). My late MIL was religious about using it. She once bought me a bottle of what she used and told me to try it (sweating/chafing issues). Blech. All it did was turn to paste, requiring me to have to shower again to get it off. Plus I found that the scent didn't react well with my body chemistry (I can't wear some perfumes either), and it left a funky smell. I tossed the powder in the trash. Late MIL dealt with urinary incontinence, made worse by uncontrolled Diabetes. She refused to wear Depends type stuff, and also refused to use the special pads made for that. Instead, she'd buy feminine hygiene pads, then complain she was "soaking through Kotex like crazy". No amount of telling her they were not meant for that purpose would work. She'd use the powder, but smell like an odd combination of powder and pee. Now when I smell baby powder, that thought is burned in to my brain.
  6. funky-rat

    Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    I don't remember all the details, but it involved allegations on Leida's part, and Erick admitting he let his Marine background "get the best of him".
  7. funky-rat

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    To me, it just seems like people think it was "overblown/overstated", not completely fake (and people who assert that are just being snarky, and alluding to Matt's prior comments about shooting Rocky. I'm from farm country, and know plenty of people who shot old dogs (including my late grandfather, although there was one old dog he just couldn't bring himself to do it, so he had a neighbor do it), so I didn't bat an eye when that happened, but lots of people have. It certainly wouldn't be the first time a medical issue was overblown on a "reality" show.
  8. funky-rat

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Exactly. I don't need advice when everything is going awesome. I seek advice when things are going wrong, so I need zero advice from Jerk and Oddj about anything. Not even thigh gaps. Jesus is pleased.
  9. They both suck, for sure, but I think if her family would quit keeping on Pedro about how his family are grifters, he might not dig his heels in so hard. If they would leave them alone to work their own problems out, they might find balance. Not holding Chantel blameless - she has to grow a set and put her foot down, and learn when to shut up when it comes to talking to her family about Pedro. She needs to find others who are married to people from DR, and get advice from them on how to handle cultural differences.
  10. funky-rat

    Evelyn & David: Who Let Them in Here?

    Don't bet on it. Right now, she's a big fish in a very little pond, and she's been told her whole life how awesome she is. She will just figure that people just don't "get" her, and she'll be as smug as ever.
  11. funky-rat

    Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    Ideally, he should have any visitation revoked, and have nothing but court supervised visitation. Ass.
  12. funky-rat

    General True Crime Shows

    Lifers will need medical care. They can cause issues with other inmates. They need food. They need housing. They can attempt dozens of appeals, or countless lawsuits for the smallest of perceived infractions. Sometimes they inflict distress on their victims even behind bars. If they're dead, they don't cost the system any further costs. Tough call - especially for those guilty beyond any doubt, and who are completely unrepentant.
  13. funky-rat

    Small Talk: We'll Be Right Back

    Just make sure that you're not like Shirley on their commercials.
  14. funky-rat

    General True Crime Shows

    Glad you found it. It can be frustrating to find it when you can only remember bits and pieces that can describe 100 other shows that aren't it. I too saw that one on Forensic Files. So very sad. I wonder why the jury was from Dauphin County as noted in the article. That's Harrisburg area, not Philly area. And I can't believe I was in the same building as that creep. Mr. Funky's late Uncle was in Fayette, and we visited him several times. **SHUDDER** I caught a show over the weekend that was only a half hour long - short shows aren't something usually seen on ID (I'm 99% sure it was ID I was watching - it was late, and I couldn't sleep) about the "Talhotblond" case. Half an hour can't even scratch the surface on that box of crazy.
  15. funky-rat

    There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane

    Any time when someone innocent meets their end thanks to the careless actions of others (let alone 7 innocents, and one who will be damaged forever who survived), it is incredibly sad. I don't like to see photos of dead people either (despite my liking true crime stories), but I think it was necessary in this case to drive home the point.
  16. funky-rat

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    Yeah, I think I'm out after the Colt/Larissa mess. Yes, Colt is a weirdo, but Larissa beat the crap out of him more than once, and she said he was a pedophile, then was caught trying to get Colt to do something for her in exchange for her admitting she lied about it. Again, he's a weirdo, but calling someone a pedo is some serious stuff. And then to lie about it makes it that much more difficult for legit victims. I also don't find domestic violence against men funny, and would never find it justified, simply because I don't care for him. If the situation were reversed, people would be calling for his head on a pike, and not being all "LOL, she's weird so she deserved it." There have also been some disturbing allegations put forth about his relationship with his mom that I don't believe have any basis. I can't stress enough that I don't like Colt and don't have a bit of use for him, but I don't find him getting beaten up funny (I've seen allegations on other sites that he beat himself up because people like Larissa and think he's a weirdo so he must have done it to himself....yeah) and I don't find him being accused of sleeping with his mom or being a pedo funny either. If there's proof, bring it on, but if not, those are serious allegations to be making with no proof and can ruin someone's life, or incite some nutjob on social media to violence against him. It has happened. And you know TLC won't do anything to reign any of this in because it equals ratings. I gave up on commenting about them. So it's time to just give up in general.
  17. funky-rat

    The Bullpen: Past Seasons Discussion

    My love for Jim was strong. One of the best sitcom characters ever. Back then, the options at Disney were somewhat limited for fun headwear. I was there around that time, and the Donald and Goofy hats were about it, along with the standard Mickey Mouse ears. Now they have all kinds of stuff. I haven't been since 1988, but I see people's stuff. I had the ears, and I had the Donald Duck hat. The eyes were googly, and the bill squeaked.
  18. funky-rat

    General True Crime Shows

    Not sure either. They did say he was prone to violence and had attacked in the past. Sad.
  19. funky-rat

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    The formula has changed (I'm addicted to Kraft M&C - have been since I was a kid). I have never made it to box directions - it makes it too watery - but I have adjusted the way I mix it. I use real butter now, and I dump the powder in, and give it a good stir before I even add milk. When I add milk, I do it by "splashes" and I keep stirring, until it gets to the consistency I want, and the powder is "melted". Turns out better, IMO. But for true M&C goodness, I make my own with sharp white cheddar, and I bake it - I do NOT make a sauce to dump on it. As for boxed, generic just doesn't have the flavor Kraft does, and I HATE any of the boxed mixes that use liquid cheese. Can't stand the texture. **ETA: I make sure the butter is 100% melted and stirred well before I add the powder** I loved the Franco-American M&C. The sauce had the consistency of snot, but it tasted soooo good. Mmmmmm….chemicals...….drooollllll…….
  20. funky-rat

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Was that the one where her kid was driving and killed someone? IIRC, the kid got in to more trouble with the law, surprise surprise......
  21. funky-rat

    Favorite Commercials

    While it's not necessary a favorite, I am chuckling at the new Progressive ad (believe it or not) where Flo is being referred to as the "Wacky New Maid". Reminds me of so many bad 80's TV shows.
  22. funky-rat

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    I am not Oddj's biggest fan, but I too have expressed concern about her thinness, and hope she doesn't have any eating disorders.
  23. funky-rat

    General True Crime Shows

    Big city police forces in general tend to have lots of issues. The bigger they are, the easier things are to cover up, sadly.
  24. funky-rat


    NP. When I read people talking about it, I paid attention, and had it on my DVR, so I could rewind. The part at the end where her brother talked about it used footage from early in the episode, before she left the house. Kind-of sneaky, if you're not paying attention.
  25. funky-rat

    General True Crime Shows

    I think I saw that one. And if that's the series I'm thinking of, all of the cases are a bit odd.