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  1. I wonder if the NJ visit might have been a more involved storyline for an episode, but as the season went on the stories uhh, got bigger and they had to cut stuff. They could have had a tradeout agreement with the place, so they had to use at least part of it somewhere and here we go.
  2. It definitely seems like they're using flashbacks to stretch out what they have shot as long as they can. And it seems like they re-cut some of these episodes really quickly and without a ton of planning. I totally get it, they probably didn't have a lot of time to come up with a plan. I am hoping however many episodes they have coming up will be better thought out than the first batch of flashback-infused episodes.
  3. Look, I know the storylines on this show are beyond ridiculous, but I just have to say I am here for the kid who plays Wiley. The kid was freaking adorable today.
  4. My favorite line was her telling Valentin, "I know this house quite well. I was holding people hostage here long before you showed up!" I hit send before I saw your post, Rur. Great minds! So funny
  5. I'm just gonna come out and say it: I haven't minded the recent Sonny/Carly/Jason scenes. HEAR ME OUT, I HAVE REASONS. It has nothing to do with them, their storyline, their acting. I barely listen to what they're saying. I simply love that they're using the Corinthos kitchen set a lot for those scenes. It is fabulous and I kind of covet the decor!! I'm not horrible, right???
  6. I was a blubbery mess during yesterday's and today's episodes. Not so much because it was Oscar but because it reminded me of my last moments with a loved one before they passed. We're coming up on the anniversary and I've just been emotional. My cry today was about as ugly as Cameron's. And then this happened and it almost took me out of it. I get where they were trying to go with the scene, but they could have brought him out of the room on the stretcher (without us having to see Billy kinda flop the kid on there and them cover him haphazardly) and stopped in the hallway. It might ha
  7. It was really amazing to me how Carly could be bound in a trunk, out cold for however long it took to get to Niagra Falls, thrown over... whatever wall that was, and she somehow woke up practically unscathed with her hair fanning out perfectly.
  8. I mean her delivery. I work in tv so I appreciate the need to keep the format the same, but her actual delivery of lines is what takes me out of it at times.
  9. I think when Joy is covering for Rachel, she tries to kinda mimic Rachel, to the point where it becomes distracting. Just my opinion..
  10. I'm just gonna come out and say it. The credits scene with Jordan going through his 27 "looks" made me giggle. He's still a tool, but that cracked me up. Colton has annoyed me from the beginning on The Bachelorette and the tradition continues on Paradise. Ugh. Please, go away. Wills, I miss you already.
  11. I LOVED Becca's turquoise necklace on the 3-on-1 date. She's had some great jewelry this season! I kinda like Jason, despite his Donald Trump Jr hairstyle. I'd be OK with him or Wills as the next Bachelor (wardrobe would have a blast with him!!). Is it me, or does Leo resemble the dude from Joe Millionaire? Not the hair, of course. But the face..
  12. Dear Curtis, I will marry you. Call me. Love, OhIKnow
  13. When I saw that scene, I had to pause the DVR and have a massive cry. Granted, I have some other emotional life stuff happening right now, so that could have also had something to do with it. But omg, that scene is just so raw...
  14. HA!! I've heard using coconut oil for popcorn is a great alternative to butter and all. Shannon knows her stuff, apparently. And now I'm going to have to try it. Ok, so watching has had some sort of positive effect already!
  15. WHY didn't anyone warn me about this??? That being said, I'm going to end up hating everyone on this cast, aren't I? Except for Shannon, who according to Ross makes the best popcorn ever known to man.
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