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  1. Dorit should have been pissed at PK he was,almost falling out of his chair blatantly .Staring up Erikas dress he didnt even have, sense enough to pretend or any thing dumb ass.Dorit talk shit about Lisa R. not remembering,but Dorit is a habitual cant remember.Dorit and PK are jokes when she called him ,to tell him they where mean to her.She forgets her part in all the crap she,is a shit starter and back stabber .I think she got what she derserved on that boat,she earned that big time.And iam sick of hearing about Kim Richards and Kyle,running to her aid Kim started up with.Lisa R. at game night as a nurse ect i know drinking or not,a alcoholic is always one and acts like one.And Al-Anon for familys of alcoholics will tell you,Kyle is an enabler by not stopping Kim.Stopping her from starting up old crap aka fight at her home,Kyle just goes under the table hides.I think some of those women need schooled on alcoholism,and Eden she said she is a sober woman .But she said she takes pills she is bat shit crazy really,she said alot of crap to the others.And made what Lisa R. said much bigger much worse,hell if the women on here watch the show.Lisa R.repeated what Kyle said a few times iam afraid the call ,will come your dead (Kim) Lisa R never has a prob .Telling it like it is and i think if you back me in a corner,and treated me like such shit in Mexico.I might draw a blank of something i said two months ago,come on Lisa forgets one time i lost count on Dorit.Dorits forgets are well over a dozen lol
  2. Accent confession here. I am from TX but don't sound it at all. Moved the the midwest in first grade and stayed for five years. Maybe that's why?
  3. http://www.realmrhousewife.com/2017/01/30/kelly-dodd-claims-she-doesnt-want-to-return-to-rhoc/
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/299958433690432/
  5. But, but, but....if K doesn't come back then how will we be able to gaze at her perfect marriage, college educated vocabulary, wittness stunning parenting, ect. Sarcasm. if she did come back she'd rissk becoming chow for Tamra.
  6. I am thrilled Tamra is back only because Kelly wanted her fired.
  7. At this point, I would so rather be hanging with James Kennedy eating Ben and Jerry's than with the rhobh.
  8. I was in the hospital once for a perforated bowel. I stupidly delayed going to the er until it was very bad and at that point I didnt care what I looked like. I had a friend tell me that I looked "like a concentration camp victim" after all the blood loss but at that point all I cared about was living. People were sticking me everywhere with ivs and Im sure my ass was hanging out of the gown more than once but I was like whatever.
  9. Oh, now Vicky claims that Heather and Meghan were too nosy to be on her show and that she Vicky got them fired. Its on v's twitter.
  10. Do I think PK is a perv? No. I'm not even bothered that he looked but the fact that he continued the look and that Dorit carried on the way she did was a problem IMO.
  11. Here's my two cents. Say that I am at a party and my friend/ co worker's husband walks in front of me in speedo with his ding a ling on full display. If I stare at it and keep staring is it his fault or mine? Yes, he probably shouldn't be showing his package like that but I have the choice to stop looking. PK take note.
  12. I get the feeling Dorit would have had two kids with anyone that was British and wealthy. Just a feeling.
  13. I'm no psychic but I just had a vision wherein Andy, Anderson Cooper, and an army of angry gay men stage a protest at Kelly's house until they eventually drive all of them to the AZ border.
  14. Apparently Michael Dodd bashed Andy Cohen on twitter and Heather Mcdonald as well. Something about Andy's book and not knowing talent yada yada yada. And saying that Kelly is funny but Heather isn't. Sorry but when is Kelly ever funny? And insulting the man that can decidde to ax your wife from the show? Really smart Mike. Not.
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