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  1. 7 hours ago, MrsWitter said:

    In fairness to scrunchies (not Dorit- never Dorit), scrunchies are having a major revival. Even Vogue is chronicling the best designer scrunchies to purchase. I’m sure Dorit’s had some horrible designer logo on it that we couldn’t see.


    I rebuke this in the name of Chanel.

    Let's us bow our heads in a prayer to fashion. 


    Which art in Fendi

    Hallowed be thy Prada

    Thy Birkin bag

    Thy Burberry coat

    On Regent

    As it is in Harrods

    Give us this day our Visa Gold

    And forgive us this overdraft

    As we forgive those who cut our credit card

    Lead us not into Primark

    And deliver us from Selfridges

    For thine is the Chanel, the Marc Jacobs and Versace

    For Dolce & Gabbana


    1 hour ago, Gem 10 said:

    I can’t believe her telling the world about that prostate thingamajig she did with Kelsey.  She’s a real classy one, that Camille.  NOT !!!!!!!

    She also said she used a strap on dildo with Kelsey. She is airing that man's business out. 

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  2. 12 hours ago, breezy424 said:

    A true polygraph takes time to administer.  This took five minutes?

    I'm sure we didn't see the entire test, but where he lost me was when he stated that lie detectors were 100% accurate and totally prove she was telling the truth? Pregnancy tests and condoms aren't even 100% accurate but a lie detector test is? Girl bye. 

    LVP overplayed her hand with this stunt. 

    Camille was bringing the real estate porn and the scenic views. Her Hawaii home is stunning. STUNNING! I wanted to see more of it. The wedding ... STUNNING! 

    I didn't love her dress though. Maybe if it was a different lace but it just looked too heavy. 

    I think that was the most basic hotel the BH wives have ever stayed in. Great views and grounds but on the inside it was a typical Marriott - not that there is anything wrong with that. 

    Apart from the lie detector mess, I enjoyed this episode. 

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  3. 13 minutes ago, MaggieG said:

    I wasn't expecting the nudity scene so seeing the naked miners was a slight shock. I did have to laugh at the head miner saying "We're still wearing the hats!"

    Now I am thinking about that Joe Cocker song "You can Leave your hat on."

    I've started wondering how much clean-up and abatement cost the Russian government. Also, I wonder if they had to pay neighboring countries and their citizens damages. 

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  4. Once again, SHEER PERFECTION!! The way this show is able not only to keep the tension but ratchet it up each episode, even though the outcome is known, defies credulity.  

    Jared Harris' character describing to Stellan's character what will happen medically to the men that went into the water to shut it off was absolutely horrifying. The nuclear threat was just not a big fear nor was it really discussed when I was growing up. I just grew up with the vague idea that it was out there and nuclear fallout is bad. However, to hear it spelled out that it freaking changes your DNA, rots your organs and destroys your veins to the point that not even sweet sweet morphine can dull the pain. What the what?!?! SHOOK!!! To see Vasily go from seeming alright to screaming in agony to looking like melted wax was a horror show of epic proportions. Who needs horror movies, when reality can be so much more frightening. Freddy Kruger who?

    Kolmyuk (spelling?) said that Akimov didn't even have a face. Yikes! 

    10 hours ago, ShannaB said:

    I hope CHERNOBYL gets some well deserved Emmys.  

    This miniseries needs to have Emmys, SAG, Golden Globe's, People's Choice Awards rained down upon it.

    10 hours ago, mamadrama said:

    My kids are trying to watch this with me. My 7yo had trouble understanding the whole Chernobyl/Pripyat thing so I showed her the movie "Chernobyl Diaries." Now she's watching the series totally confused, wondering when the mutant bears and radiation zombies are coming out. 

    My nephew was more so shocked that being exposed to huge amounts of radiation doesn't give you super powers. Thanks Marvel & DC Comics! 

    I've never even heard of Threads. I must check it out. 

    Thanks HBO for all the male peen on display. I mean that sincerely. My stance on TV/movie nudity is  FREE THE PEEN! Far too often women have to get their tits out gratuitously (Hello GOT) so turnaround is fair play but at least this didn't seem gratuitous.  Jared and Stellans facial expressions were amazing in that scene.

    Loved the miners. 

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  5. So glad I found this thread. I saw the first 2 episodes and I. AM. SHOOK.  This is the miniseries I never knew I even wanted or needed. I love everything about it. British accents don't even bother me. The inner binge-watcher in me does wish it was bingeable but I am learning to live with getting an episode at a time. It allows me to watch twice and really digest everything. 

    Not only is this show enthralling, well-written & acted and emotionally devastating but also it is quite educational. I admit that up until now, everything I knew about nuclear energy I learned from The Simpsons (don't judge me). 

    With that hair, I thought Stellan was playing Boris Yeltsin. There really is a resemblance. Just me?


    Jared Harris is a treasure. If you haven't watched The Terror, do yourself a favor and do so. 

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  6. 15 hours ago, goofygirl said:

    Candiace is just a spoiled brat and I'm already tired of her bullshit.  You can throw a $200K wedding but you can't even go on a honeymoon.  You are stupid.  Seriously stupid.

    For real, I would rather have a moderately priced wedding and take a fabulous five figure honeymoon to an exotic locale. I'd feel some kind of way spending $200k and then being too broke to go anywhere. Laid up in the bed at the townhouse not in me or my man's name, paid for by mommy. Seriously, Candiass doesn't have any profits from her wig business or Bravo funds to at least head down to the Dominican Republic? Florida? Virginia Beach? Come on now!! 

    I was expecting Uncle Lumpy to be fat or at least have a really fun boisterous personality? 

    Why were half the people at Uncle Lumpy's party dancing like a drunk auntie at the BBQ


    I don't blame Karen for making Gizelle work for it. The worst part of it to me wasn't even the bad joke t-shirt at the tax evasion presser, it was Gizelle basically screaming at Karen in the lobby of a hotel in France about how Ray wanted to bang some other woman. I don't even remember how that started, where that came from but it was rude and declasse to the 10th power. 

    Love or hate her, Gizelle's talking heads are life and sometimes she spits real gossip truth. For instance, that Ashley song is the worst and I'm so glad Gizelle wasn't afraid to say so. 

    Love Karen. 

    Michael is a whole mess. I'm sensing Bravo fuckery afoot though. We better not get a season of arguing over shit that wasn't even captured by audio. 

    Robyn, career of house flipper just ain't for you. Whole houses have been built in 8 months. I bet that shit still ain't done. 

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  7. 51 minutes ago, Giselle said:

    I liked the stove. There are others I like better.

    Mine would be in cobalt blue.

    That stove is MONEY! I don't think I have even seen one that huge. 


    But yeah, it comes in so many amazing and vibrant colors and can't help but think a little punch of color, besides light pink, would have given this kitchen redo an extra kick. But is she likes it, I love it. 

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  8. 12 hours ago, ivygirl said:

    When Rinna walked in to the Petty Mess concert, I seriously thought she was Brandi’s friend Jennifer Gimenez.

    I thought it was Heather Dubrow. 

    3 hours ago, bosawks said:

    As any good watcher of too much ID Network upon seeing the lie detector my first response, ok, eye rolling was my first response but at least my third or fourth response was, "If you pass that it just proves you're a sociopath!"


    For all this hand-wringing over her ever expanding business taking her away from her kids, I really want to know what Teddi's business entails. Doesn't she text clients to get off their asses, workout, put down the cake and soda and eat salmon, chicken and veggies? Doesn't she work from home?

    The flashbacks to S1 Kyle is quite jarring. She has a whole new face. It is good work but damn what a difference!

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  9. On 4/30/2019 at 7:29 PM, landgraf said:

    I don't dislike LVP, but it believe everything the others are saying about her. 

    Yup! She surrounds herself with too many damn messy people, not be messy herself. 

    With LVP's refusal to film and all her protestations and veiled threats of leaving, I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't go anywhere. I think continuing on this season is both a power move and an attempt to salvage face. She mostly wants to bring the girls to heel - make them apologize, retract whatever and be restored as the Crowned Queen of BH. Right now she is a Queen with no subjects aside from her dogs, Ken and puffy lipped Sessa. 

    It has yet to air, but the lie detector test with Sessa looks like the height of ridiculousness. 

    I think I must be the only person who does not like LVP's home. I remember seeing pics of it right after she purchased it and before she renovated it. It was a nicer house before she got her tacky pink mitts on it. The entrance looks like a straight up commercial store front. Interior looks like a dated interior design center. The kitchen remodel is an improvement. 

    As long as she stays out of Kim's business, I don't mind Rinna and think she is a good addition to the show but I dislike her daughters and hate her thirst to make them happen.

    On 4/30/2019 at 10:15 PM, bosawks said:

    I loved season 1 Camille in all of her bitchy glory and I’m glad somnambulant Camille is finally waking up.

    Yup! I wouldn't even miss LVP if we can get either this Camille or S1 Camille. If she goes back to her PR agent for a tune-up and we get roboCamille from S2, she can stay gone. 

    I still like Teddi. 

    I like most of Erika's over the top confessional looks, especially the crayon suit and matching hat. So fun! 

    Erika is a very hollow person, living a very hollow life. 

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  10. 5 hours ago, swankie said:

    Robyn really needs a stylist stat!  She dresses dowdy and you can tell she does her hair herself.

    Yup! I've seen comments elsewhere that she looked great at the wedding but to me, her dressed screamed meemaw of the bride. Her and Karen should have switched dresses, although I did think Karen's dress looked too casual for the venue and occasion.  

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  11. This and GOT are my main priorities on Sunday. 

    I guess I'm tacky because I loved the wedding venue and decor. Loved! I've never seen gold chairs with a circular back like that. I. WANT. It looked sumptuous and like money. Did it look like $200k worth? I don't know but I can see where the money was spent more than Eva's (RHOATL) who wedding cost as much, if not more. 

    I will admit that some of the love of the event space is because I pretty much hate when HW (especially true in ATL minus Cynthia, who had hers at a museum) have weddings in warehouses or open spaces and just hang a bunch of white drapes and plunk flowers everywhere. I like to see architecture and boy did Candi's have that! 

    Chris ought to be beat with the brown he jumped for those wack ass "vows" Wasn't funny or cute. 

    Both Candi's dresses were misses. The wedding dress was too much gown for her frame and the gold skater dress would have been better if it was floor length. 

    The concept of the groom's party tuxes were nice but the high waters and no socks were a hard no. In August, they must all have had swamp foot. Plus Chris's jacket seemed a bit snug. 

    I literally FF the singing. No ma'am.

    Mental health professional Dorothy couldn't advise me on how to scrub my toilet. How you gonna be so bitter and hateful over a 40 year betrayal when the relationship ended over 20 years ago and you've since remarried and had another child? The grudge is lasting more than the relationship ever did x 2.

    Karen is one of my fave HW. I wish she had a real friend to tell her that those white blond Targaryen wigs ain't it.  I like that she befriends and tries to steer/mentor the younger cast members. Let's face it, any woman they bring on is likely to be younger than Karen. I rather she makes nice than being standoffish and cliquish like Vicki vs all newcomers.

    15 hours ago, Adeejay said:

    Candiace and her mother seem to call on Jesus a lot.  However, I believe Jesus has better things to do than worry about their relationship.  

    They are a pair of God botherers. 

    Did I really hear Kangaroo Mike say he was gonna grab BBG's ass? The hell is wrong with this man. 

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  12. On 5/11/2019 at 8:44 AM, BlackMamba said:

    Jack makes a surprising move with his first appointment as mayor.

    So Jack wins? FF will be getting a workout that day. I can't stand to see him and Eve celebrate. The smug will be strong that day. Pass. 

    On 5/11/2019 at 8:18 AM, Petunia13 said:

    Then Melinda loads a gun and goes after Jack. Ugh.

    Ugh indeed, but if she hits either or both Jack or Eve, I will chip in for the bullets. 

    On 5/11/2019 at 7:54 PM, howmanywords said:

    All these spoilers about Rafe and Hope's marriage imploding have me so giddy.

    I would be giddy too but I know Hope is going to immediately fall into the greasy arms of Frenchie. 

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  13. On 5/9/2019 at 1:01 AM, Silver Raven said:

    So I'm thinking Nicole is really Kristen?


    On the now defunct TV without pity Days discussion board we used to refer to the Curse of the Monkey's Paw. Essentially, it was wishing for something and having it be fulfilled but always in a way you never wanted and/or with hellish consequences. For instance, wanting the HW fired or replaced only for that to happen and an even worst HW being hired - Dena anyone?  Welp, years later I see the Curse of the Monkey's Paw is very much alive. I wanted a Xander Nicole union so bad and loved their initial chem, only to have the show turn Xander into a damn near irredeemable sociopath. 

    Maybe it is too early to call because I don't know if this is Kristen with plastic surgery made to look like Nicole, some Rolf creation or brainwashed Nicole but this NOT in a million years what I would have wanted. 


    It makes sense for it to be Kristen given the spoilers of Nicole finding comfort in Brady's arms. I guess I should've known something was up when "Nicole" upon arrival was so easily talked out of going to see her daughter and she didn't want sexy time with Eric.  

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  14. Okay, I have yet to watch the show. Sundays are a televisual feast with GOT, 90 Fiance (3 damn hours), Bob's Burger. I can't fit Potomac in but I am loving the comments and plan to watch later tonight. 

    4 hours ago, Vixenstud said:

    Okay, I’ma say it….I found Ashley/Michael’s blindfolded/whipped cream play hot!  And awkward (that’s why I don’t do whipped cream, damned stuff poofs away from the goodies and you have to find something else to eat off your partner!)

    Thanks for the heads up. I will keep my finger posed on the FF button because I can guarantee you, I will not share your feelings. 

    4 hours ago, LibertarianSlut said:

    Ashley--that sexual exercise with Michael was not something I want to witness ever again in my life, but I love me some Ashley.  I think she is so smart and well-educated, and she may be the most poised Housewife across the franchises. At the same time, she is always keeping the show fresh, never shying away from a confrontation, always bringing up the dirt on people.  And then when it goes sideways, she just apologizes.  Bravo needs to have an Ashley on every Houswife franchise and it will never get dull.

    I am not, I repeat NOT, a fan of Ashley's and feel no love for her but I agree with the rest of this statement. That said, I can't wait for the others to put their foot on her neck re: Mike's ass grab. 

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  15. 14 hours ago, Bronzedog said:

    I'm kind of surprised that no one has said anything about the very long commercial Sonja and Dorinda gave for the movie Anne Hathaway is in.  After talking about the movie for an entire segment, the show cut to an actual commercial for the movie.


    And it went on for so damn long comparing characters nobody knows in a film yet to be released to cast members. Lunacy!

    I was cringing when the ladies were sexually inappropriate with the talent at the circus. It is a family show and tons of kids were present. 

    B's is too busy? Its too much? I don't feel a drop sorry for Bethenny dealing with issues of her own making. I believe she self-sabotages with entirely too much on her plate because if she stopped for a minute she realized how damaged yet empty she is and deep down I don't think she like her own company. 

    Tinsley? Now that is a pretty mess (tm Erika Jayne) and shows you what happens when a trophy can't attach itself to a wallet/awardee. People go on about how accomplished Tinsley is, how she went to college and can play tennis well. Yeah, but that was all grooming for the purpose of being a rich man's wife. I mean she majored in Art History and tennis for centuries was a rich person's game and to some extent still is, nothwithstanding the Williams Sisters. 

    Jeez, I wonder what Dale's advice to Tinsley was during the throes of that abusive relationship?

    I realize NYC has nearly 9 million people. If we assume half (4.5 million) of that are men, and half of that are dateable (2.25m) and half of that are in Ramona's age range (1.125m) and speaking generous 2% of that are monied and "sophisticated" enough to squire Ramona around town, I still have trouble believing she dates as avidly as she likes to portray. 

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  16. 3 hours ago, iloveit said:

    Does anyone like Barbara? 

    I'm gonna quote Ramona


    I would be curious to see Barbs outside of Luann hellhound mode. Barbs is the quintessential boro broad. Ramona is not wrong she is very rough around the edges, but damn was it rude for her and Dorinda to be talking about her like that but yet oh so right. 

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  17. Nene really can go. She really doesn't want to be there or around the ladies but she needs that check to pay for her wigs, red bottoms, tank tops, mumus, Greg's meals (apparently) and the ode to marble and beige that is her home. 

    Nene sounded like a child telling everyone they weren't her friend. Bitch please! Everyone seemed perplexed by her attitude. 

    One thing I liked was that there didn't seem to be a coordinated pre-planned gang up on Nene, which could have given her some sympathy, which she in no way deserves. All the ladies seemed to be in good spirits, minus Nene, and living being their best selves, minus Nene.

    I think Nene was talking about Porsha in her mystery text. 

    This was the second time that Nene has ostensibly called a pregnant woman fat! Nene is and also has been the biggest woman to be featured on this show so she should STFU!! 

    What was everyone's take on Eva's off color joke (pun intended) about Porsha's friend not being Black with a "Q?" I admit that the first time I heard it I just thought it was about Shamia not being a singer or in a girl group because hey, weren't they at the BlaQue concert supporting Shamari when it was said? It wasn't until Kandi said it might be colorist did that cross my mind. 

    Porsha gets the 'dumb' label because let's face it, she has said some dumb shit over the years. Underground railroad anyone? However, I think she has proven herself to be quite astute on occasion. This reunion she was engaging, quick-witted, funny and really showed she deserved to be seated right next to Andy. 

    Confession: I've seen that shoulder bouncing gif all over the net for months. It wasn't until late last month that I realized it was Ron and Shamari. LOL! 

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