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  1. I am lowkey starting to stan for Jenny and Sumit. They are like a jacked-mouth Romeo and geriatric waddle-necked Juliet. I thought their end scene hugging each other after learning about the marriage process was sweet. 

    Taking a tour of the Vegas strip in the daytime seems like a waste. The Vegas strip at night is a tourist dream.

    Jihoon's parents are adorable and the dad speaks more English than we were initially led to believe.

    Deavan has what I call soap opera face. She at any given moment looks oddly vacant, unsure, confused, and afraid like she is hiding a huge secret. If that secret ever got out it would completely destroy her life. We can all guess what it is. She must keep it hidden at all costs so she can secure that ring from her Korean used cellphone salesman. As G#d is her witness, she will never walk around with a cracked cellphone screen ever again.  Stay tuned when 6 months to a year from now, the baby needs a blood donor and they need to draw blood from both parents. Will they be a match?!!? Dun, dun dunnnnnn.......

    Laura gets and keeps that L for upheaving her life for trash dick that she hopes one day to maybe, probably, possibly train to satisfy her. At her big age, she ought to know and want better.

    And the Emmy goes to ..... Aladdin. Aladdin did actually seem (act) happy to see Laura upon her arrival and actually hugged and kissed her knowing it could get them in trouble but he didn't care. Nicole wishes.

    Funniest scene by far is Corey and that damn magic trick. When you think you are doing something to win the affection of the family but in fact you make everyone think you are an league with Satan LOL!

    I think Corey and Evilin are not being truthful. Corey has been to her hometown before and shouldn't be this surprised by its lack of modern amenities.


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  2. Evil-in's theme songs must be Ice, Ice baby by Vanilla Ice and Cold-blooded by Rick James.  I think the only reason she met him at the bus stop is to get the last little bit of shit he brought with him - the tv, cash whatever. She bled him dry. All the shit is in her name. She has no further use for him anymore. I can't find a shred of sympathy for Corey. He is the very definition of a SIMP. 

    Corey if you can survive that 95 lb blood sucking mosquito Evil-in for this long, no need to worry about the ones in Ecuador. 

    Paul denied a Brazilian visa? Now that is what I call effective border control. What work could he have possibly found and done in Brazil anyway? He can't speak the language and even in the US he wasn't qualified enough to scoop cow shit. 

    Ji-hoon is unintentionally hilarious. 

    3 hours ago, Bunnyette said:

    Aladin wants a sugar mama so he can hang at the gym and not work too hard.  But that Laura is a fool for bringing sex toys.  Qatar is liberal compared to Saudi but not that liberal.  Her friend looked stunned when she told him her plans.

    Wasn't Laura the one shown worried about Aladin being too affectionate at the airport for fear of getting arrested but yet she has a suitcase full of rubber dicks? Make that make sense! 

    Laura's pronunciation of Aladin's name drives me crazy. Aladin himself pronounces the way I a am familiar with it - like the movie but Laura pronounces it like Allah-dean. 

    Summit and Aladin need to do better. Preferences are fine but marrying these brokedown grandmas at their ages for their hair and eyes is just ridiculous, especially for Aladin who is quite attractive. 

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  3. Wasn't it Dorinda who let us know that "money talks but true wealth whispers"? Would a person of true wealth pose a question to a woman (she isn't even really that close with) of who she paying for her clothing, shoes and handbags? What the fuck business is that of Dorinda's? Tinsley could be laying it low and spreading it wide for all comers, charging thousands a pop and that would still be none of Dorinda's damn business.  Plus, better to prostitute for thousand dollar dresses, shoes, bags and hotel stays as opposed to dry cleaning services from Armenian George Jefferson.

    That whole Tins gangup felt like an attempt at season finale drama. They pretty much shot their wad on their myriad of issues with Lu so they needed something. 

    There was a dude in the front row at Lu's that looked like he was having the time of his damn life. You would think he was watching Celine Dion perform her greatest hits by the looks on his face. I hope he was compensation highly or just plain high. Shit, it could be both. 

    Halloween in the Berkshires was cool, but I missed christmas in the Berkshires this year. 

    I'm convinced that Ramona and Mario are getting it on.

    16 hours ago, goofygirl said:

    So.... A little bit of fish will put Bethenny into anaphylactic shock? Wowza.  Wonder if Jason knows that? EPI PEN! You can afford two! or fifty! Lawdy, they are expensive!

    On New Year's Day 2019, in the NYC area a young boy died just from the smell of fish cooking. The family actually did know he was allergic to fish, however he and his dad went to his grandma's and she was merely cooking fish and it killed him. Crazy!!!


    Dennis is going through great lengths to punch a hole into this mortal plane just to tell B how gorgeous she looks and tell her that getting the D elsewhere is A-okay. Is it any wonder he wants to get a little to go plate for all his trouble.


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  4. 14 hours ago, STRIDER1 said:

    Wow really surprised me that not one of the couples got it on on their wedding night. shocker lol

    I had guessed beforehand that it would have been at least 2 of the 4 couples (big red chardonnay/jamie and amber/matt)

    Oh well hahaha 😂

    That is just what they say now. Just wait until things go left and you will have someone looking sheepishly into the camera talking about "we lied, we had sex night 1"

    2 hours ago, humbleopinion said:

    Pardon my  ill chosen words...greatest is not correct...

    Iris' virginity has been something she has "saved" for 27 years and her Father has "protected" for as long...

    Iris has made it clear that her virginity is only for her husband.

     Perhaps  cherished is a better choice of words....

    This is what baffles me about Iris. Why would you risk something so "cherished" on a show like this?!? She is young and she is pretty and appears to have a great personality. Why? Make it make sense. 

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  5. If there is a pornhub category for 'milfs off their meds' Beth would be its star. The show really had to blur out her naughty bits on two separate occasions in a single episode.  I don't per se dislike Beth (hell, she makes for good tv) but damn her energy is just so frenetic it would make me nervous and uncomfortable to be in her presence.

    Matt's family situation is just so suspect to me. So he has always been so super close to them, talked to mom daily and dad weekly and now since the divorce he hasn't talked or interacted with anyone? Now things are "oh so toxic" you can't even have any immediate or extended family around? Right or wrong, during many divorces, kids pick a side, but to claim a complete breakdown of all communication with the WHOLE FAMILY because of a divorce just seems highly, highly unusual.  He doesn't speak to his siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nothing?? What the hell were the grounds for this divorce?

    Why is it that the Ambers on this show don't have any chill? Amber's thirst for Matt makes me cringe in my own damn living room. 

    I feel like Deonna pulled the biggest bait and switch I can recall in my time watching this show. The 1st two episodes she really did seem fun, kinda bubbly and showed signs of having a sense of humor. Hell, I thought Greg would be the uptight one. My, my how the tables have turned. I see a lot of posters making comparisons to Jasmine of last season, but I think Deonna is worse. 

    Iris and Keith really are a beautiful couple. Mr Island calls them Target models. I say why not something more high end? Like at least Macy's? He says because they are on this mess of a show. I can't argue with that. I don't know why 2 such beautimous people would trust those chucklehead "therapists" to match them. These "therapists" have had more seasons than they have had successful couples. Nine seasons but Six "successful" marriages, one of which is Shawniece and Jephte LOL! Nothing to brag about. 

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  6. I kinda wished they had stayed in the 80s for another season but I understand why they didn't. 

    Not looking forward to Blanca's disillusionment when the song Vogue doesn't make the impact she thought it would. Sadly, it would be another 20+ years before trans make real strides although there are baby steps along the way. However, I think RuPaul and his song "Supermodel" came out 2-3 years after Vogue. 

    Knowing this show, there is no way Angel's modeling career ends in anything other than failure and/or tradegy. I think transgender models really started getting work in the last few years.

    Interestingly, I just looked up "1st transgender model" and found that in the 1970s there was a black transgender model but she kept her gender a secret.  Her name is Tracey "Africa" Norman. In the mid-1970s, Norman was the face of Clairol's Born Beautiful hair color (No. 512, Dark Auburn). She had an exclusive contract with Avon. She did several photo shoots with Essence. She was a house model in Balenciaga's Paris showroom. She had also been born male, although almost no one knew her secret. When word did eventually get out, the work dried up.



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  7. Don't get me started with Sanford and Sons episodes. One of my fave shows of all time. 

    20 hours ago, byrd said:

    Great I'm so happy someone else noticed. Years ago I read a book by author Lawrence Graham called OUR KIND OF PEOPLE.  Gizelle's family seem to fit the bill in every way .  ( I wish Mr. Graham would turn this book into a movie ) If you haven't read it, it focuses on Debutant cotillions, million dollar homes, summers in Martha Vineyards memberships in the Links, Jack & Jill, Boule, Deltas and AKA's ..Obsession with the right schools, social clubs and skin complexion. The world of Black Upper Class.  It still exist today .  These Black people live in a world that is exclusively their own. 

    I remember when he was making the talkshow circuit. Very interesting stuff. Very apt analogy with this book and Gizelle's family. I did start wondering if Gizelle's family gave her flack for marrying a dark skin man. 

    Still can't find a lick of sympathy for Ashley. 


    I wish Ashley the best with her baby and marriage, however I just don't see Michael sticking through this. He does not strike me as someone who wants kids at this stage in his life. 

    You know post birth, we are headed straight for the Michael isn't a hands on father and I feel like a single mother bullshit. I ain't gonna wanna hear it. He been told you.

    I can't really stand Ashley but she has a great body (albeit she can appear a bit boxy at times) and great skin. Her tittays are sitting! 

    People go on and on about Robyn's looks but I think Monique is so freaking gorgeous and I think she is one of the prettiest housewives across all the franchises. Gorgeous, gorgeous glowing flawless skin, beautiful face and fit trim figure. Great legs too.  

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  8. This show is to tv what the Titantic movie is to film but without the sweeping romance. Taking an historical event that everyone knows the basic outcome of but presenting it in such a way as to convey the emotional impact of the disaster, which is no small feat giving all the complex science involved.

    Radiation really is an unpredictable bitch isn't it. The men that went into the plant to turn off the water in the 2nd and 3rd episodes lived and I think I read even the man at the plant who held open the door and get burned minutes after the blast lived but everyone on the bridge miles away died?!?! Crazy!

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  9. 3 hours ago, bichonblitz said:

    Shaun also pissed me off when she told Libby's sister that everyone felt sorry for Andrei because the family is so mean to him. Um, no Shaun. NOBODY feels sorry for lazy, asshole, short fused, know it all Andrei. Shaun is the worst! 

    I was in my living room like


    11 hours ago, Mr. Minor said:

    If Nicole wants to make some money. She should do a PPV of someone smacking that fucking smirk off of her face. I'd pay at least $19.99 to watch that.

    I'd (and I am sure others) who pay twice as much to participate


    1 hour ago, millennium said:

    "Do not terrorize me with your pregnancy!"

    The new "she's big a little bit"

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  10. Everything Coltee knows about sex was probably (definitely) learned watching the basest of porn where the women are seen as nothing but a collection of orifices at the pleasure and disposal of a man so I have no doubt sex with him is trauma personified and wholly unsatisfying. 

    I am starting to find Nicole segments distressing. First off, she traded one hovel for another. That trailer is the pits.  How many people live there? The only aspect that gives me comfort is that at least May has her uncle and aunt there too. May's situation is supposed to be improving not deteriorating. Nicole keeps sending money that should be spend on her daughter to some scamming weasel in North Africa.

    Like most things in life, Nicole's mom going looking for her, reminded me of a Simpsons episode. In particular, the episode where Homer briefly runs away and Marge goes looking for him and this exchange ensues

    Homer: But how did you find me?
    Marge: Well, I was sure you'd be on foot, because you always say public 
    transportation is for losers. And I was sure you'd head west, 
    because Springfield slopes down that way. And then, I saw the 
    lighthouse, and I remembered how you love blinking lights. Like 
    the one on the waffle iron.

    Andrei continues to not be shit! When Elizabeth comes home, Andrei asks her where she has been and she replies "Work" my immediate thought was of course, he is unfamiliar with that concept. I for sure had him pegged as the controlling asshole that he is but I at least thought he would move heaven and earth to provide for his family. How you gonna be misogynistic and about them gender roles and can't or refuse to play your position? he  wants to declare himself head of the household and man of the house, but won't put in the work (literally) to be that! 

    Anybody see that face he made when Elizabeth declared she wouldn't be working post-delivery. 

    I really wished they would stop asking Darcy and her sister to be on these aftershows.  They never add anything of substance to any conversation. NEVER! 

    Me during Russ/Pao and Jay/Ashley segments


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  11. Good episode. It was no NYC ladies in Miami but solid nonetheless.

    Embarrassingly, I've never been to a plantation or Black history museum but once many moons ago, while at Coney Island in NY, I happened upon a beach/ocean ceremony dedicated to slaves lost during the Middle Passage. I have a professed cold dead black heart and don't shed tears easily. I am more prone to feelings of intense anger when confronted by the vestiges of slavery but I tell you I cried ugly tears that day. I didn't expect to be moved as thoroughly as I was. 

    Speaking of vestiges of slavery, I had a bit of a lightbulb moment during the show when the tour guide mentioned that slave children weren't considered children once they turned 10 years of age. How interesting that so many times when a minor who happens to be black is either the victim of a crime or the perpetrator, the media is less likely to refer to them as just a child or ascribe any of their actions (right or wrong) as those of youthful indiscretions e.g. kids being kids. Also, once conviction, more likely to be charged as an adult. 

    SJW hat aside, back to throwing shade and being petty. 

    9 hours ago, Baltimore Betty said:

    Why is Robyn always late?

    Trying to get Juan to say "I love you" back. 

    Daddy Gizelle making light of Karen's finances during a slavery memorial tour diminished him NOT Karen. 

    Ashley needs to be dragged through bramble and brush and than have her wounds thoroughly salted. I just wished it was by someone a bit more effective than Candyass. I don't know why she was trying to invoke MD via DNA when Ashley's own words were more than enough to indict and convict. 

    I guess we are saving Michael offering oral Hoover-vac services until after he plays grab ass with a cameraman. Can't wait. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, Neurochick said:

    But the thing is, Luann isn't the only one who's delusional.  Both Sonja and Dorinda think they're all that when they're really a couple of sad drunks, and no one wants to call THEM on it.  Bethenny thinks she's all that but wants to put down Luann.  Really, what if someone said Bethenny is starting to look like one of those "faces of meth?"

    Worse has been said. Family Guy drags her for no other reason than to drag her.  The funny football headed baby Stewie compares Dr. Cecil Pritchfield's office to Bethany's therapist and notes that he hates her because she looks like an Eastern European wooden doll, although he backtracks a bit in admiring her business sense. He also compares his anxiety to Bethenny Frankel on her period and questions why he keeps bringing her up.

    In another episode, the characters are watching Extreme Makeover: Bethenny Frankel Edition in which the crowd shouts for the bus to be put back when Bethenny is shown.


    Back to the program, this was an insane hour of tv. I came prepared to find Lu the most abhorrent this episode and boy was I wrong. Don't get me wrong, she is self-centered and ridiculous but so are the women coming after her and I don't feel like she is wrong about Sonja after this episode. This shit was crazy jam packed and the epi flew by - the mark of a damn entertaining if somewhat infuriating hr of tv. 

    From now on Tej (to Me) is synonymous for FML e.g. Bernie Madoff stole all my savings, I am totally Tej'ed. That poor man. 

    Lu's body is on point. Did y'all see the definition on those arms and shoulders? Get it girl. Loving the longer hair on her too. 

    Beth's dinner dress - stunning. 

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  13. Can a person just walk in without a doctor's referral or prescription and just get a mammo? Not in my neck of the woods. Don't they need prior breast scans to compare the recent ones to? Wouldn't they need your records? 

    I had my first mammo last year and boy was that an emotional roller coaster. Got a 'script from my doc to go to some breast care center. Days later, I'm told they possibly see something but can't tell because I have dense breast tissue so I need another script to go to the premiere breast care hospital because they have more advanced equipment. Do that and they tell me I will need a biopsy because it looks "suspicious." They radiologist actually did come and talk to me the same day. 

    At this point, I am indeed freaking out. My friends and co-workers (one of whom is a survivor) was so freaking supportive. One even came with me the day of.  Two weeks later, I go for my Biopsy. So nervous! One weird thing that happened was that after the radiologists actually took me into their back office workspace, which literally looked like something out of a CIA blackops operation. Just dark, with tons of screens. She actually showed me the images of my extracted tissue and told me it looked fine. Of course, it would need to be looked at by a pathologist but it looked completely benign. THAT. WAS. OUT. OF. THE.ORDINARY. Even the nurse told me it was but I was so grateful. 3 days later I get the official call that everything was fine. PHEW!!

    Back to regularly scheduled programming.

    While her costume was the very definition of basic, Kyle looked great. Congrats to her for getting her body to a place where she feels more comfortable in her own skin and can be on screen in such revealing clothing. I remember in earlier seasons when she  refused to be seen on camera in a swimsuit and stayed in caftans and mumus because she felt fat. 

    11 hours ago, hoodooznoodooz said:

    EVERYthing gives you anxiety, Kyle.

    I don't fault her for her freak-out this episode but sometimes I am amazed by what doesn't give her anxiety. For instance, driving down the street with semis and trucks in that glorified golf cart with her precious daughter who still sleeps in bed with her and gets carried to breakfast. 

    I think I mentioned a few weeks ago, that I don't mind Rinna for the most part and the only time I avidly dislike her is in situations with Kim. Welp, I hate the bitch this week. 

    I feel dirty saying this but I liked PK's costume the most. Very original but how stupid to pay that much for a wig. Dorit mentioned they paid hundreds for it.

    Speaking of, WTF is Kyle doing paying $615 for playboy bunny costume (that Mauricio wound up destroying anyway) and like $40+ bucks for a white fluffy tail. Just dumb waste of money. 

    Denise lost points this episode trying to cape for Rinna when Rinna was in the wrong and she didn't even know what the shit was about. Rinna was the one bringing up old shit. Plus, I'm starting to think about that old saying: people who talk about sex too much probably aren't having it. 

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  14. 7 hours ago, MrsWitter said:

    In fairness to scrunchies (not Dorit- never Dorit), scrunchies are having a major revival. Even Vogue is chronicling the best designer scrunchies to purchase. I’m sure Dorit’s had some horrible designer logo on it that we couldn’t see.


    I rebuke this in the name of Chanel.

    Let's us bow our heads in a prayer to fashion. 


    Which art in Fendi

    Hallowed be thy Prada

    Thy Birkin bag

    Thy Burberry coat

    On Regent

    As it is in Harrods

    Give us this day our Visa Gold

    And forgive us this overdraft

    As we forgive those who cut our credit card

    Lead us not into Primark

    And deliver us from Selfridges

    For thine is the Chanel, the Marc Jacobs and Versace

    For Dolce & Gabbana


    1 hour ago, Gem 10 said:

    I can’t believe her telling the world about that prostate thingamajig she did with Kelsey.  She’s a real classy one, that Camille.  NOT !!!!!!!

    She also said she used a strap on dildo with Kelsey. She is airing that man's business out. 

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  15. 12 hours ago, breezy424 said:

    A true polygraph takes time to administer.  This took five minutes?

    I'm sure we didn't see the entire test, but where he lost me was when he stated that lie detectors were 100% accurate and totally prove she was telling the truth? Pregnancy tests and condoms aren't even 100% accurate but a lie detector test is? Girl bye. 

    LVP overplayed her hand with this stunt. 

    Camille was bringing the real estate porn and the scenic views. Her Hawaii home is stunning. STUNNING! I wanted to see more of it. The wedding ... STUNNING! 

    I didn't love her dress though. Maybe if it was a different lace but it just looked too heavy. 

    I think that was the most basic hotel the BH wives have ever stayed in. Great views and grounds but on the inside it was a typical Marriott - not that there is anything wrong with that. 

    Apart from the lie detector mess, I enjoyed this episode. 

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  16. 13 minutes ago, MaggieG said:

    I wasn't expecting the nudity scene so seeing the naked miners was a slight shock. I did have to laugh at the head miner saying "We're still wearing the hats!"

    Now I am thinking about that Joe Cocker song "You can Leave your hat on."

    I've started wondering how much clean-up and abatement cost the Russian government. Also, I wonder if they had to pay neighboring countries and their citizens damages. 

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  17. So glad I found this thread. I saw the first 2 episodes and I. AM. SHOOK.  This is the miniseries I never knew I even wanted or needed. I love everything about it. British accents don't even bother me. The inner binge-watcher in me does wish it was bingeable but I am learning to live with getting an episode at a time. It allows me to watch twice and really digest everything. 

    Not only is this show enthralling, well-written & acted and emotionally devastating but also it is quite educational. I admit that up until now, everything I knew about nuclear energy I learned from The Simpsons (don't judge me). 

    With that hair, I thought Stellan was playing Boris Yeltsin. There really is a resemblance. Just me?


    Jared Harris is a treasure. If you haven't watched The Terror, do yourself a favor and do so. 

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