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    S13.E20: Reunion Part 2

    Bingo!! Not only was Shannon uber popular her 1st season, so many people were disgusted at Heather and Tamra for trying to gaslight her. While Tamra was no stranger to audience anger and ire, especially in light of naked wasted, social media was starting to show its power Shannon's 1st season and boy did they let Tamballs and Heather have it. Watching this "friendship" explode/implode after 3 seasons, I'm sitting here like: A blowup was inevitable, the only question was when. Tamra is a friend to no one. Her 'friendship' with Shannon would've never happened outside the reality show format as I don't see Tamra having any patience or time for such a high strung sheltered person. It can be two things. Listening to Gina talk or should I say 'tauk' I am reminded of how Bethenny once described Jill's voice as like a foghorn. Its awful and one of the worst I ever heard and this is coming from a NY/NJ gal.
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    Season 6 Discussion

    Kalini? So the dress is what is making it all too real for you now? The dress? Not when you spread it low and wide and lost your "virginity" to Samoa's answer to Patrick Starfish (RIP Spongebob creator)? Not when you had your feet up in stirrups and was delivering the result of spreading it low and wide to Samoa's answer to Patrick Starfish? But the dress is? An item of clothing overrides your 1st sexual experience and childbirth? Welp, I guess Miranda Priestly would be proud. Speaking of, if we were to make a parody of that hit movie and call it The Devil Wears Bridal, the star would be Leida. Nothing else to say about that demonic she-beast besides wondering if she smells of sulphur. Eric just seems determined to create his own personal hellscape with her. Vying for Leida's demonic crown is Steven. Who would have guessed that the somewhat bratty slacker we saw in ep1 would have devolved into the abusive angry beast we now have before us? I wanted to rage when he said 'you don't know about the stuff happening inside me" or some such shit. I wanted to shake him and say that just a mere 2 weeks ago literally 1/4 of her insides were on the outside so that the docs could reach in with their hands and pull out a human being so STFU about your feelings bitch!! I mean it is not enough that she was "raised" in a Russian orphanage and has no family support, she has to deal with his bitchassedness while recovering from surgery and trying to bond with, nurse and care for her child. WTF is Steve wanting thanks for shit he is supposed to be doing?!? He is supposed to be taking care of and supporting Olga and his son. He is supposed to be going out and purchasing food and meds for Olga and his son. He is supposed to be cleaning and washing. All because Olga can't and newsflash, neither can the baby. Has he been generous with the thank yous? Has he thanked Olga for carrying his son to term, going through labor pains, getting cut from stem to stern to deliver the baby, nursing him, caring for him? Is his thank you card in the mail? The only soulmates on this show are Debbie and Coltie. They make a lovely incestuous codependent lesbian couple. Deb knows what the fuck she is doing. She threw out that living in a senior community shit and watched Coltie slowly panic. Anyone notice that with every living suggestion Coltie threw out there, his ideas kept moving Deb closer and closer to him? From in the same neighborhood, to down the block, to next door to suggesting buying a house i.e., back to living under the same roof with her. I'm glad the scene ended there, I am sure the next move would have him just where he wants - back to living in utero.
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    Season 6 Discussion

    There are diamonds being forged in the bowels of the earth that are experiencing less pressure than the buttons on Coltee's shirt.
  4. islandgal140

    Kenya Moore: Twirl! Twirl!

    Good luck to her with the haircare line, but really, her hair is genetic and unattainable via products if you don't have similar genes. Honestly, all haircare lines to this.
  5. islandgal140

    S11.E04: Pass the Peach, Throw the Shade

    For real, I really, really wish the ATL crew would put the titties away. I get that they want to flaunt what they paid good money for but come. Talking head - titties galore. Sometimes I feel like they are 3 heads per TH. The one on their shoulders (as hollow as it may be - looking at you Porsha) and their 2 titty heads. Than we have ridiculous titties in their actual scenes. Shamea's were ridiculous. Not only did they look big, they looked pendulous too. I'm surprised they didn't get caught in the car door. Or maybe they did and her nipples caused sparks as they grazed the asphalt. I'm tired of Cynthia's made up names. It may have been cute before, now it is just juvenile. 50cynt, Chill, Baileyque
  6. islandgal140

    Season 6 Discussion

    First let me get my biggest pet peeve about this show out of the way. I despise when these US morons act like they have 90 days to decide whether to marry. Bitch, you already decided to marry when you proposed and filled out that K1 application, which I wouldn't doubt contains an affidavit attesting to your intention to marry. They need to stop acting like this is some 90 day trial offer like some as seen on tv item. Use it and if you don't like it after 90 days - send it back for a full refund. This ain't an airfryer or pancake flipper. This is a human being. So many shit people this season, but there still manages to be that couple that pulls ahead of the crowd and be the king and queen of all Assholes. Enter Leida and Eric. I myself will now choose to think that Tasha purposefully trashed the apt because she wanted to make Leida feel at home. A trash person deserves trash surroundings. I really, really want to know what Eric sees in Leida. She is about as sexy as a box of kleenex, has the charm of a alligator and all the warmth of the iceberg that took out the Titanic. Can you imagine that cold ass bitch as a doctor? Is he a submissive? Is she a dominatrix? One thing you can say about Leida, she definitely ain't living up to the Asian women are subservient and docile stereotype. LOL! Eric really should've gone with door #2 and gone off to fight Isis. They would either have put him out of his misery or died laughing. Eric sitting in a puddle of his own sweat suggesting that his own daughter go live in a squalid rape emporium (i.e. week to week no tell motel) is just about the most vile thing I think I have ever seen aired on this show. Leida's hypocrisy and lack of self awareness is just astounding!!! She herself was a woman of damn near 30 living off her parent's largesse and didn't move out until she had a sucker lined up but a girl in her teens needs to be kicked out onto the streets post haste because it serves her purposes. The way she wants to know who pays what is disgusting because you can see her gears clicking in motion and trying to put Tasha out on a technicality. One thing this season has crystallized is that you need to vet your partner before you procreate with them. Surprise vacay babies are not a life goal. I wish Steven had gotten buck on the hospital staff that way he would've been literally cooling his heels in a Siberian gulag and letting poor Olga heal from her c-section and care for her newborn in peace. I feel so sorry for that poor girl. She literally has no one. She grew up not only as an orphan but as a Russian orphan in a Russian orphanage. She is absolutely right in that if Steven is this much of an a-hole over please and thank you what will he morph into when real issues arise? He is a little rage monkey that "doesn't like to be told what do to." LOL! Which is why he is a high school dropout, with no career, no prospects, kicked out by his mom and couch surfing at his poor grandparents home. Kalani thinks Asuleu acts like a 5 year old. Well guess what dummy? You had sex and procreated with a mental 5 year old - WTF does that make you? If she is that fearful and feel she can't ever leave him alone with his own child, maybe she should look into some parenting classes for him. Poor Oliver. Between all the Samoans coveting a whiteness they see in him and the larger white society seeing him as a person of color - he is in for it! Coltee is shaped like an XXL bowling pin. Color me surprised that the venue he showed Larissa seemed decent enough. The way he and mom sputtered over $50 per head head for a wedding reception, which is a great deal, I thought they were headed the drive thru window way. I remember this analogy from the Cosby show as it relates to the way Vanessa introduced Dabnis to her family and it is so fitting in this scenario. Fernanda mentioned how welcoming her family was as opposed to Jon, welp, that is because Fernanda didn't serve Jon on a trashcan lid. She introduced him properly. Jon did not. They had to learn about her through his facebook page. Say what you will about Fern but she seems kind, fun and mature beyond her years. Jon should've went to his mom and spoke to her one on one to hammer out their issues before having all three of them sit down. Ashley if trust is important to you, than a 20 year old Caprisun drinking young man who is a self admitted player with a dad he admires who happens to have a nickname based on all the pussy he gets may not be the best choice in a mate.
  7. islandgal140

    S11.E03: A New Edition

    He can definitely be a proponent of early screening through colonoscopy. He is definitely a test case of what not to do. I read an article and Nene said that he had pain in his lower abdomen for years - maybe decades - and outright refused to see a doctor as Nene insisted. I guess it finally reached critical mass and caused him so much pain that he had to go to the ER. He is/was afraid of doctors. I find it so interesting how people won't go to doctors because they fear being told they are ill, but seriously, going regularly, undergoing testing and following advice can lead to early detection. Early detection can lead to a higher survival rate as they may catch it at an earlier stage. Happened to my aunt. Caught her breast cancer at Stage 0. She had it surgically removed and had radiation as a precaution. I don't think Nene has much of a nurturing personality. The only members of New Edition I have known by name and sight are Bobby Brown and Ralph Tresvant. The others were just the rest, however, I always referred to Ron as the E.T. looking one. Sorry not sorry. LOL! Shamari is a bit too extra for me. Not impressed with the Dennis tea if the extent of it is that he dates (i.e. has a body count) and has a particular MO. I don't know how big or small ATL is but I expect if you date within a certain pool or type, you wind up dating people that intersect one way or another. If that is all there is he makes Kandi's former deceased fiance (RIP) look like a vestal virgin. Porsha really needs to cool her tits and I mean that in every way imaginable.
  8. islandgal140

    S13.E18: Femme Finale

    This alleged Finale was not even worthy of the word. What I wouldn't have given for a little cake bow or sofa drama. Emily is a shitty person. Gina's soon to be ex needs to receive the 2018 Pimp of the Year Award. Move to another city and not have your wife know you address? Make your wife think the divorce is amicable? Still getting the vagine post separation? Dude, come get this here pimp cup!! Femme Fatale?!? OC ladies that doesn't mean what you think it means. How can the hostess/lawyer/party planner not know what that means? Seriously, such an opportunity to bring old school holiday glam and they go and set the makeup gun and wardrobe to whore. Plus, I don't think it is a bad theme for a party? But a mother's day party? When 90% of these chicks think femme fatale = dominatrix hooker? Vicki's face reminds me of the mask Ryan Gosling wore in the movie Drive. It is like her face is covered by a latex mask that sits 3 inches off her face and was then laminated with the laminator set to high shine. That because the mother-in-law has satchels of gold. I've said it before and I will say it again Tamra reminds of Killface.
  9. islandgal140

    Season 6 Discussion

    With Eric fighting Isis, we would all be living under Sharia Law and speaking Arabic. Her parents were basically like: I do think she is strikingly pretty. I admire her makeup skills but I think she was shown once or twice with minimal makeup and she still looked pretty. I see what you mean about the heavy jaw though. I think she might be one of those types that doesn't age well. She might get more bulldoggy and square shaped as she ages, has kids, whatever, but perhaps that can be avoided with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I don't dislike Fernanda or Jon but I really find their segments the least interesting. Can't seem to find a fuck to give with a 30+ yr old man complaining that his 18 yr old fiancee is immature. Bitch please.
  10. islandgal140

    Season 6 Discussion

    Thank goodness Larissa didn't express a fear of spiders. Coltie likely would have lowered her into a pit of tarantulas to propose. Eric is dusty. I look at him and think .... oh so that is Pigpen all grown up. Both him and Leida ain't shit. My hate for them runs deep and wide. Leida is a mean, spiteful bitch and Eric is an ain't shit man to put his new tootsie roll before his family. Oh, so Leida thinks Tasha is grown and should be on her own at 18-19 but she herself is damn near 30 yr old has been living under her parents roof, rent free (unlike Tasha) for years. She can miss me with her bullshit. It is funny how Leida can throw her cultural norms in the trash when it suits her (e.g. a daughter living with parents until marriage). We have seen everyone comfort, show affection or have meaningful interaction with Alessandro but Leida. What a difference a week makes. Steven was so rootable and likeable last week but damn did it go to shit when he started acting like an asshole to a woman that had just days before been cut from stem to stern and had a lil human (his son) pulled out of her. Dick!!
  11. islandgal140

    S06.E08: Chapter 73

    I love that you brought up Michael Scott from The Office. I thought of him too but in a different context. I was thinking that this season might as well have been penned by him a la Threat Level Midnight and it probably would have been more cohesive and entertaining. This show should have ended 2 seasons ago. Doug - for someone who has been at the foot of the master for decades, he is/was shit at this. Nothing he did made any sense. Why the hell did he give Clair the list of the people who wanted her dead? Clair basically hasn't been shown to have any real powerful allies so I don't even know how she is getting away with a quarter of the shit she is. She meets some dude in the shadowy stairwell and I have no idea who he is. I have come to the conclusion that Clair or maybe even the series itself is the embodiment of that riddle to test whether a person is a psychopath: While at her own mother's funeral, a woman meets a guy she doesn't know. She thinks this guy is amazing — her dream man — and is pretty sure he could be the love of her life. However, she never asked for his name or number and afterwards could not find anyone who knows who he was. A few days later the girl kills her own sister. Question: Why did she do it? And the answer is… The girl kills her sister in the hopes that the guy will come to the funeral and she can see him again. If ever there was a series on Netflix that was mutton dressed up as lamb it is this damn show. Absolute dreck! I rarely use the Netflix rating season but I damn near broke my thumb and my remote pressing the thumbs down icon. There were some many times this season that I wanted to just stop watching. The key ones are when I started semi-rooting for Stamper, when the reporter was shot at point blank range in the back of the head and Clair's pregnancy. But, I was so close to the end and the show used to be so good that I foolishly kept watching. Stupid me! This was just complete nonsense. What incensed me the most was after this stunt and firing her entire cabinet for daring to say she is incompetent, some idiot in a meeting claims she has an insanely high approval rating. Something like 70-80%. Are you freaking kidding me? I don't dislike Robyn Wright but the way she portrays Clair's character, nothing about her would make me believe that she would be embraced or like by the majority of the US population. Backroom power broker? Sure. But not as a viable presidential candidate. So I guess Clair won and some poor human will have her as a mother.
  12. islandgal140

    S13.E16: Twin Tweaks

    This, but also consider that David has most definitely fed Eddie his side of the story - presumably Shannon is a high strung, poor little rich girl, sheltered nutjob who has never held down a job in her life, can't deal with the day to day shit of mere mortals, manic and needy. If even a fraction of what Tamra is saying is true Shannon, unfortunately, is re-enforcing many of the things that David has told him. Wait, is Ryan still living with Tamra and Eddie? I must of missed that. I thought she brought him and his IG g/f a house?
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    Spoilers And Shockers

    Kinda over here cackling but this just proved how stupid Abigail was to turn around and marry Stefan when it could have been enough to just divorce Chad and leave well enough alone. LOL! She presented her news so smugly and with confidence and wound up with the very result she was trying to avoid.
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    S13.E16: Twin Tweaks

    Still it doesn't jive with their divorce is friendly, she and Matt are best friends, even have sex on occasion and still love each narrative. What was odd was in the Vicki/Steve poolside scene you have Steve complaining about the heat and gnats and the next scene we have Tamra and Eddie in parkas outside complaining about the cold.
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    S13.E16: Twin Tweaks

    Dang, I got caught up watching the latest House of Cards (sans Spacey) on Netflix and plum forget about this. I did watch about 20 minutes of it before work though. But I still want to comment: - Of course, as soon as he hits 18 Spencer is on the show with his mom. Of course. Just confirms that it was Simon being the smart adult and not giving permission for him to appear. - I admit that I haven't seen the Shannon/Gina/Tamra scenes play out yet but Tamra has been a shit stirrer for years and I will be elated if she finally gets hoisted by her own petard. She is the resident OC bone carrier. Since she premiered, her job has been to run back and tell whoever that xyz has been talking shit and her excuse almost always is that she wants to clear the air and makes things right. Welcome to Front Street bitch - I've been waiting! - Don't like Gina, but if she can give Tamra a taste of her own medicine, as far as I am concerned, she can stay. - Sorry for Emily's lose. I think a lot of her shit stems from her mom, who was completely unemotional and unnuturing with her. She has been so busy trying to be the mom she never had to her kids, that she doesn't realize that she went and married her mom. Shane makes a dead snake look warm.
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    S11.E1: To Love and to Cherish

    She does. Congrats to her glow up and weight loss. I swear though I feel like she has been 15 since the show started. I don't want to shade her but please for the love of gawd, didn't Kandi gift her some ridiculously expensive vehicle for her birthday. Porshe SUV? Than why have the poor child walking around in a synethic looking wig with no parting space or edges? Didn't miss Kenya. When it comes to modeling Eva hunty, you are the Avon to Cynthia's Estee Lauder; the JCPennys circular to her Vogue; the Jovan Musk to her Chanel No. 5. I was entertained by Porshe's segments. I love ridiculous ring shopping and the giddiness of new low. Engaged after 5 months though? Does not bode well. I could really do without the booty shaking. Porshe's cakes are sheetcakes that have overflowed the pan. Poor Greg. I hope he beats this. I also hope it make others get colon cancer screenings. Colonoscopies such (especially the prep) but there are so lifesaving. I get one every 5 years. Been trying to make my bro go but it is like pulling teeth.
  17. islandgal140

    Kenya Moore: Twirl! Twirl!

    Nice to hear mother and baby are doing well. But yeah, I am over her and her situation. I think Kenya did herself wrong. She wants to keep her marriage and her man off-screen, fine, she can take her entire life off screen. Leave it to those who want to play ball like Porshe.
  18. islandgal140

    Season 6 Discussion

    Plot twist. Mother practices the dark arts and those snow people are former fiancees who tried to supplant her. No one can replace Mother! I really like Asuelu but as a potential sexual partner?!?! Nope. nope. nope. He kinda has the voice of a sweet, simple cartoon character. Oh gawd, I really hope he isn't a talker during sex.
  19. islandgal140

    Season 6 Discussion

    I was so disturbed by the conversation between Jay and his daddy that I actually want to petition the US Government to issue the following travel advisory for Jamaica: Exercise increased caution in Jamaica due to fuckbois. Some areas have increased risk such as resort hotels, local bars, nightclubs, and casinos. Keep your hearts and legs closed to anyone going by the nickname Skins, Skinz or Gyalis (or any variation thereof). Don't get me wrong Larissa is still leagues above what Colt would or should be able to pull anywhere in the world but I can't say I find her facially beautiful. Great figure, decent hair (if a bit too dark) but an okay face. I got admit the Larissa/Colt/Mother scenes are so ridiculously awkward and surreal that they almost come off as a SNL sketch to me. I find myself thinking that Larissa is John Leguizamo and half anticipating he is about to snatch off his wig at any moment. I think Larissa/Colt/Mother were all different kinds of terrible. I do cut Larissa a bit of slack since she did just get off a 20 hr flight from Brazil to LV to be greeted by an empty handed fiance and driven in an Instapot pressure cooker of a car thru the barren wasteland that its non-strip LV. However, my instincts are telling me that Larissa is gonna be a real pill. I do hope Larissa/Colt/Mother scenes were filmed around Christmas, otherwise, the snowmen in the corner seem even more creepy and out of place. I'm dying to know if Eric drives right past all the wonderous sights and attractions in NYC str8 to the PA Cabin in the Woods, and yes I mean the acclaimed horror movie.
  20. islandgal140

    Season 6 Discussion

    Eric doesn't think his future-in-laws are aware of his "Spartan Life." I bet as soon as he tries to split a cheesesteak 7 ways, they might get a clue. I've come to the conclusion that I don't like Leida. Jay's dad has about the most disgusting nickname I think I have ever heard. Skinz because he gets tons of pussy, and no that doesn't mean Colt's cat Baby Girl, who I know has far too a discerning palate to lower herself with Skinz. Jay experiencing cold weather for the first time was funny. The best comparison I read of Asuleu was that he was essentially ELF - but Samoan. There is not a scintilla of guile or deceitfulness about Asuleu. I really hate that Kalani sits there like a big pile of hair and doesn't try to defend or stand up for him. She really is like Chantel. She feeds her family all this shit about him and sits back and acts like a put upon victim stuck in the middle when she put herself and Asuleu in that position to begin with.
  21. islandgal140

    Unpopular Opinions

    Amen! My UO, I'm thrilled and respect that James Scott stayed true to his word and refused to return to Days. Not that I hate the actor or anything but I hate all the zealotry the Ejami couple inspired. If I had to go through another pointless round of debate of whether it was or wasn't rape, I would vomit violently. Plus, I think JS was not so secretly sticking it to Ken Corday, which I wholeheartedly endorse. Hindsight is 20/20 but Leo was the best part of the dude quadrangle that was Leo/Sonny/Paul/Will so I am looking forward to his weasly AARP-youthful return. I don't like Hope but I am behind her 100% when it comes to Ben and Ciara. What mother wants her only daughter with a serial killer who has to be on meds the rest of his life to keep away the crazy? Not rooting for that couple at all. I only like Ben when he is crazy and giving Abigail the business. Otherwise, go away. Deidre is not a great actress. Her portrayal of Hattie is forced and stilted to me but she seems to be having so much fun that I can't help but like her. Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) should be the lead actress of Days but she is hemmed up by the comings and goings of Stephen Nichols. Days refuses to her give a life beyond being Steve's soulmate, yet Steve has been allowed to have other love interests and even a break baby with crazy. Unfair. Not to body shame, but Tripp does not ever need to be shirtless on this show ever again. I am supposed to GAF about Rex and Mimi? Because I don't. Not even a little. Lani is useless and should have never been brought back. I wish the show would look into bringing on Victoria Rowell or something. I hate the Dr. Rolf death be gone formula story. It makes death a nonfactor on Days. I rolled my eyes so long and strong during the Nicole discovers doors with initials sequence that they almost tumbled onto the floor. Just stop!
  22. Years, maybe decades ago, A list actor Michael Caine came out with a book about acting and he also did a 6 part acting workshop that aired on the BCC and I believe was later sold as VHS tapes . His main advice? Don't blink. I think Nadia might have taken that advice too seriously. True fax. Divorcing Chad in a day or less I still would have thought as dumb and impossible but okay, I can suspend disbelief for s/l purposes and it at least achieves her goal of not being committed but than marrying her rapist Stefan? Makes me ragey. I feel like they are insulting my intelligence and senses. What point could that possibly serve to escape being committed and than turn around and marry the dude who actually wants you to be insane? What is to stop Stefan, her husband, from committing her to a shifty facility with a shifty doctor who plans to trigger her DID? She is the queen of morons!! The very definition of from the pot to the frying pan. Stefan's face is gonna be extra punchable the next few weeks as he goes around smugly flashing that ring. Hate!!!
  23. I've been watching the show and liking with some exceptions (of course). One overall thing I have been liking is the characters actually remembering and calling out past crimes and other crap a particular character has done. I hate when it seems like everyone has the memory of a goldfish. Also, liking some characters pointing out the ridiculouslessness of a given situation, like Kate saying that Bonnie is past child bearing years. - I am liking the Gabi gaslights Ab story. As most have said Ab deserves it. Admittedly, I strongly prefer Marci to KM's Abby. With KM currently not playing Abby, I need daily constant reminders of how truly terrible the character was, with an over inflated sense of self-worth and oozing smugness. Abby actually figuring it out and looking all the more crazy for it is an interesting twist. My biggest complaint about the story is Stefan related. I hate his rapist ass and I hate that people keep telling him shit about Abby when they don't have to - looking at you Abby and Jen. I despise when Abby runs to him. He is no better than Gabi as he really is actively hoping for a relapse so I don't know why she would share the same air with him let alone details. Also, not really loving Gaby wanting Chad and raising Thomas although I wasn't surprised it headed that way. - Dr. Rolf's Death Be Gone elixir story is better than I thought it would be. AV betta not be Ava V. That is a character no one asked for to begin with or wants a return of. How dumb do they have to be to even use initials? - Not a Sami fan, actually grew to hate Ejami, but I am rooting for the mystery patient to be EJ just so that she can shut her yap about it. - I've been dreaming and longing for Xander and Nicole union since he was first introduced. Them being together off screen via blackmail lets me know that the Monkey Paw theory of Days, much espoused on the old TWOP, is very much alive and well. The most obvious moral lesson in "The Monkey's Paw" is to be careful what you wish for: The paw's wishes always come true, but apparently only in a cruel manner in which you never hoped or intended. They have such great chem and they so thoroughly shat on it with this story. I don't even know why a young hottie like Xander would even need to blackmail Nicole into a loveless, sexless marriage. It is not like she is rich or is a captain of industry or something. What is the point of that besides a bad plot point? - Stacy H is doing a phenomenal job as Kristin/Susan recast and I would be on board to make it permanent. - I absolutely hated the Bonnie is Lucas' baby mama s/l, but this latest twist makes it slightly better. - I only started watching Days after Mimi left so I am completely unfamiliar with her. I had no idea if I was watching an old woman trying to look young or a young woman who just went too far with botox, lip plumbing and plastic surgery. - I really don't care about Tripp/Ciara/Ben and Claire. I was all for Ben returning but I can't say I root for a serial killer as a love interest for Ciara. Nope. - FF Sonny/Paul/Will. Do feel sorry for Paul being the meat in that asshole sandwich. - Chloe's looks stunning with the new haircut. Stunning. Wasn't sure of it at first but I think it was curled in a weird way, but now that is a straight bob and so sleek - Gorgeous!!! - Is there a reason there are making the Tripp character walk around shirtless? - Are we headed towards Abe and Sheila union? Half the time, Kate looks like she gets her clothes from Prince estate sales.
  24. islandgal140

    S07.E17: I Still Do?

    To too many darker hued women it may feel like a universal preference. I really don't mean to make light of this (pun intended) but it is real out there. Even the pastor Cal has come out and say this has been an issue and why we don't see more black couple matches on the show. Just a few years ago it was the in thing on social media to bash and make dark women feel bad about themselves. There was actual a campaign on twitter entitled "ruin a black/dark woman's day." On French twitter, they had an 'everything about me is black but my girlfriend' topic trending. WTF?!! Recently, a few lower level celebs have been called out on doing this in their younger days. And these celebs were either black men themselves or lighter hued black/biracial women. Their excuse? It was years ago, they were young. I guess shitting on the self-esteem of darker women is a rite of passage. Not for nothing but if I had to count on the # of men who I have actually heard and seen seek and prefer the darkest women to put food on my table, I would have starved to death long ago. Is it hopeless? No. I am heartened by the melanin popping and natural movements. Black Panther didn't hurt either.
  25. islandgal140

    S13.E14: Blow Up

    Can we please stop calling whatever the hell Vicki was doing twerking? That was more like a lower body spasm.