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  1. Insomnia

    S03.E08: Chapter Forty-Three: Outbreak

    I'm wondering if the show is a prequel of sorts for the comic book.
  2. Insomnia

    S07.E05: Eastwatch

    But if that' the case he can't be King in the North, and killed for being a deserter. The vows only go to death. His watch has ended.
  3. Insomnia

    S07.E05: Eastwatch

    Dany is a woman. Targaryen rule has always been patriarchal. The one time there was a female heir a whole lotta dragons died.
  4. Insomnia

    S07.E05: Eastwatch

    Except burning to death at the stake is probably a lot worse than being burned to death by dragon fire. When you're burned to death at the stake, all the hot fumes and smoke end up killing you before the fire does and you are incredible pain. That's why Shireen and Mance were both screaming as it happened, it takes a long time. Dragon breath is hot enough to melt stone - that's what happened to Harenhal. They were alive for seconds before they were ash. Beheading by sword isn't exactly better either - look at Theon hacking over and over again when he tried it. And hanging? Sometimes the neck doesn't quite break and you can dangle there for hours before you actual die. Dragon fire seems to be one of the more humane ways to kill your enemies. Gruesome, sure, but war isn't exactly gentle.
  5. Insomnia

    S07.E03: The Queen's Justice

    My fanwank for that is that that Bran can see blood relatives without a tree - that's how he was able to see Winterfell in the past as it wasn't right next to the tree either.
  6. And now he's starting a film studio.
  7. Insomnia

    S02.E01: Welcome Back

    I really didn't like how creepy and obsessive Steve was last year, but to be fair to Steve this year, he didn't pick out CJ, Matt picked her out for him. They found each other girlfriends. So on one hand, Matt is the best wingman ever and really knows his friend's tastes, on the other hand he's pawning off a discount DJ on to his rival, so he can go for the real thing.
  8. Insomnia

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    Tyrion Demands a Trial by Dance - Game of Thrones - Alternative ending
  9. Insomnia

    S06.E09: Battle Of The Bastards

    Forget coming back to life, tonight we just watched the rebirth of Jon when he was climbing out of that pile of bodies. Also while not exactly a star shape those burning flayed bodies were there, salt and smoke from the battle, and Jon's sword was very bright red from all the blood when he was approaching Ramsey, not al dark and dirty blood like... everywhere else.
  10. Insomnia

    S05.E06: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

    I call bullshit on Littlefinger not having a clue what Ramsey is like. Their sigil that they chose to present to the world is a flayed man. Sure, this is a world where people lob off other people's heads and stick them on spikes, but no one else chose a beheaded man on a pike as a sigil. You have animals, and flowers, and fish, and a flayed man. That stands out. There were flayed people when they arrived at Winterfell on display. Do you really need to know about Ramsey's hunts at this point to know you are dealing with a family of sick fucks? Even if he doesn't know anything about the son, he knows something about the father. It's not like they hire people to flay for them, and then put it on their banners. "I haven't heard anything about him really, but he removes all the skin off a person while they are still alive? I bet once you get to know him he's very cuddlesome. I'm sure the people he's flayed were very bad people and they deserved. I'm sure he completely regrets having to do it as well." Please. Anyone who knows what the banner of House Bolton is knows what kind of people they are. Even if you use Ramsey as being recently legitimized as an excuse, this show has gone out of it's way to point out family traits. Flaying is the Bolton thing.
  11. Are we really spoilering things from the game trailer of a game that's now out on all of the operating systems it's going to be on? Seems a bit excessive to me. I'll see myself out of this thread.
  12. Right, as far as he knows that's what happened; he doesn't know that Gared and his father talked after he left. Britt assumed (as did Gared) that the father was dead. ...And Britt is a dick. Gared gets there, sees his father, they fight, whomever leaves leaves, Gared's father tell Gared about his sister and dies. Having a heart to heart with enemies still standing around. So it's continually correct so far as Britt knows.
  13. No, when he glances over there, he knows she is dead. Gared says a few times "He killed my family." not that he killed his father. Plus Britt is an asshole so even if it wasn't true, he'd probably brag about it.
  14. It's only Episode 3. I'm hoping things will pick up before the end. But yeah, I really don't know who is more miserable; the Starks or the Forresters at this point. Right now the saying shouldn't be "Nice guys finish last" but "Nice guys finish so far back they loop around to the front, except they still don't win." It's just been an endless parade of misery. I've decided to be bad with Mira, and damn the consequences!