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  1. KoBnR

    Roseanne: Domestic Goddess of All Media

    Huh? How? Because of a couple jokes she made? We’re all human. You could tell she was watching every word she said. The jokes (which I thought were funny) were clearly made out of anxiety.
  2. KoBnR

    Roseanne: Domestic Goddess of All Media

    Article and Interview with Mo'nique supporting her sister comedian Roseanne Barr. Good for her! She needs the support. #BringBackRoseanne Article about Mo'nique supporting Roseanne Video Interview With Mo'nique
  3. KoBnR

    Roseanne: Domestic Goddess of All Media

    I actually don’t see anything wrong with those videos. You guys really reach. Don’t you? I’ve been around WAY worse growing up. She could be tired. Maybe hungry. Maybe had some alcohol. Who cares. She’s human. If she does this right, she’ll be fine. ?
  4. KoBnR

    Roseanne Barr/Roseanne Conner

    I’m going to laugh when Roseanne returns to “Roseanne” Or The Conners. And this whole thing was a publicity stunt. Perhaps even ABC involved.
  5. KoBnR

    Roseanne: Aftermath

    Just wanted to say I completely agree and understand.
  6. KoBnR

    The Conners

    Whatever they do, it can easily be undone. As it was for Dan. So I’m not worried. If The Connors end up being pretty successful, I can see Roseanne getting back on the show... eventually. We shall see.
  7. KoBnR

    Roseanne: Aftermath

    Agreed. While I don't condone what Roseanne said... it was technically free speech. I honestly don't think the show should have ended over this. Just seems too bizarre. Like the media used the opportunity to use Roseanne as a patsy for whatever reason. Just like Kathy Griffin. Hopefully it will die down and someone will pick the show up after realizing it's nothing Without Roseanne.
  8. KoBnR

    Roseanne: Aftermath

    I have a couple theories. We all know this was intentional. But I was thinking how on and off her acting was during the run. Like scenes she felt like old Roseanne in her element and some scenes... she looked lost or reading her lines. Or totally not interested in the line itself. It's strange. But then I think okay, she really hasn't done much since the first run of the series so it may take a season to warm up. I can understand. So I wonder if maybe she just didn't like the final result. So she did this to get out of the contract to further embarrass herself and the character she plays. I could go speculate why she does a 360 on her acting but that's another topic. Another theory is perhaps ABC restricted them too much? Money maybe? Directing? Scripts? Writing? Etc. Maybe upon knowing how successful the show can be, did this to get out of the contract, so she could go to Netflix or Hulu. For more freedom? I'm not sure. But if Roseanne continues on without "Roseanne" or if they go ahead with "Darlene", I'll feel it was because she just couldn't handle it and didn't like the final result. I know everyone says the woman is crazy but if anyone follows her, she's smart. She knows exactly what she's doing when she's doing it. Maybe not 100% of the time but a good freaken chunk. So I do wonder if this whole thing is just a publicity stunt of some kind of just a way to get out of the contract with ABC.
  9. KoBnR

    S08.E16: I Was Feeling Epic

    Rushed but for the most part, satisfying I guess. Some Charmed/LOST vibes going on the end there. Kind of predictable. And disappointed we didn't get to see Elena and Jeremy reunite. But other than that, the 2nd half was not bad. It was nice to see everyone come back even though it was short and sweet.
  10. KoBnR

    S05.E09: If Tomorrow Never Comes

    I haven't watched Nashville since season 3. But I tuned in to see what happens to Rayna and whether or not I'd jump back in to see where it goes. This episode hit Really close to home. My mother was involved in a car collision. Shattered pelvic bone and broken back. We didn't know this at the time of finding out. We were told she was hit and awake and okay. That she was talking and fine. That she was in the ER waiting. So we decided not to go to the hospital at that moment. Which later, I do regret doing. Because maybe we would have been able to say goodbye... What if! But in the moment, the shock and news really just messes with your head and your decision making process. An hour later, she was in critical condition and bleeding. And they couldn't stop it. My grandmother had to call it. So for me, I was crying like a baby during this. And from my point of view, I thought it was close to authentic. Guess what? People deal with things differently. It's not a black and white situation. People react differently to these types of situations. Sometimes it doesn't make sense. Sometimes it's the wrong choice but a choice nonetheless and no one should be ridiculed or judged for it. We can't predict how things are going to play out. In the end, all of them were there to see her last moment.
  11. KoBnR


    Episode 3 did just that in my opinion. The strongest episode so far. I'm really enjoying the show. I hope it sticks around. Timeless and Frequency lost me. Travelers and Westworld grabbed me. Great shows with great potential. Loved tonight's episode. Glad one of them wants to save some of the lives. And great cliff-hanger.
  12. KoBnR

    Wrecked Season 1 All Episode Discussion

    That was explained later in the series.
  13. KoBnR

    S02.E05: We Voted Not to Space You

    I feel the same. It just feels too abrupt. That's either horrible writing (yes, I know... but!) or they don't plan to give him a truly emotional death because he's not actually dead.
  14. KoBnR

    S04.E01: The Collapse Of Nature

    You're thinking like a writer IMO. I am also open to this idea. It seems really plausible. Regardless, I find it fishy they focused on Beth so much this episode that I can only think that she is indeed alive and we will see her at some point.
  15. KoBnR

    S03.E19: The Show

    It's not incest. At - All. I don't understand the hate for these two characters. They met at 16. They were attracted to one another off the bat. It happens. Nothing wrong with the situation besides being adopted and all that. Like someone above me said, it would be incest-ish and weird if it were Brandon and Mariana. But Brandon and Callie? Understandable.