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  1. They don't have a mortgage- Randall has said before that he paid for the house in cash. When he and Beth were 25. I guess they both landed huge paying jobs straight from grad school. Which makes all of their fighting so much more dumb and selfish on behalf of both of them.
  2. I felt like Chrissy Metz looked a little smaller in the wedding scene? Like maybe they filmed this kind of recently and she has lost some noticeable weight? She looked really pretty, regardless.
  3. Gina didn't even come to their wedding! Too busy with her new job as "Fox TV skating correspondent". Sigh. This show was written by pre-teens.
  4. Yes, yes a thousand times yes. The older girls are like 12 and 13. This is the age that kids start babysitting other people's kids. The girls could step it up at home to help their mom be able to teach a few nights a week, presumably at a dance studio that is closer to their home than Philadelphia. Perhaps they would need someone to pick them up from school if it is a transportation issue. But once they get home- they can chill out until their mom gets home from dance class. It's not like Beth teaches until midnight or whatever. Most working families in America have to figure this shit out, an
  5. So we are saying John Martin fathered 2 babies within a few years with a set of sisters. Yet, the children look absolutely nothing alike, and for some reason Gina is half Mexican? And she has been hanging out with the Martins without Donna this whole time? This is exactly where this show stopped giving a shit about anything.
  6. Lexi was awesome on Melrose, and I am a MAJOR fan of Jack Wagner. His album of songs he sung on General Hospital with that band he was in with John Stamos was the first record I bought with my own money and I always tell that story when that subject somes up. I could easily lie and say I bought literally anything else but I have committed to the truth on that. I very much look forward to when Melrose hits its stride- roughly when Amanda shows up and Michael Mancini is allowed to be a bad guy. He was a terrific villain. The season 2 finale is the finest season finale of any program in the Spel
  7. This is exactly what is going to happen. They did that trope on Nashville too. Deacon needed a liver, and his horrible abusive estranged sister gave him some of hers, redeeming herself, then she died. Classic.
  8. Well and don't forget that Dylan also has a secret half sister he did not know about until her mother conned him. Dylan would have a lot of advice to give about secret half-sisters, but it seems it is such a common thing with this group that maybe it is NBD.
  9. Vanessa Marcil is 50 years old! Get it girl! BAG is only 45.
  10. Could have been good to team Val and Gina up before Val left. They would have fought over Dylan though, unfortch. He has that effect on women.
  11. It's similar to how lawyers on this show make deals based on their "word". In addition to deals being airtight based on the word of a couple of lawyers, payments to said lawyers may be made in brunch.
  12. Yuck I hate Donna's nails so much. Those are also bad as a pedicure, in case anyone is wondering.
  13. "Wherever you subconscious takes you is your problem." Gina has been taking gaslighting lessons from Dylan. I am kind of impressed?
  14. Don't they only know Matt because he was dating Kelly? Why would they throw a brunch for him and his secret wife? And why would Dylan and Gina be there? They are barely dating and neither of them live there. It would make more sense for Kelly to be there than them. She is actually the only person that gives a shit about any of this, even if her feelings are that she doesn't like it. And so weird for Matt to be all lovey dovey in front of people he only knows because they are friends with the girl he is kind of dating except not because his secret wife is back for the time being. In real life,
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