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  1. Thank you! Weave/lacefront edges were showing on the stair climber! You have to blend! Leave out just a little so you can wear your hair back and have a natural part. Nothing gives it away more than edges and parts... If she just toned it down on the makeup, clothes, fillers, and got a face-flattering cut--maybe a longer choppy layered sideswept bob--she'd be cute. She could still be edgy. She's trying to be too Demi. Antonio wasn't doing it for me, it's not the extra layer of pudge, I think that's cute but Antonio Banderas or Javier, he is not. Are there no dermatologists
  2. So much this! There was that thing a few years ago that Snopes debunked about buying bras without washing them and then a superimposed lotus on a breast. Grossed me out for months! Getting itchy thinking about it... I don't know if I can do a whole season of that. Plus the "is she or isn't she really crazy" part. Clowns don't bother me either except when they are killing people. It would be interesting if this episode was the only one that showed any election footage. (That's not political commentary, just commentary on the show.)
  3. She must have stepped off her rainbow...maybe the meaning is lost to her. She seems to think a vasectomy means chopping off one's balls.
  4. On a serious note, I hate that poverty/circumstances forces these girls (I guess boys too thinking about the girl who went to Morocco last year) and their families into thinking this should be an option and that these men are somehow worthy of their children. Larry is definitely the male version of Danielle. Is there an IQ test? If not, maybe there should be. Jorge might have passed but I think it would've stopped Danielle and now Larry.
  5. Boxing kid reminds me too much of Nick Cannon. It takes me out of the story, which, as everyone pointed out already, isn't that great. A Mickey/Darrel spinoff with Mickey as The Bumbling Cleaner could be fun.
  6. Yes, a plan or timeline for when the baby comes-only Jeff...If all is well, babies come when they come.
  7. Wait, what? Had no idea about Terry's brother being the lead singer for Quiet Riot...
  8. I concur, Jenelle is a piece of shit.
  9. Brandi squinting in the heavy eye makeup when she and Stephanie were making up made her look like one of the vampires in Lost Boys
  10. Word! Shannon could still support David...I'd sit on the sidelines with my hot dog and popcorn.
  11. The Leonard guy was batty as Hell. The rapper could pretty much explain all the things that made him look bad--picture of Leonard's kid's room was an image he got off Google Earth when the cops, who were so tired of Leonard's BS just gave the rapper guy Leonard's address so he could fill out his restraining order against Leonard, for example. Leonard said he had texts of threats that he sent the producer, but the producer came out with a binder of all their correspondence and no texts. Rap guy did threaten Leonard, but I think anyone would out of frustration at that point. They ended
  12. I need the Biscuit show in my life. To hell with the rest of these bitches, especially the dumb smart one, or smart dumb one? Legally Blonde is a movie, not a lifestyle.
  13. Because he wanted something more substantial like those fake pictures of an attractive person Darcy sent. I want to know what Jesse really thought. First I thought Darcy was being catfished now I'm not so sure. Sean walking up to Abby, and I'm being completely honest with my response out loud with my dogs staring at me "eww eww...eww eww eww." She's a baby. I'm sure probably more mature than both Chris and Sean but still.
  14. Well that looks professional...throwing up and being all "my husband, my husband, my husband." I'm sure they don't want to hear it. I would never book her again. I agree that she was way more covered up in that outfit than the bad club wear. It almost looked tasteful by comparison. Loren and Alex cute but totally FFWD... I thought Daniel's gettin' ready for court bit with the sensible shoes was a sad little montage...
  15. I know it was English, but it was very garbled, mumbling English.
  16. Please know that in Louisville, we (at least we used to--born there but haven't lived there for 15 years) do have some decent schools that do teach other languages, geography, grammar, and about other cultures. That is all. Ok it's not. I'm not sure what makes Sean so different from Chris. If Abbie doesn't work out, and he flips more houses, he's Chris in a couple of years going on fiancé tours. AND Darcy, I could see leaving your kids for 6 weeks to build your business if you knew things would come to fruition, but chasing a boy toy is all about you.
  17. I can understand Bethenny being pissed at Ramona but WTF was that with Dorinda? You know what she's like when she's drunk, plus none of it was meant to upset or attack Bethenny or her success, Dorinda was actually being supportive. I thought Beth's neuroticism had gotten better since her marriage to Jason, which still makes me question whether or not all the reports about his behavior are true, but clearly Bethenny still has a newsstand of issues.
  18. Episode 3 Rob and Shivonne -- I need subtitles for these two...
  19. Ok the gas station near my childhood home sold fried chicken gizzards and potato wedges...not chicken feet, but pickled pigs feet and eggs. It's not so weird. Pao looks better with dark hair. The whole agent thing seems very staged.
  20. Ok Mu Shu, what's a nu nu? :) The closest thing I've heard is nuk nuk which is a pacifier in my family. Somehow I don't think they are the same.
  21. I hate the wench-lace up look. Makes me think of Deb stores. I feel like women who wear these use the other "c" word, "classy." If you have to use it, you're not.
  22. Lydia is about to get her deer in headlights eyes clawed out the next time she tries to make these harpies hug and be "buds." I will LMFAO when it happens. Can she be the new Jesus Jugs since she had them done? I know I could probably Google it, but what is up with The Quiet Woman anyway? I'm kind of glad there was loudness and plate-throwing. Did anyone catch the stained glass image of a headless woman? It's not good imagery for me. The Friday night wife-beating joke wasn't funny. Not sure that we need to know the cultural significance behind it to make it funny.
  23. I hate baby headbands. We know she's a girl or at the very least, a tiny human with no hair yet. It was good to see Jimmy be present. I just knew he was going to be hands off and distant. Best part that I can remember and I don't even like them. I think I fell asleep. I can't remember the end of the show. I'm with everyone who doesn't want to see the Bible-study and God stuff. This is not the show for Lydia. Maybe her crazy mom can pair up with Shannon. Move it to ABC Family or that other Christian channel with the girl who talks to dead people. I liked Shannon but I can't t
  24. Troy is going to backfire. Psychopaths don't know how to control it. Is Chris getting desperate for guests? Last week Snookie, this week Sinbad? I know Chris likes to fan out, but you don't have to be friends with EVERYBODY.
  25. Did anyone catch the date of the Dr Drew finale? Is this a season finale or show finale? Since they are adding "moms" from other seasons to liven things up, I wonder if this one is wrapping up as these "moms" are reaching their late 20s. Everyone said everything I was thinking. The onesie, custody complications, boxes in crib, batshit Farrah family... I think in addition to being crazy, Deb has changed because she has put herself in a position to rely on Farrah's money which forces her to obey Farrah and justify her brand of crazy which I'm sure only adds to the bats
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