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  1. They already have started the "she only won because she is black." And saying she stole it from JuJu. I like JuJu because she is naturally funny, but her drag has always left me feeling "meh." However, her last look was everything and I hope she starts bringing that to stage. But the Fandom is nasty and racist as can be. As far as the pity storyline for Shea, people are only mentioning her losing and not the part that she lost her sister and father during the same time. She was an emotional mess and the racism all the black queens deal with is a lot, and she wasn't going to let this slip
  2. Unfortunately the Fandom is vicious towards POC queens. I can definitely believe it happened. I want to agree that Shea is acting entitled, but she really is levels above the other girls. Only Juju is even close to her. Of course, I'm baised as she is my favorite queen ever. I have never cared for India, but I was ready to start throwing blows when she threw Alexis under the bus. Alexa told Shea outright she wouldn't vote for India as they were friends. And then on Untucked they show Alexis trying to help India on preparing what she should say if Alexis throws a comeback her way. So I am
  3. Cracker has always bothered me. She is rude but covers it with the "weak woman" act. People are coming for Alexis but she has always spoke out when people are dragging others. Her and Yara were the only two in their season that completely ignored the "Mean Girls" comments. Craker was rude and disrespectful where the others could hear her. Why shouldn't she be called out?
  4. I can't believe this has to be explained. Just finished reading the thread, yes unfortunately it needs to be explained. I am not triggered by keeping scenes of Dee in. I'm gonna laugh because she is determined to have a storyline and all that work is going in the trash. Don't want to be cancelled? Don't be a racist.
  5. I can't stand Dee, so watching Rogan immediately tell Jenny what was up, warmed the cockles in my heart. Rogan is not into you, and he is not your friend.
  6. I've always had a soft spot for Mena. She is beautiful and owns her crazy. I also love Safaree, so I do hope they last. At least that house will never be boring. I am way over Johnathan and Yandy so they can both go. Cyn and Tahiry are gorgeous and should date each other.
  7. As someone who has never cared for Cara Maria, I am loving seeing people turn on her. She has always been this obnoxious and attention seeking and people are finally calling it out. I felt the same way with Jordan last week. I think Turbo is an asshole underneath his broken English charm. But I hate Jordan so much, I was cheering on Turbo to knock him out. Poor CT, it might be time to hang it up. This game is not even worth it, everyone sucks.
  8. I was so upset watching Spec and his dad. That man is toxic and Blue is just like him. I just wanted to hug Spec. I have loved Trina from the first line I heard her in. However, she does seem like a hard person to deal with and I don't actually agree with her dangling a contract in front of Bobby. Either give him a game plan or don't expect him to put his career on hold.
  9. Another privileged, snotty, thin white winner...yay. Much unique, so New York. And Kameron does the same exact moves in her lip sync and doesn't deserve the title of lip sync assassin. Her competitors just performed worse than she did. A good season with no "yass queen" moments.
  10. I feel the same way about Ben. I know she is a great queen, but she does absolutely nothing for me. Of course I am the lone BeBe fan. I love her confidence, that she always tries to represent her country and culture, and that she stays low key and in control.
  11. I have no shame either. I watched it over and over and then some more. That is something to be praised I have always liked him too, lucky. He just seems so laid back and corny which is just my type.
  12. I came here to see if y'all were already discussing why #safaree is trending, and nothing! Come on ladies, I expect better from you! I need to be the chismosa I was born to be!
  13. I'm not even ashamed of my crush. Tall, skinny, and grimey. Just how i like them.
  14. I lived for MariahLynn's parkour fighting scene! I think I watched it about 10 times. I don't care what anyone says, I love her.
  15. I love Trick Daddy and Trina. Those were my clubbing days. So please, please show, don't make me hate them. I like Amara so far and that's it. Everyone else can go. Oh wait! That grimey dude was kinda hot. But I love my grimey men.
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