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  1. yogi2014L

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    So he got married to have sex and fit in...omfg. How...high school of him.
  2. yogi2014L

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Bee's don't bother me. If they wind up in my house I shoo them out. Wasps are mean and we had a nest in the garage and my husband dealt with it. I feel bad but I didn't want them attacking my dog. I had a wasp fly in my car once, and It landed on my steering wheel. I was going 60 -70 mph on 294S ( Chicago burbs) and I gripped the wheel and the wasp and it stung the hell out of my finger and kept stinging me. I kept calm and just kept bashing my hand against my window to get the effer off me!! Could you imagine Jilly muffin in that situation, she would have caused a major accident. But yeah, if she doesn't want other peoples opinions, she shouldn't post controversial shit on instagram. not that hard JIll.
  3. yogi2014L

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Im all for early bedtime, but you only get early bedtime with a consistent sleep schedule ( and early wake up) and we all know Jilly probably can't handle that. I don't think they put them down early. I think they probably go to bed whenever because it's probably easier to have them pass out on their own vs keeping a schedule.
  4. yogi2014L

    Joe & Kendra: Looking Forward To Side Hugs

    UGH. Kendra and I had the same due date last year. I could not imagine being pregnant right now. I know a lot of people get pregnant around the 1 year mark but it just seems so soon to me!! Does Joe have a job?? Especially with the rumblings of TLC maybe pulling the plug soon, how are they going to feed a quiver? They are so young and are going to be so stressed out if they keep knocking out kids every year. It's really sad.
  5. The Duggar children are inherently lazy. Why bother with shots if they don't need to worry about having them for daycare or school since they won't be going anyway. If they haven't vaccinated, it isn't due to any cheapness or anti vax bs. Jessa and Jill are just too damn lazy to haul their kids to their well baby appointments. Anna is probably too embarrassed to regularly show her face in public and skips them as well. Joy likely doesn't even know vaccinations are a thing you should do.
  6. yogi2014L

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I have a daughter a couple weeks older than Felicity. YES!!! That was the first thing I noticed. I'd be right next to her, and would keep a hand on my kiddo. They don't understand "lift hands=fall" and that llama looks pretty high off the ground. Did the photo ship Jinger out of it? This picture doesn't make sense to me , lol.
  7. yogi2014L

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    That makes me want to throw up, and I have a high fundie tolerance. OMG.
  8. yogi2014L

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Yeah, I am not sure I believe it. Not sure if it is a generational thing but why would someone risk their job/academic career to post an AMA Reddit? She also gave a lot of identifying details. I am sure Derrick will complain ( as he should, IMO, as wasn't the person a TA?)
  9. With her belly I don't think she can safely clean heavier weights at a high rep like that. For those curious, DT is a crossfit workout. The standard weight is 155 for men and 105 for women.
  10. Her kids are so little they need constant supervision, so toys in the main areas of the house makes more sense, especially since Jessa can supervise them while she is in the kitchen doing things. If the kids only played in their rooms, she would be trapped in the rooms with them. Their house is so small too there likely isn't another area. No hate from me on that. The bedroom needs help. it looks like an apartment for a 20 year old living on their own for the first time
  11. I think she is, personally. Just in how she went from functioning alcoholic to out of control. I think she was functioning and just like most people with legit alcohol problems do, she just got worse and it was harder to hide. I just binged all ten seasons this past year ( I had a baby, please don't judge me lol) but it was post rehab/cop drama so I was extra attentive- Throughout the seasons little tiny comments/clues were made about Luanne drinking. Ramona said in a TH in an early season that Luanne can drink all day and not be affected. Also when Bethenny told Luanna about Tom cheating the first time she handed Luanne a glass of straight vodka. Just little things like that. Regardless, I think Dorinda and Lu are both addicts and Lu probably does feel superior to Dorinda because she is sober or whatever and Lu tends to be a uppity bitch in general. Perhaps being around Dorinda is triggering for Lu. Who knows.
  12. yogi2014L

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    This move goes to show Jeremy is the only one with a brain. He is as 'famous' right now as he probably will ever get, so any attempts at getting famous or becoming a big shot in whatever he is trying to do regardless of his aptitude, he needs to strike now while the iron is hot. I'm betting they will get a spin off, and perhaps they wrote in the contract TLC has to pay for the housing? I don't know if that is something Teevee will do, I know nothing about the industry.
  13. Yeah, this is what confuses me so much with these partnerships. They should be hawking kid's stuff. Bible programs. Bible camps? Kid craft boxes. Homeschool stuff. Toys. People, even people without a ton of extra cash, will spend on their kids. JIll tries with recipes but sucks at it. Since I became a mom I barely buy myself anything. I have enough clothes. I want to buy clothes and toys and activities for my baby! They only think I spend money on for me is gym memberships and hair/nails/facials ect. Nobody wants the clothes Jessa and Jill are trying to sell because Jessa and Jill scream frumpy, unkempt and cheap with every selfie. In fact, I'll never try citrus and lemon BECAUSE they have Jill hawking their clothes (not just from a morale standpoint- she's plain unfashionable!!!)
  14. This, 100%. I think Whitney Bates has potential to be somewhat sucessful ala Joanna Gaines ( maybe not home reno) but def fashion/makeup ect. She's modern, conservative enough, and has more of a mainstream life to the public. Her husband has a real job and I don't think they will have 900 kids. I think Alyssa and Carlin could too, but I think Alyssa is going to have too many kids to devote time to anything else.
  15. GOOD. Maybe their daughters will have a chance!! I was LOVING her skin tight leggings, you know Kelly and Erin are probably forming a prayer circle about it. Moving little by little away from the cult. Did anyone see that Erin/Whitney...and Alyssa? ( cant remember the third, lol) are starting a boutique?