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  1. I feel like Ben and Jessas posts are way more down to earth and less try hard than the Vuolos. Their posts come off as authentic and almost likeable. They also appeal to their own fan base. Conservative christians with families in the south Vuolos are keeping up with the Jones's on IG instead of trying to be authentic to themselves. Their fans definitely can't relate to the IG influencer CA lifestyle they are trying really hard to emulate.They are Failing miserably. Every post is obnoxious and I do think Felicity is way more 'posed' on instagram, and I wonder if that kid has ever eaten a meal at home. I feel like Jessa takes picture of Ivy, and if it's cute she throws it on instragram if she needs something to post or wants to share. I feel like jinger decides she needs to post for instagram and then spends the afternoon trying to create an instagram post whether Felicity wants to or not. That's why it all looks so staged.
  2. While I don't homeschool, i am a mostly SAHM to a toddler ( 1.5 years) and yeah we barely have time for playdates during the week and if someone stopped at my house unexpectedly it would throw off my whole day. Jill's kids must be so BORED!! Even with my 1 year old we do so much, we take 4 classes a week ( all mom and me type stuff) I cant wait for her to be a little older because there are even more fun activities to do through the park districts and local gyms and what not. I am really sick today and had to stay home all day with her and by the time my husband came home from work both my daughter and i were clawing the walls ready for him to take her somewhere lol. I couldn't imagine that being day in and day out, I'd lose my mind.
  3. Elliot is my #1 choice for boy names if we have a boy! I think of Elliot Stabler from Law and Order haha. I think it is a great name for boy boys or girls! You cannot compare Elliot to Spurgeon. Spurgeon is a cruel name for a child. I feel so bad for him
  4. IMO, even with all the help in the wold, you cannot be a a good parent when you have 19 kids. I am glad she is realizing that her parents are terrible, selfish people and hopefully she believes she can do better.
  5. there is something seriously wrong with Jill. Stupidity, Immaturity, lack of common sense, total apathy...not a good combination. She appears to severely lack motherly instincts. If Sam busted his face on the counter, would she feel like it was her fault? or would she blame Sam for not knowing better? I honestly don't think she is fit to care for her children. We see post after post of her negligent parenting putting them in danger. Imagine if you hired a babysitter who filmed your children hanging out the sunroof. You would never use them again and probably call the cops. Jill needs to take some parenting classes ASAP, and in the meantime Cathy needs to come watch Jill and the boys. If anything happens to Izzy and Sam, I would hold not only Jill but also Derick responsible.
  6. Most libraries have large kids sections with numerous toys meant for kids to play...I take my daughter to the library to play all the time!!
  7. I don't know, the Duggar family is certifiably insane. And they weren't getting paid! They did force Jill to forgive Josh on camera for molesting her. That's enough to make anyone crazy. I think jill had some sort of breakdown
  8. JIll's haircut is great. Jill putting her kids in danger, not so great. I honestly wonder if Derrick is upset and embarrassed by this. There had to be backlash on IG. I am a parent and I was honestly horrified. You can get a catastrophic brain injury from falling out of a golf cart, skateboard, bike ect. A car is no different. And toddlers aren't known for their listening, critical thinking or self control, so what if Izzy wanted to lean out the window and he fell? Even if the car was going 2 mph, he could have gotten seriously injured. I probably wouldn't have been as horrified ( but I still would not do it) if the kids were older and had more control/ability to listen. Sam is only 2!! I would be mortified that not only I am married to someone who actively endangers my kids, but also posts it on social media. The whole post was so juvenile and lacking in any sort of maturity that you would expect from someone in her 30's
  9. I don't think the Vuolo's will last another 12 months in la la land. Too expensive and the Duggar name isn't trending positive. I am sure their will be 'called to lead' a small ministry in AR sometime soon
  10. There is nothing wrong with being a full time parent! I barely work as it is, maybe ten hours a week. I don't make any sort of real money and would have to be dragged kicking and screaming back to full time work. I really think there is a ton of value in having one parent be the on call, full time parent. IMO, When people shame the fundies for 'not doing anything' it isn't for being a full time stay at home mom. It is just that most of them do it because they really haven't had the opportunity to make the decision for themselves to see if they want to. They been purposefully kept uneducated and literally pregnant again and again so they can't work even if they wanted to. Look at Jill for instance. You can't tell me she loves being a SAHM like Kendra or Anna might. And Abbie seems to actually enjoy nursing and I don't see why she didn't at least try to work pre baby ( well, pre HG ) and make some AR connections. They don't have the choice or the ability to see that they have a choice outside of getting pregnant every other year. What bothers me about Abbie is that she is naive to say " oh ill go back when the kids are grown" when she has no intentions of stopping any time soon, so that literally will be in 30 or so years! Most women who choose to go back can do so in less time because they don't have 10 or 12 kids, and their time out of the work force is much less And I think we all know she really has no intention of working, or JD won't let her. If that is her choice, great! I really enjoy being home most of the time, and hope I get to do part time for much longer. Since I've stopped working a full time office job, I'd only do it again if I 100% had to.
  11. Seriously, so at minimum approx 30 years from now ( assuming she has 10 childbearing years left, +20 for that youngest child to be grown) So she will be nearing 60 years of age with a 30 year gap in her resume, and her skills will be potentially (likely) obsolete with all the changes in healthcare by then. Im sure she will be in high demand to get hired/s I had a ten year career in supply chain analytics before I quit to raise my daughter ( I still work part time, but in a different industry entirely ) and its only been 2 years and I would have a hard if not impossible time starting back up. The longer I wait the less likely I'll still have relevant connections ect. And my skills are probably already needing help with how fast things can change. And once she has the baby, that distraction and no apparent motivation to actually work, good luck finding the desire to do continuing ed. I have a 17 mo old and I am currently in real estate school which I am sure is less intense than nursing continuing education and it's a real struggle to get through it.
  12. I don't know how I feel about the name Bella in relation to Joy and Annabell. If I were lauren, I would probably reconsider because I wouldn't want to step on Joy's toes/increase any pain for her. If I had decided I HAD TO HAVE that name, I would def give her a heads up and talk about it. I am hoping Siah and Lauren mentioned it to Joy and Joy told them it was fine ect. Also, how pissed is Lauren that Derrick went and totally stole her thunder ??? I bet Jessa is laughing her ass off right now.
  13. I think Bella is cute, looks like Lauren. As much as I find the Duggars despicable, I am always happy to see presumably healthy deliveries/babies. Glad Lauren didn't go the Jill/Joy/Jessa disaster home birth route. Bella Milagro Duggar. Good thing she is most likely going to marry and change her name because Duggar ruins the prettiness of Bella Milagro.
  14. Ya'll are making me gag with this maggots talk. We somehow got them on top of our outdoor garbage can one day this summer and I nearly died after almost getting maggots all on my arm when I was putting the garbage out . I still squirm thinking about it. I don't know what happened to them but all I do know is that I told my husband he was on garbage duty until they were taken care of ( by him ) lol. I feel like Jill is depressed and also burned out on parenting. Staying at home really isn't for everyone, especially if you get no breaks from work/ daycare/pre school. I stay home with my daughter (aside from 10 hours of work a week). To maintain sanity you need to have a routine and a lot of stimulation/exercise for your child. JIll doesn't seem to have any of those things which is likely adding to her stress.
  15. My daughter is a thumb sucker, I try to have her not doing it when she is awake and playing ( she is 16 mo) but lord I am going to have a hard time helping her get rid of this habit. This breaks my heart. Used children's toys are SO EASY To find for cheap. I've gotten really nice toys for less than 2 dollars!!! There is no excuse. I find this psychologically abusive. Imagine how it would feel to open a bag expecting a gift for your birthday and get diapers. WTF.
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