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  1. I dunno, I'd be afraid Schmathryn Schmunn would drown me in a puddle of her tears.
  2. Agree with this mostly. I've been watching Julien Solomita for a long time (Jenna Marbles' boyfriend) and he's super humble and just a funny interesting guy. I love his vlogs, but usually can't stand other Youtubers who do it. I was mildly annoyed at the Brodie/Kelsey vlog, but only mildly since I do love Kelsey. I guess it makes it more tolerable when you are already a fan of someone.
  3. Yep! My grandmother is a proper southern lady. She says bless your heart and everything. Honestly my grandmother is the biggest badass ever. She's 93 and she swims in the Senior Games (state and national). She just came home from the national games with more silver and gold medals to add to her collection. DAR is probably the least cool thing she does in the grand scheme of things, but it's still pretty cool, haha. She's actually one of the only living members left in her chapter. Organizations like that are definitely suffering with the boom of us millennial who don't like being involved in organizations.
  4. @QuiteCalM my grandmother is a longstanding member of the DAR. I don't think they'd take me though. Probably wouldn't like my brand of humor, amongst other things.
  5. Queen Elizabeth herself would be covered in grease and bits of cheese after eating that. Probably for the best as I don't think she would look good in the uniform.
  6. Supposedly that was what happened the year she was cut, yes, but there is a mugshot that happened a little later, I believe for possession of meth paraphernalia.
  7. How is it that all of you amazing posters know about this movie? I swear any time I ever mention it to anyone in real life, they've never heard of it, yet all of my fellow DCC super freak fans know all about it! I love you guys!
  8. @QuiteCalM your "Drop Dead Gorgeous" gif in the 2017 thread just about made me spit out my drink. That movie is a fucking masterpiece if I ever did see one. I miss Brittany Murphy.
  9. The deviation of this thread is cracking me up and feeding my inner troll. Keep it going guys.
  10. 1986, y'all. I'm off topic, but my status as a millennial makes me entitled to do what I want.
  11. It's picture taken of her at finals this year. Shelly said she took the pictures. The picture isn't the problem though. It just captured it. (NOT saying she isn't a pretty girl, but a picture can't fix a camel toe and a wonky boob job.)
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