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  1. She better be careful if she finds a tarp in the shed !!!
  2. Why did I automatically think of this image from "Silence of the Lambs" ???? ..... or this,
  3. Day2Day


  4. @BRONX Babe, "Shawn said that the eyelet blouse makes her look "soft and sweet, two words that normally wouldn't apply to me" Finally.... One truthful remark !!!
  5. I'd say more like wine-bottlesque!
  6. + = Lori G. The bag lady becomes a combination of bag lady / Madam Phyllis and going all astrological! What's next... gonna pull a deck of Tarot cards out of one of those saggy tunic pockets ???
  7. CLEARLY..... some of these categories are impossible to pick only ONE !!!!! When you think about all these images, and there were countless more that qualified, you just gotta wonder, what is wrong with the stylists at the Q !!!!
  8. And it's gone in 5... 4... 3... 2...
  9. Pop's past, AND current medical status has been put out there by Shawn, and now her mom's fall and resulting hospitalization are posted on her social media. What's next tonight... an in depth report on x-rays, CAT scan, etc.???
  10. I believe the porcine population is becoming quite offended at all the comparisons that are being made between them and Shawn !
  11. How about an insurance funded trip to the ER, minus (hopefully) a high co-pay, for falling on her ass while trotting all over the set. Something like this, perhaps...