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  1. Yeh, we all have bad hair days.... but her hair can look presentable for TV when she takes the time/makes the effort.
  2. Looks like the big head was photo-shopped on to her bony body. Is the relative next to her wearing "the crown"?????
  3. Perhaps, @Coffeecup, you had a potent potable to help you get through it all !!
  4. Shawn evidently never progressed beyond the "little girl playing with mom's make-up" stage. Her job of choice should have been circus clown / fright freak . What a MESS !!!
  5. I wouldn't be surprised.... appalled, YES !!!!
  6. I saw that, and wanted to smack the daylights out of her. The double entendre question about what kind of shorts he was wearing! OAP finally stood up and showed her the light green ones he ha on. She is soooooo disgusting..... in both her manners and appearance. A no-class jack ass! No disrespect to the many real donkeys out there.
  7. This kitty in the pom-pom tent looks 100 times better than Shawn in that unflattering green pom-pom dress !!!
  8. You are NOT alone, @AuntCarol. Many have commented on the way she speaks and flashes that thing with the oral gyrations! And worse yet.... she sticks it out while on camera, and appears to go after foreign food particles between her teeth, when not using her fingers. Truly, GROSS !!
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