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  1. I'm glad I fell asleep just prior to Best in Show! I can't believe it...... UGH, for the Peke win.
  2. Who else thinks the female commentator looks like she should be appearing in some cheap Vegas dive as a magician’s assistant? Too much glitter, long extensions, and too-short dress. Like you, @bosawks, I am dreading the possibility of the Peke winning. Of the 4winners from last night, love the Frenchie!
  3. @TexasTiffany, you nailed it with your post and that photo could actually be MBR's poorly and inappropriately applied eyeliner.
  4. Soooooo disappointed that they aren't airing Westminster as they have in the past. Without the xtras on my cable feed, I am only able to see what FOX is showing. The agility event was on last night, and left a lot to be desired. Miss the 'old' format and usual reporters.
  5. Could be wrong, BUT.... I kind of interpret the "ha, ha" as being more of a sarcastic tone! Wait til these clients get done with a few sessions. Wonder if she is gonna throw in some 'sermon-speak' along with the 'coaching'.
  6. Jeeeze, it's one thing to think something... but to say that out loud !
  7. AND... once its on, it won't come off. ( I know !! )
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