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  1. anyanka323

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    She's one of the producers for Green Book.
  2. anyanka323

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    The two who won for Bohemian Rhapsody really thanked everyone and their dog and managed to avoid thanking Bryan Singer.
  3. anyanka323

    Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

    Velvet Goldmine directed by Todd Haynes was heavily influenced by Bowie's glam and Ziggy-era phases, with Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the Bowie/Marc Bolan influenced glam icon and Ewan McGregor as the Lou Reed/Iggy Pop influenced character. Bowie disliked the script and didn't give permission for any of his music to be used, and threatened to sue the filmmakers, leading to rewrites to create more distance between the Rhys Meyers character and Bowie. There's another film in development now about Bowie's Ziggy era music and life, but his son released a statement that the family has denied the filmmakers any permission to use Bowie's music.
  4. anyanka323

    College Football

    Fields and OSU are also using the same lawyer that Michigan used to get a waiver for Shea Patterson last year. Patterson had a much more convincing case for the waiver because of the Ole Miss sanctions. The precedent for that situation was when Penn State players could transfer immediately after sanctions were imposed on that program for the Jerry Sandusky scandal.
  5. anyanka323

    College Football

    I think both Georgia and Ohio State have every right to be upset that Notre Dame made the playoffs instead of one of them. So does UCF, although they're going to be without Milton for their bowl game against LSU. I'm fine with expanding the playoff field from 4 to 6, even it it means having 2 SEC teams in it. Ideally, that would allow for the winners of each of the Power 5 conferences (ACC, PAC 12, BIG 12, BIG 10, and SEC) with the 6th spot for a mid major like UCF, unaffiliated team like ND, or conference runner up.
  6. anyanka323

    The Favourite (2018)

    I thought it was a very interesting examination of the nature of female power, authority, and agency. There have been quite a few films released this year where that theme is present but it's a very important one here. The historical Sarah Churchill was a fascinating woman, who ended up being the matriarch of a great British aristocratic dynasty, including an ancestor of Winston Churchill and Princess Diana. She also was the primary force behind the creation of Blenheim Palace, spending much of her time before and after her break with Anne supervising its construction and the design of its interiors and grounds. She published her memoirs in her 70s and lived into her 80s, outliving her husband and all of her children. The set designers really did their research for this film. Some scenes were shot at Hampton Court, which was one of Anne's primary residences, along with Kensington Palace, Windsor and St. James' Palace. The last three are still in use today as royal residences and offices, and their interior spaces have been much altered since the early 18th century. However, Hampton Court ceased to be used as a royal residence under George II, so the interiors are closer to what Anne would have lived in. The other very interesting detail was the use of blue and white china for tea by the women. That particular type, both Chinese import and Dutch delftware, was introduced to England during the reign of Anne's sister Mary and her brother-in-law William.
  7. anyanka323

    College Football

    I would expect that to become more common for players projected for the first round if their college team isn't in a playoff game or top tier bowl game with history for their conference (i.e. Big 10 and the Rose Bowl). Both Leonard Fournette and Christian McCafferty announced they wouldn't play in their bowl games after the 2016 season and Jabrill Peppers didn't play in Michigan's bowl game that year after getting injured in practice. That was the game that Jake Butt got injured, tearing his ACL, which dropped him from a then projected low 1st/high 2nd round pick to a 5th round pick. That's probably a very powerful cautionary tale for players, considering how much money they could lose by playing in one game.
  8. anyanka323

    College Football

    ND plays hockey with the Big 10, but that's likely because the rest of the ACC doesn't have hockey teams that compete at the NCAA level and geography. I think that ND joining the Big 10 for other sports, including football, has passed. It's been a long time since they played more than one or two Big 10 teams for football. Up until 2013, they played Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue annually. The annual Michigan game ended in 2014 and was semi-revived this year as a home and home series, with next year's game in Ann Arbor. They have a two year neutral site (Lambeau Field and Soldier Field) series with Wisconsin for 2020 and 2021. I think that Notre Dame needs the Big 10 more than the Big 10 need ND. ND won't have that NBC TV contract forever - I believe the current contract goes through 2025. The Big 10 has several guaranteed national TV games each week through Fox, ABC, and ESPN and the Big 10 network is a reliable source of revenue for the member schools. I'm an alum of another Big 10 school, Illinois, and would not be for Notre Dame joining the Big 10 for various reasons. I grew up in the Chicago area and you would think if you read the Chicago Tribune sports section that Notre Dame wasn't in Indiana, but rather in the Chicago metro area. The only time that the Tribune is aware that there's a top tier public university in Illinois is when basketball is doing well or when they need to file pointless, wild goose chase FOIA requests.
  9. anyanka323

    History Talk: The British Monarchy

    Maria Alexandrovna, daughter of Alexander II, married Prince Alfred, the son of Queen Victoria. She never fully adjusted to life in Great Britain or overcame her dislike of the UK. She also had issues with order of precedence and didn't like being being second after the Alexandra, Princess of Wales. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Duchess_Maria_Alexandrovna_of_Russia
  10. anyanka323

    College Football

    I'm a Michigan fan and I didn't think that Michigan could beat Ohio in Columbus, even this year. I think some people thought MIchigan had a chance because how lackluster Ohio has looked most of the year. If the indifferent Ohio team that played at Purdue and Maryland had shown up, then Michigan had a chance. Sadly for Michigan, the Ohio team that showed up yesterday was focused and angry. It's very similar with Michigan State - even in a bad or down year, Michigan State shows up to play Michigan. Otherwise, the team that barely beat Rutgers and lost to Nebraska makes an appearance. The Big 10 west is going to be interesting next year. Nebraska looked good during the second half of the year and most Nebraska fans have to be very pleased with 4 wins as well as almost beating Ohio State and Iowa as a road team. They could be very good next year and maybe playing in the Big 10 title game. Northwestern is a weird team in that they really play to their opponents' level. They gave Michigan a scare and beat Wisconsin. I would hope that they give OSU a good game in the Big 10 championship game this year. Wisconsin was the biggest disappointment this year. I have family that are Wisconsin fans and some aren't handling the down year very well. It took a lot of restraint on my part to be as nice as possible to them in regards to college football. They weren't as nice when Michigan was down during the Hoke and RichRod years. That being said, Wisconsin fans honestly don't know how bad it can be. Alex Hornibrook isn't that bad of a quarterback - he just didn't have a great OL to protect him. He's still better than John O'Korn. My impression was that for many Wisconsin fans, losing the axe to Minnesota was worse than losing to Michigan and Penn State.
  11. George R.R. Martin needs to be working on the Winds of Winter instead of being at the Emmys.
  12. anyanka323

    Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

    I'm rereading the books now and now that a sequel is official,
  13. anyanka323

    Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

    I saw it last night in a sold out showing in the Midwest. I thought that the changes made from the book were for the best for the most part. More Peik Lin and her family was a good thing - despite them having more money than taste, they seemed to be the only ones in Singapore to be kind to Rachel because they are still outsiders to the Youngs. They know what she's going through and were on her side. I liked Peik Lin's aside to Rachel about how Trump's interior decor taste was the real inspiration for her family's house. They seemed to be less artificial and fake than Nick's cousins with the exception of Astrid. And yes, a little of Kitty Pong goes a long ways. Michelle Yeoh being behind the changes to Eleanor's character was a plus. There's probably going to be a sequel with the film estimated to make more than $30 million this weekend.
  14. anyanka323

    College Football

    The part that gets me is from reading reactions from OSU fans on the CFB reddit thread on the McMurphy report was that Smith wasn't one of the better OSU and Meyer assistants. The only reason it seems that Smith had such longevity with Meyer was that he was Earle Bruce's grandson and Bruce was Meyer's major coaching mentor. I'm no OSU fan and would have rather seen Meyer gone after losing to Michigan, MSU and Penn State multiple years in a row and/or getting blown out by whichever team be it Wisconsin, Nebraska or Iowa that wins the Big 10 west in the championship game. It seems so anticlimatic for him to possibly be gone this way. The administrative leave is likely to give OSU lawyers time to find reasons to fire him without paying his very large buyout. That domestic violence clause was likely added because it seems to be a pattern with certain high profile players in Meyer's teams at both Florida and OSU. The Tebow halo effect somewhat masked that at Florida, but it's become more of a visible problem at OSU.
  15. anyanka323

    The Awards Thread: The Golden Throne

    I'd love to see Lena win, because she has this year and one more chance at winning for Cersei. If she wins this year, then maybe Sophie or Maisie can get some good material and get nominated for the final season and have a shot at winning. I like Thandie Newton and Alexis Bledel, who plays the only likeable character of the Handmaid's Tale nominations, but they'll both have other chances to win. Yvonne Strahovski and Ann Dowd deserved a lot of credit for making their horrid, monstrous characters seem human, but I wasn't on the Serena Joy redemption train at all. Both her and Aunt Lydia need to pay the price for their actions, just as much as the male Gilead conspirators.