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  1. Nick seemed to be pretty into watching the performances, at times to the point of being a distraction! That point where he had the big "SHUT UP BLAKE" sign and no one acknowledged him at all was hilarious. The little brother vibes "if we don't pay attention to him, maybe he'll stop," amazing. I have been super impressed with Nick as a coach on this show. He's been very engaging and personable, which isn't always a given with him. I hope some of his team makes it! Micah was my favorite of the night, I love that arrangement of "Your Song" and was psyched when he went in that direction.
  2. I definitely feel like Jenny was clued in to guess Barry Zito because now he's made it to the Top 5 and he's not someone most people are going to know when he is unmasked. I, personally, am delighted. I am just bummed his dish wasn't his trademark avocado scramble! Or piece a chicken, piece of fish, throw it on the grill, think win! I am well and truly offended for Skylar Astin that someone who has worked with him and heard him sing thought he was The Astronaut! My goodness, Nicole!
  3. When Barry Zito was still playing baseball, he was contractually unable to go surfing. It's one of the first things he did after he retired! He also played on the AAA team Nashville Sounds, which allowed him the opportunity to work on both his baseball and music at the same time!
  4. Val was being so dumb about the dinosaur eggs! "Does this REALLY look like a dinosaur egg?!" Sam's all "well, we don't really know, do we!" Tell her, Sam!!! And with the nuts! To tell the kids they have to add nuts after they already decide on the flavor profiles for their cakes, and not even give them the choice to include the kind of nut they want is so annoying. It's clearly a major challenge, with the five hour bake time, and then they have to rearrange in the middle of that? Meh. I guess it doesn't matter much since each nut kind of works with most flavors but Graysen was right that pecans would have gone better in her cake than almonds, making the almonds basically gratuitous. I really thought they might end up giving it to Sam at the end because they seemed to really like his cake the best overall, taste-wise. But he really wasn't up to par decorating wise. I was super happy for Graysen, as she really did a great job, has a good attitude and could hold her own with the boys while still keeping her polite Southern charm. "Um, no, it's PEE-CAN." I really liked Reggie the entire competition but the stress of the finale and whatever edit they opted to give him didn't really do him any favors even as someone who appreciates him, so I was pleased that Graysen ended up winning.
  5. I have a friend who is in his 20s that sounds like Sam. It happens. Sam seems well-adjusted and confident, just like my friend, so hopefully he continues on that path. Rainbow cookies are pretty challenging of an ask for someone who is completely unfamiliar and has never even had one. Granted, it's further in the competition, but I sympathized with Naima a bit. She was a little whinier than she should have been, but she was frustrated and bummed and she's a kid. It probably stinks to know you're going to go home because you really have no idea what any component of your dish is supposed to be like. I actually felt my eyes tighten when I saw Morgan's! They were so beautiful, and she was so thoughtful to add the powdered sugar and apricot garnish on top! I loved when Valeries was inspecting Reggie's and was like "hmm, your red looks a little off!" and Reggie was like "it's strawberries, dude."
  6. Reggie clearly isn't a warm and cuddly dude but he seems to be genuine when he congratulates those who do well, and relieved each time he does well himself. Also, it IS a competition, so not sharing ingredients you're still using yourself shouldn't really be seen as a character flaw! I loved Liam last night, who was singing about strawberries under his breath and made very delightful looking cupcakes! I wish he had called them banana split cupcakes, though, since that is clearly what he was going for, he just never used the term (that I heard). I was hoping Naima's goal to appeal specifically to Duff wouldn't backfire. Glad that it went well for her, but probably not the best plan of action going forward. Graysen seems like the one to beat to me, but so did Davis last year, so you never know when it gets down to the wire!
  7. Reading through this thread and safe to say, Harry has done alright for himself thus far. Anticipating his new album had me going back to the 1D catalog. I always liked 1D but more on the periphery, I listened to songs on Spotify but not as much full albums. It's amazing to me how well-written some of these songs are. I made a playlist with a few other guy group faves and they are miles ahead of NKOTB stuff and even significantly better than the 90s boybands that I loved a teen. Made in the AM is such a great album! The stuff on Four is fantastic! It's fun listening to it in retrospect and hearing them evolve as their fans did, and also hearing especially Harry come into his own. I'm very excited to see him live again next summer! I've also been on a Jonas Brothers kick. I'm never sure if they fall into this category, since they are more of a band with Nick and Kevin playing their own instruments, but their reunion tour is just a total blast. I'm hoping they maintain their balance of having time/space to do the things they enjoy individually but also performing as a group, as having them back has been a lot of fun. Anyway, I'm also a little on the "older" end for some of this stuff, it kind of makes me laugh that when I was in high school, though I liked the pop and boyband and TRL stuff going on, I leaned more toward classic rock and stuff from before my time, and now that I am a full blown adult, the pop music is still calling to me!
  8. Me too! That and his 2012 "Take On Me" stuff is what made me a fan of his. I was so thrilled when he came to the Giants in 2014, and he was instrumental in their pennant that year and also hit in the winning run of the World Series! He is a fun dude.
  9. And if you happen to follow Mike on Twitter, he's still pretty invested in the fun and success of the Nats!
  10. The Nationals are playing SO loose and are so much fun to watch. They don't seem like a team in their first World Series at ALL, and I'm sure it helps that there are so many veterans on the team, who either have been there before individually or are simply enjoying still playing under the brightest lights. I love seeing grown men hug each other excitedly when good things happen! They are having a ton of fun and I really hope they finish the whole thing up at home!
  11. I'm not referring to his beard, which can grown back relatively quickly, though. I'm referring to his long hair, that used to fall almost down the middle of his back. His hair was short by the time he was traded, but he chose to do that himself. I'm mostly curious if they really would have forced him to cut his hair against his will to play for the team for six weeks.
  12. I'm still curious what would have happened if Andrew McCutchen still had had the long hair he had for most of his career when he got traded to the Yankees in late August. Imagine losing years of maintenance and care to play for a team you had no choice in joining for six weeks?
  13. There was a point a few seasons ago where every Yankee had a mustache. It was a rally mustache of sorts. It was a good day when they all opted to shave. That said, I'm just waiting for a free agent that the Yankees seek to sign opts not to because he doesn't want to subscribe to that rule. Even though Madison Bumgarner has opted to be clean shaven on his own, he's one I could see choosing another team on that basis. I'm still convinced that's why Keuchel chose the Braves.
  14. In one of the articles where Danielle asks the girls their favorite things, Parker says one of her favorite foods is broccoli and in an aside, Danielle mentions that it's true and Parker is a good veggie eater, as is Blayke, and the only quint that willingly eats veggies. So at least it's not ALL non-veggie eaters!
  15. I questioned the Verlander decision as it seemed like one of those "bold" moves and not one made with the strengths of the player in mind. Verlander is a creature of habit and routine, and he is not someone that starts on short rest. It went about as well as I thought and hoped it would! Now the Astros have to use Cole in a Game 5, which even if they win, they can't use him again until Game 3, and the two other aces are coming off of rough outings. I'd be a little nervous if I were a Houston fan, especially with Glasnow going for Tampa.
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