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  1. I wouldn't be calling for Will's head if he had just manned up and told Paul the truth. In fact, I think I would've appreciated a character not doing the stupid soap opera thing for once. I know, I know, it is a soap and all but sometimes don't you just want to see them act like normal people would? I'd hate that Paul was hurt but he'd be better off than this false hope crap.
  2. Will continues to be a spineless POS. Ugh. I hope someone gets to rip him a new one when Paul learns the truth. It's so cruel to give Paul this false hope, make him think they have a future together, when Will would rather be with someone else.
  3. Is Paul going to be recast? Because I don't see how they can carry on this stupid "triangle" when he leaves town. Maybe Brady blabs the truth to him and he dumps Will on his way out of Salem.
  4. Awww. poor wittle put upon WilSon. Pardon me while I roll my eyes and not care. Please, PLEASE, just reunite them so I am spared ever having to watch Freddie attempt emoting again. The whole storyline just pisses me off at them because it's deeply unfair to Paul what they're doing. Paul was asking for the truth today, all Will had to do was tell him. Yes, he'd be hurt but at least he wouldn't be lead on like this, given false hope only to be hurt worse later on. It's so stupid and I hate it.
  5. I hate Stefan The Rapist, but I love Brandon Barash.
  6. I like the Ben actor but I don't understand why the show had to bring him back as the serial killer Ben Weston! Surely Ben could've had a look-a-like cousin or a long lost twin or something, anything. Heck, GH regularly recycles old actors as brand new characters. Any idea is better than trying to redeem a guy who murdered 3 women. Yeesh.
  7. 100% the same. There was a time that I loved Sonny. But the writing has done him no favors these past couple years. I can barely stand seeing him on-screen anymore and it has nothing to do with Paul. I am a Paul fan, but that alone is not why Sonny has annoyed me since he came back to town. I don't appreciate how he's treated Paul but I also don't appreciate how he's treated everyone else in Salem. I don't feel the "great love" of WilSon. The writers having every other character declare them the be all and end all of couples is just talk, show it to me. Make me care. And I don't feel like the writing or the acting has done that. It often feels like Sonny is just fixated on Will and wanting to possess and control him.
  8. I just want WilSon to get back together right this minute and immediately go to the backburner. Or at least have all their scenes together so I can FF them all at once.
  9. Sonny's endless hoovering over Will makes me think of this SNL skit. Just replace Amy Pohler with Will and John McCain with Sonny.
  10. Sonny is so insufferable. I used to love this character, now I just want someone to punch him in his smug face. Please, tell me we're not about to get some lame "Marlena needs a lung transplant, who can we kill to give her one?" storyline.
  11. I'm going to be so PISSED OFF if they kill Paul just to give one of his organs to a dying Marlena. It's such an over-done story to start with, plus it's a crappy way to write Paul off. Just let him leave town after breaking up with Will. That way the character could be revisited someday if they want to recast him. But I have a sick feeling the organ transplant crap is coming soon.
  12. Please let Stefan be the next murder mystery in Salem. Please!! Gabi taking time to prop WilSon. *Yawn* I weirdly like Leo & Sonny. They have better chemistry than any of Sonny's romantic pairings to date.
  13. The show is so bad right now. I'm on Team Abby Gets To Cut Off Stefan's Balls. Ugh, just ugh. It's RAPE. Plain and simple and there is nothing entertaining or "romantic" or root-worthy about it. I hate this crap so much. WilSon -- Yawn, yawn, yawn. Will's like "since I've gotten to know you". Um, when was that exactly? Off-screen? In the two seconds you've talked to him since returning? But I see the writing on the wall. Paul will fall in love with Will and Will is just like "Great fuck, now I'm off, back to my hubby". I'd also like to start Team Give Paul A Man Who Actually Loves Him. Ah, Denise of ATWT. I didn't recognize her but my mind will never be able to block out the truly awful baby swap storyline with her and Lily. Where Lily's white daughter suddenly turned bi-racial overnight and no one noticed. *Headdesk*
  14. I agree on them trying to pass Greg Rikaart off as a 20-something character. No, just no. I like him, I think he's talented and fun to watch, but he also looks his age. Just let Leo be older than Sonny. I don't think the audience would care. Lord knows we watched 800 year old Victor with Nicole long enough, we can handle 10+ year age difference. But Adrienne declaring she likes Leo after two seconds? Slow down, people.
  15. I always loved Greg Rikaart. Y&R was so foolish to let him go. But I am a bit confused on something and I admit that I FF some characters but how did Vivian set this up? It's a stretch for me to believe Sonny just so happened to download a dating app and chose the one guy on her payroll. Wouldn't an "accidental meeting" have worked better? Or maybe Leo was catfishing for wealthy marks on dating sites and she somehow found out Sonny chose his profile and offered to pay him herself? I'm baffled. Sonny is starting to read like a person who can't be alone and jumps too fast into serious relationships. He knew Paul for a brief time in the past before proposing to him. Was with Will not that long before marrying him. Then engaged to Paul after they got back together. Dude, it's ok to casually date or even be single for awhile. ITA that CM seems uncomfortable in love scenes or kissing scenes. CS seems to be totally cool with it and I have no trouble believing his Paul is into guys but CM's Will is too rigid in romantic scenes. He's fine in the flirting scenes but tenses up in the intimate ones. That said, I still really do like Will/Paul, certainly more than I liked either one of them with Sonny. So I'm calling it now -- Will's work at the newspaper will lead him to exposing Leo somehow, thus "saving" Sonny and they will start to bond and then he'll get his memories back and poor darling Paul gets screwed again. JMO but a big whopping difference to me. Will can't remember the past. That's not the same as having a serious mental illness, having blackouts and not knowing what you're doing. Will knows who he is, Abigail does not "know" her other personalities. Will is in full control of his actions and has free will. Abigail has no control over her alters, no knowledge that they even exist. She's mentally ill, Will isn't.
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