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  1. Gladrags

    S15.E18: Add It Up

    I don't know where his nice digs came from, but we did see the outside of the place as he introduced it to Meredith, and then his sister and dad drove up. It was unprofessional, but as usual Karev's ego overreacted. Karev didn't even notice until after he'd verbally abused Andrew a few times the irony of how Andrew's interaction with the mom at that point in time was just like a thousand interactions Karev has had with patients and families. I'd love to see her go all Admiral Cain on her son-in-law. Heh. Using the improper pronoun is not OK, but I guess the writers think ageism is OK. Because of course it would be the old guy who can't keep up, and not anyone in the 20-40 age range. [/sarcasm] Agreed. Grey's may be a soap opera, but it's not at All My Children levels. Not yet, anyway ...
  2. Gladrags

    S15.E18: Add It Up

    LOL - I've been asking that question for 14 years. Throughout the show I kept wondering ... hoping ... when Bailey is going to end her sabbatical because I'm sick to death of Karev throwing his ego around. Let it be soon.
  3. Gladrags

    S14.E24: All of Me

    I liked Jackson's scene with Matthew; just two guys trying to make the best of an awkward situation because they both care for April. Kinda refreshing. I'll sheepishly admit I teared up when I heard Sara Ramirez' voice. But if anyone mentions it tomorrow, I'll deny it. :)
  4. Gladrags

    S14.E23: Cold As Ice

    Go, Kepner! I had been hoping she and Matthew would find each other again. And I surely was hoping Grey's wouldn't go ghoulish again.
  5. Gladrags

    S14.E03: Go Big or Go Home

    The brain tumor copout/retcon always worked on soap operas. Since Grey's is pretty much a fancy, big-budget soap opera, why not?
  6. Gladrags

    S14.E03: Go Big or Go Home

    I'm OK with that, maybe, if it's Alex that gets hit by a bus. *evil grin*
  7. Gladrags

    Supercouple Discussion

    Seems like producers and writers are too fickle, and actors jump around so much these days for a supercouple to take shape and connect with the audience.
  8. Gladrags

    S13.E18: Be Still, My Soul

    That was my favorite part ... The episode seemed to stall and then jerk forward and stall again, but still it was compelling.
  9. Gladrags

    S13.E15: Civil War

    I never cared for Cristina, nor is my heritage Korean or Hispanic. But it is Polish, and I love homemade pierogi. See the difference?
  10. Gladrags

    S13.E15: Civil War

    I really really really wish that she hadn't outed herself as a Pierogi Queen and spoken to Arizona in Polish. Because now I want to like her. Dammit, show! This annoyed me more than anything else on the show. Karev being an asshat to April as always aside, why the hell is everyone so snide with April about doing Meredith's job? Especially Meredith! Meredith did something stupid, paid for it, and someone had to take her place while she was having her tantrum. GSM seems more like a day care than a hospital filled with educated professionals at times ... OK, most of the time. Amen to that. And have DeLuca be his right hand surgeon. Can't say this enough. We know Alex is a douche; do we have to be reminded of it multiple times every episode?
  11. Gladrags

    S13.E14: Back Where You Belong

    I thought so, too - one minute Arizona is cautioning Eliza about her approach, and the next they're giggling together like a pair of tweens on their way to their first dance. There was no development to their relationship - it just went from 0 to 60 off camera. There's been no development in Eliza's character, either - one minute she's reviled for butting in to an entrenched system, and the next she's the Best Teacher Evah. I'm really tired of Jo ... The pouting, whining, the big, teary eyes - I just wish she'd spill her whole damn story already and be done with it! Until then, I don't care about her or her past. And I'm still trying to figure out how someone as young as she is could have packed in so much experience in such a short life ... I'm not because at least Meredith understands the hierarchy of the hospital - the hierarchy that she herself helped set up. She knows she can't go throwing her weight around because she's on the board. Meredith's suspension is not a board issue - board of directors do not meddle (or at least they shouldn't) in personnel issues. The board's job is to hire a CEO, set policy, and take on fiduciary responsibility for the organization. Nothing more.
  12. Gladrags

    How did fans react to...?

    I remember being amused by Sami's grief sex with EJ because what she did, and Will's subsequent reaction to it, parroted almost to the letter Sami's reaction to Marlena's affair with John that produced Belle. Some of the dialogue was word for word, especially when Will told Sami he hated her, and accused her of breaking up the family. Here's a clip of Sami and Marlena: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJnvUiqmqjs
  13. Gladrags

    S13.E13: It Only Gets Much Worse

    LOL, I like that! :) April is just as qualified as Meredith to head the department, if not moreso because of her specialized training.
  14. Gladrags

    S13.E13: It Only Gets Much Worse

    Since I'm always looking for character growth on this show -- I know, I know, why am I always setting myself up for disappointment -- I'm hoping to see April become more self confident and Catherine become less of a bitch on wheels. A girl can dream. That was so disappointing! I wanted to see him bite her head off in a way that only Richard can. Catherine. Her name is Catherine.
  15. Gladrags

    S13.E12: None of Your Business

    Yes, I saw that, too. She thought she was pregnant and everything piled on top of her at once. Her MO when she's overwhelmed is to run away - which may not be the most mature thing, but at least it's an improvement from using again - as she did before her wedding, too. I'm no fan of Owen, but what would he need redeeming for? I don't care for Owen or Amelia one way or the other, but I hope you're right because it sure would be nice to see some character growth on this show.