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  1. Please tell me Laura isn't carrying a Michael Kor bag..
  2. Good for Laura! And please say you divorced that idiot!
  3. It's true. My BIL is a former corrections officer and has confirmed it.
  4. Yeah.. Or he had it done to make himself look tougher. ??
  5. She needs to get that infected tooth pulled or something. She's had several tooth infections, and been on antibiotics. And lose the piece of shit she's married to.
  6. Divorce that worthless piece of shit. Worthless fucker.
  7. Wow. They fell behind on the rent and for evicted. That's what happens when neither of them work.
  8. Whoever it belongs to, it's still a $50,000 truck. Those Raptors are expensive.
  9. She works at Walmart? What. She can't go over to the grocery section and grab some healthy food??? Ugh!
  10. Probably he insists. To keep him happy. Who knows. God Chay. Excuses. And that truck she's driving is a $50,000 one. Her job must pay good. And yes, there is an option with food for her. Buy. Your. Own.
  11. It get below 60, and they break out the heavy coats. Seriously. It's pathetic.
  12. Nope. He's a mooch who stays home and "takes care" of Laura.
  13. Nothing will help with Joey. Dump him. He's a cholo asshole.
  14. There is a woman who works in the post office who has nails like that.
  15. Shes losing weight and isn't dependent on his ugly ass anymore.
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