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  1. RaeSpellman

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    Jasmine doesn't seem to like Will, either. Not that she dislikes him. As edited, she seems to see him as a man who is not performing the role of husband to her liking rather than a decent guy she should get to know. Pairing Will with Kristine wouldn't necessarily be better. She might not be physically attracted to him. He might bore her to death. She might even annoy him if she was insistent about him going to the gym or getting rid of his favorite shoes. They might not have intelligent conversations, either. Stephanie is making it work with AJ.. But, she and Will might have been a decent match. Better even. She has more reasonable expectations than Jasmine. Wouldn't need him to go to the gym 5 days a week. Would be really committed to making the relationship work.
  2. RaeSpellman

    S08.E04: Strangers in Paradise

    The show told us that both of them own homes. Jasmine wanting a husband who pays most of their bills, doesn't necessarily mean that she expects him to pay most of her bills. If Jasmine moves into Will's home, his expenses don't necessarily double. Maybe she wants him to pay the mortgage and utilities while she pays for something like groceries and continues to pay her existing bills (hair, student loans, clothing, expenses related to the home she owns, etc.) It makes sense for Jasmine to tell her husband that she wants a husband who is a provider. It's also understandable that will would be taken aback by the idea that a woman that he just met wants him to support her. If Will really wants his wife and possibly the mother of his child to pay 50% of the household expenses, hopefully he plans to contribute to 50% of the cooking, cleaning, and child rearing.
  3. RaeSpellman

    S05.E10: Black Like Us

    Junior mentioned that Dre allows Jack to do things that aren't particularly "black" without judging him. Junior also mentioned the difference between the way light skinned women and light skinned men are treated.
  4. RaeSpellman


    Show said their mother was American. A Northern California hippie.
  5. RaeSpellman

    S03. E03. Excessive Force

    Thought they said the teacher requested 10x what was offered. So, NYPD offered $2.5 million. Not a lot for two people who each earn less than $60K in one of the most expensive ares of the country. Of course, they deserved nothing. And, while the teacher had room mates I wondered why a duo with modest incomes spent money on the hotel instead of going to her place.
  6. RaeSpellman

    S03.E03 Your Distant Destiny

    I'm around Hollywood's age. The actors cast to play Hollywood's classmates looked like they would have graduated well before '93. Whatever age he looks, Omar Dorsey is around the age Hollywood is supposed to be. Now we know there's an 18 year difference between Vi (c/o '75) and Hollywood. Hollywood told Charley to back off when she gave her opinion about what he should do with his settlement money. Charley also asked Nova if she wanted a manager. Charley is also misleading the community. So her actions don't just impact her.
  7. RaeSpellman

    S14.E21: Bad Reputation

    Of course the women shouldn't be expected to be grateful. Probably none of them would want to work at a Fox Foundation hospital. And, based on the timeline the show established most of the women should be in their late fifties or older now. Indeed. Catherine isn't a hero. Maybe they could choose a name for the foundation that symbolized something of value but isn't any person's name. Catherine was complicit. But, she didn't take the option of pursing legal action away from the women. She offered an alternative to the victims she knew about. The victims chose to settle instead of taking their chances in court. Probably they thought it would be difficult to win a sexual harassment suit against a well-regarded billionaire. Or, maybe Harper was only a multi-millionaire in 1988. Surely these these well-educated, capable women had some agency. Evaluated a couple of sub-optimal choices and picked one. Chose one.
  8. RaeSpellman

    S14.E21: Bad Reputation

    It must be a Shondaland-Seattle thing. I worked in family reunification. After the Courts removed a child from their parent's care, the parent that the child wasn't allowed to live in the home with the child. When close to reunification, Court approval was needed for overnight visits with the parents. Foster parents can have roommates. Or significant others that live with them. That person would need to pass a background check. So Amelia could move in. Maybe there is work that would make her and some of the others happier than surgery at a Fox Foundation Hospital would. There are other jobs, and/or other hospital jobs that would require a lot less training than getting back into surgery. Also, waitressing is a curious choice. I would imagine that a waitresses experience at least as much sexual harassment as the typical female physician did thirty years ago.
  9. RaeSpellman

    S14.E16: Caught Somewhere in Time

    When did they show/tell us that Arizona was April's best friend? Arizona doesn't seem to be a particularly good friend. She spent a bunch of time with Richard at trivia nights, Arizona explicitly stated that she and Richard were friends and she chose that terrible woman who threatened Richard's job over her friendship with Richard. So it's not that surprising that AZ isn't checking on April. Especially since former roommates Alex and Meredith, mentor Owen, and former step-father in law Richard also aren't checking in on her. It is heartbreaking.
  10. RaeSpellman

    S01.E01: Stuck / S01.E02: Invisible To Me

    Probably not. Ben Warren was an anesthesiologist who dated Miranda Bailey. Miranda was a divorced mom. Her son, Tuck is 13. Cress Williams played the ex-husband/Tuck's dad/Tucker Jones. Tucker Jones has existed off camera for at least 10 seasons. Years ago, there was a disaster at the hospital. Ben was off golfing. Miranda was traumatized. She broke up with Ben. Apparently, Ben still worked in the hospital off camera for a couple of seasons. Miranda dated a nurse played by Daniel Sunjata. Ben reappeared on camera annoyed that while he was keeping his distance and allowing Miranda to heal from the trauma he was also waiting for her while Miranda had appeared to move on. He let her know this. Miranda broke up with the nurse. She told Ben, the break up had nothing to do with him. After a few episodes she started dating Ben again. Before Ben and Miranda became engaged Ben decided that he wanted to be a surgeon. He started a residency somewhere in LA. Maybe UCLA. Miranda didn't like this. Still, they married. They hooked up in on call rooms when Ben was in town. Miranda earned the nick-name Booty Call Bailey. Ben decided to move back to Seattle after a year or so and became a resident at Seattle Grace. He was part of the Plastics Posse 2.0 with Jackson Avery. Jackson and Ben are friends. They've gone on runs together. Jackson lived with Ben and Miranda briefly when he separated with his wife. Ben was also a risk taker. He got it trouble. Suspended at one point. Miranda was promoted to Chief of Surgery. Ben's shenanigans caused marital problems. Years into his surgical residency, Ben decided that he wanted to become a fire fighter. Miranda didn't like this either. She's trying to accept it. Hopefully, he won't cheat on her with Teapot Firefighter.
  11. RaeSpellman

    S01.E01: Stuck / S01.E02: Invisible To Me

    In real-Seattle, there is definitely a written exam and oral boards for Fire Captain. Candidates need 2-3 years experience as a Fire Lieutenant. One might think that the process for being promoted to Lieutenant would be more involved than an ill father appointing the daughter that has been doing some portion of his job to the position outside of work hours with no HR involvement. Of course in tv-Seattle civil services rules might not be a thing. So Andy's couple of days experience as Lieutenant absolutely qualifies her to be acting-Captain. And the dude is super qualified, too.
  12. RaeSpellman

    S14.E16: Caught Somewhere in Time

    Last night Maggie said that Richard wasn't really her father. Yes, she also said something about she was starting to feel like he is. Still, it bugged me because she's all about being Ellis' daughter and Meredith's sister. Even Amelia's sister. April was the one who suggested that Jackson take Stephanie to Ben and Miranda's wedding. And, she was the one who suggested that Maggie and Jackson like each other. Stephanie handled the way Jackson broke up with her pretty well. But, the way Jackson broke up with Stephanie should be cautionary tale for Maggie, any woman who works at Grey Sloan, and/or any woman who might have to spend time around Jackson when the relationship is over. Jackson and Maggie both seem pretty terrible when it comes to relationships. Then again, Meredith was, too. Until Derek. Eventually. Is Jackson Maggie's Derek?
  13. RaeSpellman

    S01.E01: Stuck / S01.E02: Invisible To Me

    Even though Cress Williams has been busy in Bluebell and Freedland, Tucker Jones is in Seattle off-screen and has been mentioned a few times over the years. In episode 13.3 Miranda "deputized" Ben to deal with Tuck after he had an incident with another kid at school because she was exhausted and Tucker Jones is the fun parent. When Ben & Miranda dropped Tuck off at school in episode 14.11 Miranda told Tuck "your dad's picking you up after school so we will see you on Monday." Was Tuck around at all during that brief period when Jackson was living with the Bailey/Warren home a few seasons ago? I assumed he was at his father's house then. Maybe Tuck calls both of them Dad. Or some variation of dad. After all, Ben has referred to Tuck as his kid several times in this episode and at least a few more times over the last few seasons of Grey's Anatomy. Looking at old clips, I think Ben became "Dad" in the last two seasons because when Ben and Miranda start the conversation about what to do with Tuck after the incident at school, Miranda says "he's my child" and Ben pleads his case for why he should be given more parental responsibilities. This season, Ben was the one who was there to give Tuck the talk, not Tucker. So, Tucker is around spending regular time with Tuck and doing fun dad things while Ben is around teaching Tuck how to grow up.
  14. RaeSpellman

    S14.E11: (Don't Fear) the Reaper

    Thirty minutes might be a long time to keep a Chief of Surgery from a well-regarded hospital who is strongly advocating for herself waiting. Miranda is younger than Chandra. Miranda and Callie were in the same class. Arizona was an attending and Meredith, Alex, George, Izzie, and Cristina were interns while Callie and Miranda were still residents. So Miranda may be younger than Arizona and slightly older than Meredith. Meredith was born in or around '78. Having Miranda graduate high school in '92 or even a couple of years later fits with other information we have been given though the run of the series. Grey's has a mix of actors playing characters older than they are (Amelia, Arizona), about the age they are (April, Jackson, Maggie, Richard, Catherine), a handful of years younger than they are (Miranda, Ben?) and around a decade younger than they are (Meredith, Alex). Catherine bringing food to Ben and Richard reminded me of the time that she sent snacks (that Cristina enjoyed) to Richard after Adele's death. Also, while I understand that it didn't fit the story they were telling, I felt the visual absence of a Black Lightning/Tucker Jones flashback.
  15. RaeSpellman

    S01.E02: Lawanda: The Book of Hope

    Jefferson seems approximately Cress' age. His daughter, medical student/ health teacher Anissa is an adult A 47 year old person could look like they are 37, 47, or 57. Therefore it's not unreasonable that Jefferson's first students could be 3-5 years younger than him, have teen-aged or young adult children, and look the age Jefferson looks or look ten years older.