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  1. Here’s the link if anyone wants to read the basic outline of today’s court hearing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/htqphkzyneb8uco/Minute Order for Hearing 9-27-21.pdf?dl=0 ETA: Here’s how a lawyer on Reddit described the outcome: The motions to dismiss and/or suppress evidence were DENIED meaning the Defense was unsuccessful. The case will proceed as normal, likely with more plea deals being offered, more discovery(fact investigation), and drafting of appeals (for the Defense). Not sure about what's going on with the Franks hearing motion. Even if the Court grants it all that happen
  2. I’m not sure it’s possible to “accidentally” download CSA as the average computer user. I think folks like Josh have to first do some research into where and how to get it. It’s not something the average person knows how to access.
  3. I guess it could be argued that the boys don’t get their own thread until they’re in a courtship too, so why is Jana so special? I happen to agree that Jana deserves her own thread, but I can see the slippery slope that could lead to unless there’s a decision that all the Duggar kids get their own thread at a certain age.
  4. @quarks I don’t want to quote your entire post, but I did want to note that I read it and get where you’re coming from. I think Emily’s point is that if the feds had evidence that Josh was involved in the production of cp at the time of his arrest, they would have to charge him with that then. Now if they found that evidence of that crime in the months since, yes, they could then charge him with it. But they can’t just hold onto that evidence as a threat to suggest that if he doesn’t accept a plea for the receiving and distribution charge, they will then tack on a production charge. That’
  5. Really? Wow, that’s real money! I hate that Josh has that kind of money. But I assume that’s money they’ve lived off since the TV money went away. 300K divided by 6 years off TV is only 50K per year in spending money. Of course, they don’t appear to pay a mortgage or even rent, so hopefully, she still has quite a bit of it. Then again, I’m sure he’s paying some of the lawyer fees Jim Bob is stingy, so while he will certainly not leave Anna penniless after paying for the lawyers, I bet he is making Josh pay some of it I wonder if she would still have to give him half in a divorce if he’
  6. I don’t disagree with you at all that Jesus said it was okay to divorce for sexual immorality, but is that how IFB and the Duggars interpret that scripture? I’m not sure I did a quick Google search and found out that for fundies like the Duggars, the sexual immorality loophole only applies if there is unrepentant, repeated sexual immorality. For Anna, Josh repented of the adultery. I also think that we can’t apply common sense or any form of modern, educated thinking to Anna. She’s a thoroughly brainwashed member of a cult. So what seems obvious to us, that Josh is a predator who i
  7. I don’t think she thinks she is “above” that. I think she believes God made women to raise children. Raising God fearing children is her full-time job, according to the Bible and her religious faith. Remember, Anna believes that literally everything that happens is God’s will. Right now, God is testing her faith, and she must persevere. In her mind, obeying God means submitting to her husband’s authority and forgiving him for whatever sins he commits. Remember too, all sins are equal in their eyes. So there is no difference between cheating and stealing, for example. Sin is sin, and every
  8. If you go back and watch Josh and Anna’s wedding episode, Anna specifically says that her mother sat her down two weeks before the wedding to explain to her how “intimacy” works between a husband and a wife. So I absolutely believe Anna had zero understanding of what Josh actually did when he was 14. Plus, you have to remember that the entire family, including the sisters, were telling her how great Josh was and what an amazing Christian, son, and brother he was, etc. She was likely told that Josh touched his sisters “inappropriately” a few times, repented of his sins, and was born a new man.
  9. I also did some speculating that those pictures might be some kind of tool the prosecution could be used to threaten Josh with more charges. Emily says no. Those pictures can only be used to establish that it was Josh who did the crime he’s being charged with. She said it would be unconstitutional for them to go back and file different charges based on the information they had at the time at the time of his arrest.
  10. Emily Baker, attorney and YouTuber that many of us have watched explain Josh’s situation before, explains the government’s response to each of his defense motions. She’s very clear and direct. The part about Josh starts at the 49 minute mark: She quickly dispels the idea that the prosecution may charge Josh with additional counts related to his current charges based on the pictures of his hands, a possibility some had raised in the forums. Most importantly, she believes the court will deny all of the defense’s motions, and as she detailed all of the evidence the prosecution has
  11. I’ve been reading the prosecution’s response on and off today, and I just noticed something striking. They arrested Josh for downloading one video file and one zip file that contained 65 images. However, they also flagged 93 other “files of interest” that they got from his IP address. I wonder what happened with those files. Another sign of Josh’s total idiocy is that he uses the same passwords over and over that include either his name or his birth year. There’s just no way this wasn’t Josh downloading and viewing this material.
  12. Where can I read their response? I’ll watch Emily Baker break it down later, but I’d like to read some of it too since I read the defense’s motions. ETA: Nevermind. I found the responses for each defense motion. I think and hope Josh is going to jail. None of the other three Josh is trying to pin this on were on the car lot in May 2019. Josh was the only one there. He should take the plea deal. I especially enjoy the part when investigators ask Josh, “Have you ever seen x,” x being a very specific image of CP, and Josh, the absolute moron, says “I’d prefer not to answer.” I mean, wha
  13. Kittens are not toys. These people are idiots.
  14. My favorite part is that by following Calvinism, Jinger, Ben, and Jeremy are basically Puritans. They just don’t care about the “purifying “ the Church of England because it’s 2021, not 1630. Still, I’m sure they are quite concerned with purifying other modern Christian churches. And no, predestination doesn’t mean you can just be an ass on earth because you’re predestined to be saved. It just means that your “good works” won’t save you. You should still do all things that glorify God. Calvinism is at its core a Protestant based theology that separates itself from the Catholic Churc
  15. Yes he is. The only big difference is that Calvinists believe that before God created Adam, He, in his infinite wisdom, pre-selected every single soul that would ever be born that could be saved. He then sent his son Jesus to die on the cross to atone for the sins of those God had “elected” to be made clean and worthy. In other words, Jesus didn’t die for everyone. He only died for the “elect.” You know you are part of the elect because you will be unable to resist God’s call. I think many folks mistakenly assume that those who think they are part of the “elect” must be really arrogant to pres
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