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  1. I’m sure Michael is beyond thrilled to be moving back to Tennessee so I say good for her. Plus, since the baby thing doesn’t seem to be working out for her, I’m also happy to see her focusing on a career instead. Again, good for her.
  2. Fallacy

    Leaving Neverland

    I’ve watched the film and the Oprah follow up twice now. As a fellow victim (not or Jackson of course, but of child sexual abuse), I want everyone I love to see both so they can truly understand what happened to me. Watch the faces of the people in the audience as they listen to the men. They know exactly what these men are talking about; they’ve been there too. And I adore Oprah for really getting at why victims keep the secret for so long even when directly asked on multiple occasions. That was me until I had my first child. And when Oprah mentioned the sons as being the major trigger for these men to speak out, I noticed several people in the audience nod along because they too shared that experience. The one point that really struck me too is that all of it is just magnified so much because of the superstar/celebrity factor. People find accusations hard to believe when they’re made against just some person they know at work, and now we are asking die hard fans who have loved Jackson for decades to believe he did the worst thing imaginable. I think they know the truth too, but it will take them time to admit it. I will never listen to Jackson’s music again. Because of my own history, it’s too triggering. But I also struggle to understand those who can still enjoy his music even though they believe he is a pedophile. I’m trying to be like Oprah and see the idea that Jackson can be a musical genius worthy of our appreciation for his music and a pedophile, but to me, the fact that he abused these children wipes out any good he ever produced in this world entirely.
  3. Fallacy

    S09.E06: To Grandmother’s House We Go

    I noticed a conversation between Kendall and her mother, which made me sad. Her mother was explaining that every pregnancy after Kendra has been very difficult because she had a car accident while pregnant with Kendra. There’s been at least 5 pregnancies since Kendra! The woman appeared to be in serious pain, but I guess God just wants her to keep birthing those babies for Christ.
  4. Fallacy

    S10:05 Mariah's Big Announcement

    I don’t quite understand the claim that Robin chose Flagstaff. Yes, Dalton will be attending college there, but isn’t it entirely possible he applied for a college there after they picked it as their new location? Why are some stating that this decision was made solely for the benefit of Robin and Dalton as if that is a known fact rather than merely speculation? I get that Robin is Queen B, or is at least assumed to be, but what actual evidence is there to state unequivocally that Flagstaff was chosen for her son’s benefit. Genuinely asking.
  5. Fallacy

    S07.E08: Penneys from Heaven

    Based on all the confessionals of Dimitri and Michelle talking about each other’s looks every single episode, including this one, and their bs drama over Michelle copying Dimitri a few challenges back, I’d say the editors are setting us up for a Dimitri and Michelle showdown in the finale with arrogant Biddel coming in third or beating them both. As a long time Dimitri fan, I can only hope he beats out Michelle in the end. They both had hideous looks this challenge, but I didn’t hate his blouse.
  6. Fallacy

    S15.E10: Help, I'm Alive

    I like Koracik in every scene he’s in, and the show overall is not that bad if I pretend seasons 1-10 never happened. If I compare this season to any season that included Christina and Derek, I end up hate watching. But as a stand alone season, this one has been decent. Also, Teddy makes me super uncomfortable anytime she’s on screen because the actress who plays her is far far too thin and has been since she first showed up. Looking at her skeleton wrists and hands just worries me too much.
  7. Fallacy

    The Lonely Js Club: Jana, Jedidiah, Jeremiah and Jason

    Is it just me or is Jana looking thinner too? In the picture of her and Michelle, Jana is looking rail thin, as sure a sign of courting as Instagram might be. All the girls get stupid thin right before marriage for their wedding pictures, I assume. And Jana looks thinner to me in that picture. I hope she is courting because in her world, she’s the pitiful old maid and thus I feel guilty snarking on her at all.
  8. Fallacy

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Reading through the church’s statement of faith, I can tell that church is 100% Calvinist. They’ve got all five letters of CalvIn’s TULIP embedded in their page: https://www.gcclaredo.com/our-mission/ And here’s the background information on the TULIP for comparison: https://www.calvinistcorner.com/tulip.htm The Puritans were Calvinists by the way, but your more progressive Christian churches today subscribe more to Arminianism. https://www.thoughtco.com/calvinism-vs-arminianism-700526 In short, Jeremy believes he is one of God’s “elect” so he really does think he was chosen by God.
  9. Fallacy

    S04.E08: Wilmington

    I fast forward through the sex scenes on this show now and have done so since season 1; they make me uncomfortable for the actors. Roger and Brianna’s was particularly uncomfortable to watch, so I hit the fast forward button as soon as he removed her dressing gown. I read through book 7 of the series, so I knew Bonnet would rape Brianna, but it’s been so many years since I read the book this season is based on that I had forgotten all the details. I enjoy watching the show from this perspective though, knowing major plot points but not the details.
  10. Fallacy

    The Lonely Js Club: Jana, Jedidiah, Jeremiah and Jason

    They are surprisingly good, I think.
  11. Fallacy

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I honestly don’t see anything wrong with any of her latest pictures, not with her hair, her skin, or her fashion. To me, she looks like a perfectly average young woman, and she’s actually quite pretty in my opinion. Her posts hawking that discount code all seem normal to me too. Jill does enough stupid stuff that I don’t bother much with the boring stuff she does, and these posts are normal and boring to me.
  12. Fallacy

    JD and Abbie: Captured Before the Rapture

    I caught that too and equally hate when people like Abby suggest that the elderly are cute, little helpless toys or children rather than self-actualized human beings worthy of respect and dignity.
  13. Fallacy

    JD and Abbie: Captured Before the Rapture

    I liked the kissing, but the vows were so full of fundie speak that I have little hope they will be any different than any other Duggar couple. At least they love each other very much on their wedding day.
  14. Fallacy

    JD and Abbie: Captured Before the Rapture

    I love Abby’s dress, especially the belt, but then again my wedding dress from 20 years ago is nearly identical, except without the awesome belt. Still, I’m pleasantly surprised by how beautiful they both look in the pictures as I always thought John’s head was shaped like an alien’s oversized head with a huge, bulging forehead, and Abby has a bit of a pug or French bulldog look to her, with her eyes and nose specifically. They both look attractive enough to model for David’s Bridal though so well done to them and their talented photographer. I swear that I’m genuinely complimenting them in this post though. They look great, and I think bridesmaids’ dresses are nice too though everyone is right: they need better bras ASAP.
  15. Fallacy

    S15.E06: Flowers Grow Out of My Grave

    I had the opposite reaction. I thought it was cringe worthy and just reminded me how much this show sucks compared to previous seasons. Plus the CGI was ridiculously low budget bad.