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  1. Skyler Durden

    S02.E01: All Star Talent Show Extravaganza

    Alaska's lip filler is out of control. Gurl, put the needle down. And talk in a normal goddamn voice or you're going to start getting compared to LaGanja.
  2. Skyler Durden

    S05.E15: Spencer & Katy

    I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. - There is no WAY that this chucklefuck had a passport just lying around. - It was gross that Max and Nev spent so much time ogling the hot girl as if that made it okay - Did anyone detect an undercurrent of masculine rage bubbling beneath the surface? Every once in a while his dumb eyes would flash with something that did not seem safe. - That Convent/hotel is gorge - Katy Perry. Gurl. Restraining order YESTERDAY.
  3. NO TRIXIE. She and her ugly fucking makeup had a chance and a second chance. Drop her and get some Willam up in this bitch.
  4. Skyler Durden

    S08.E09: The Realness

    It's amazing what a lovefest this show became once fucking Derrick was finally kicked out.
  5. Skyler Durden

    S05.E09: Tyreme & Tomorrow

    UGH. Watching her BEG for his love was so pathetic. Find some self-esteem, girl.
  6. Skyler Durden

    S02.E02: Not In Scotland Anymore

    People give Game of Thrones a lot of shit for all the rape, but I think, rape-for-rape, this is the rapiest fucking show on TV. That finance guy was gross, and playing that scene for humor doesn't give it a pass. Actually, almost all of the humor rang really flat for me. The entire waxing scene especially made me roll my eyes and left me cold. I am guessing that Louise is a huge book favorite; something about the way she burst onto the scene screamed of fan service. Mostly, I just came to say that that boy playing Jack's brother looks just like him. Either that kid is actually related, or that was some of the best look-alike casting I have ever seen.
  7. Skyler Durden

    S05.E15: Pencils Down

    They really took the easy way out by conveniently turning Edison into a bad guy. All of Liv's actions to tank him are suddenly somehow justified. I would almost rather see her just break bad and fuck him over at the cost of her own soul. I am glad that Susan got to be the dumpER and walk away with some dignity. You smoke that cigarette, girl. I LOVE a manipulative handjob. That bathroom scene was kind of hot, even though Jake is stupid and I hate him.
  8. Skyler Durden

    S08.E03: RuCo Empire

    This is the first season where I don't hate anyone, and I am SO happy about that. I hated Cynthia's Charo schtick, but dammit, I liked HER. And I HOWLED when she yelled " I LOVED it!" when referring to her own performance. Bob is still my pick, but Thorgi (who I still pronounce with a hard G so it rhymes with Corgi) is definitely pulling on all of my feels. Controversial opinion: I haven't seen Untucked yet, but FUCK Trixie's makeup. I HATE it. On top on being fucking ugly, it's literally a distraction from the person underneath (whom I like). There should be a new rule: never work with children, animals, or Trixie's goddamn makeup. Because that shit will suck all the attention from whatever's on the stage.
  9. Skyler Durden

    S17.E13: Live Finale

    Am I an absolute monster for being horrified by Hope's neck? I fast-forwarded through most of the show, and the parts I didn't FF made me cringe. Making Toy and Colby relive their trauma again? Cringe. Watching Erin sing...AGAIN? Cringe. Watching Erin awkwardly out Bob? Cringe. Watching Colby's TWO random monologues that had nothing to do with ANYTHING (Cancer friend what?)? Cringe. Watching the world try and ship Felecia and Dolvett? Cringe. Watching Catholic and Catholic-er cross themselves for the 50 thousandth fucking time? EYEROLL followed by Cringe. This is the first season where I just. Didn't. Care. Also Hope's neck YOU ARE THINKING IT TOO.
  10. OMG Bob. Bob 4-eva. Bob is EVERYTHING.
  11. Skyler Durden

    S05.E12: Be Our Guest

    I UGLY cried during that murdercide. I'm trying not to cry at work as I think back on it.
  12. Skyler Durden

    S17.E02: Taste Test / S17.E03 Keep On Truckin'

    I know she went through some horrifying shit that no one should ever have to go through, but I am DONE with Toy. When she flippantly said something like "Derp dorp, I'm not ready to make smart choices!" before going down on those food truck tacos, I was, like, no. Willpower is not a prize you win, it's a daily struggle. She acted as if she hadn't "achieved" willpower, so she didn't need to bother trying. UGH, it really ground my gears. Ask the dozens of contestants who gained the weight back about how they "won" the magical gift of willpower. I think Hatch is clearly going to be in the top 3. He's a big dude, but most of it is pretty solid.
  13. Skyler Durden

    S07.E11: Iowa

    So...can we get back to lawyerin' stuff now? Because I hate everything about this whole election subplot. Also, personal point of order: If JDM is going to work for Vanessa Williams (sorry, I am spacing on character names), he would be NOWHERE near the Golden Gate. He likely would have flown to SFO and gone south to San Jose. The Golden Gate is literally in the opposite direction of where he is going.
  14. Skyler Durden

    S05.E06: Room 33

    So we are going to completely disregard the fact that there are at least 30 murderous little savages running around LA? Because that seems like a pretty big plot point to just toss out there and then forget about.
  15. Skyler Durden

    S07.E06: Lies

    I'm really hoping the Monica subplot is going somewhere. Otherwise, it was just a colossal waste of time, meant to show what, exactly? I was wondering that too. If she wanted to shame LAL into hiring her, wouldn't that make for a hell of an awkward basis for employment? What kind of toxic-ass work environment would that create?