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  1. But arguably such rule is rather misogynist thereby negating any claim of empowering women (such as any claim exists).
  2. All the while being [at best] a mediocre dancer who gets a pass/excuses for rushing the beat, falling out of turns and not finishing moves!
  3. Re the Neal McCoy "Shake" vid, watching each group's feet, I noticed how off VK is. Her feet are consistently ahead of the beat--her starts and finishes (such as she ever actually finishes a move) are off. I'm not a trained dancer; I just do dance-type classes for exercise. It makes me nuts when instructors rush the beat. I hate being off-beat. If I focus on those who are off-beat, I go off-beat too, so if I can't watch the instructor because they're off-beat and don't know the patterns well enough to do it without watching, it ain't no fun at all.
  4. I think it's an ad for Downy . . . the "harsh harsh baby mm mm mm mm mm." The "singer" makes me stabby. Absolutely hate loathe and despise that wimpy, clipped-vocal chords, deformed vowels style of "singing.
  5. Imo, Amanda is rapidly surpassing Rachel W in the "most photogenic" category. Amanda's smile lights up her face; Rachel's is in perma-freeze.
  6. Direct evidence that cultural conditioning of gender stereotyping, misogyny and racism is real.
  7. "It was like . . . and they were like . . . and she was like. . . and he was like . . . and I was like . . . OH MY GOD!!!!!" The end. Never again.
  8. Pluto: "We have a bachelor winter weather advisories."
  9. Ditto. Her smile (when she has one as opposed to the open-mouth thing) never reaches her eyes. Expressionless.
  10. Ugh. Watching Cassie's rookie season and how absolutely awful she was, both in appearance and dance and yet she made it. She and Judy were both insufferable with their tears and collapses on each other. Seeing Cassie again while knowing Victoria's legacy arc puts a really bad taste in my mouth.
  11. Rewatching 2011 season made me decide Ann Lux is Cassie Trammell 2.0 (but with lips). I choose to believe Charlotte disliked Ann so intensely because she wasn't permitted to outwardly dislike Cassie.
  12. The biggest diff between male and female cheerleaders I find most noticeable is, in most cases, the females are wearing far less clothing.
  13. Thanks Loodicrus, but it just gives me "stills." If I refresh, I get a new still. No video.
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