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  1. Considering I believe that in the end that the defendant said the horse was running from the bear, one could possibly assume the fence had just been destroyed.
  2. I think the indication that he was a poor HOA president is that he was voted out. It's been my experience people are very happy to keep someone who wants to be on the HOA board on that board unless they are a problem.
  3. I suspect most gang members went beyond a 16 box of crayons in school.
  4. We just fast forward it through the slow motion walking and tattooing to the tattoos. It saves so much time on Tuesday.
  5. I thought he said yoshino cherry, the other was a wax myrtle.
  6. If the goal is just to produce animals, they could just artificially inseminate the all of the females regardless on whether they are the alpha dog, then raise the puppies via surrogate, however the none alpha females would have to be removed from the pack and perhaps just kenneled and would lose the whole pack structure. I suspect just like other wild animals painted dog puppies learn to be painted dogs from their mother and other members of the pack. In the end you might have a lot of genetic painted dogs but you have lost the essence of what they are. They will be like those Bronx elepha
  7. But notice those pups were not returned back to the pack in OKC Zoo, probably because they wouldn't be recognized by the others as pack members. It sounds like the move to LA made them their own pack.
  8. We are building a house right now in a developer. Granite is yesterday's news-quartz is the new high end counter tops. It seems that at least the price point we are in. For the record, we are putting in formica because anyone who buys the house after us will want to put their own 'stamp' on it and if you ever watch HH you know the stuff lasts forever. Carpet because we are tired of seeing our poor dogs trying to get traction on current laminate floors carpet can be changed out easier than tile and feels better on bare feet, and black appliances because if judging from the house we are cur
  9. I wish Ink Master would take a page from this show. You don't need all that assholery to make a good show.
  10. I was annoyed with Josh's indication that he had invented the glue gun when we have seen it before done by Justin LeBlanc in the Glamping challenge.
  11. Oak Island has been settled by Europeans since the 1750's (according to wiki) and who knows how many crossed its shores before then. You are going to find all sorts of signs that people have been there for centuries. Native Americans/First Nations traded freely so even if a coin predates when people have known to have settled it doesn't mean that it couldn't have been have come from an earlier European settlement. The careless way people have bulldozed, dug and explored the land means that bits of human bones could have come from forgotten burials. In all of the years this show has been on,
  12. I thought it was a bearded lady-in keeping with the location they were tattooing.
  13. I wouldn't call it gross but Kohlepp is disturbing in the Ted Bundy sort of way. It makes you feel vulnerable to know that someone who seems so ordinary can be so sick.
  14. I am afraid I can no longer find the snarky joy I used to feel for this show. I record every episode watch a couple minutes and then delete the rest. It seems that they just keep digging holes and returning to the same old, same old stories on the possible origins of the treasure.
  15. I think so many people got caught up with heritage as country you come from when it could have meant place you come from as well I am a Midwesterner, that white bread all American who have lost a lot of touch with the foods of the country of origin because it was either so long ago or pounded out of existance by the pressures of society to be "American." However, midwestern cooking can be as unique as southern cooking, California or any other regional food in this country.
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