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  1. No the shows will never have that kind of budget again to be sure, but soaps were great before the 80s and before the big budgets! Writers just have to be willing to tell a good story that doesn't involve a ton of things shows cannot afford! Tell me a good soapy story and I am there for it. The scenes today with Sonny/Jason and Carly highlight the incompetence of these writers. As others have pointed out: where's the drama? Where's the soap? You don't even have to show a sex scene - have Sonny walk into the bedroom after Carly and Jason have done the deed and are spooning in bed naked! I
  2. Exactly. This might be an interesting thing to explore. Sonny actually admitting he enjoyed the simple life and hanging out at a badly named bar with no customers. Maybe this can be a conflict with Carly and Jason (I mean beyond their marriage): he wants out and they don't. Unfortunately I doubt the show will do that. It will all be about how Carly is a whore because she married Jason. And because it cannot be said enough fuck you show for having Monica willingly hug Carly. FFS.
  3. I'm not a Carly/Jason shipper by any means but I still think it would be a far more interesting story if they wanted to stay together even after Sonny returns or Jason decides to not simply walk away from Carly (romantically) just because Sonny is back. Will that happen? Doubtful. I will say though it was quite disconcerting to see Jason smiling so much during the wedding. And while I don't mind that the writers suddenly decided to explore them having actual feelings for each other, I mind the way it done. Up until like a week ago or so, Jason looked like he wanted to run away every time
  4. I've never liked Brooke and I've been indifferent to Quinn until she hooked up with Carter. I don't much care how many times this one cheated or that one cheated but I will say this: Quinn is a criminal and no matter what else Brooke is, she isn't a criminal. In my opinion, Quinn is much, much worse than Brooke. That whole Liam prisoner thing was beyond. Now, of course, this show ignores that whole plot and wants viewers to forget it but come on. Honestly how is Quinn that much different than Sheila besides perhaps the sheer number of crimes? Right? My god they are tiresome. I didn't m
  5. Yes, they could just leave for sure. But also? How about sitting down with Eric and having an actual conversation about it all? Instead of leaving it at some edict that must be followed because Eric spoketh - have a meeting! Include such topics as Quinn and Carter's real feelings for each other, is there a schedule when we can be together and who makes that decision, will they be attending family holiday gatherings a throuple, will Carter be moving into the mansion, will Carter also get a portrait hung and so forth. I will say that while I don't really think TK has ever been very Ridge li
  6. Of course Eric wouldn't be interested in an open marriage if he didn't have ED. I'm not sure he would have asked Quinn if she wanted to try their marriage again if he didn't have the ED. And as to the rest, yeah I mean it's silly but IF they were going to do this - the 3 participants have to do a lot more talking. It cannot just be Eric declaring 'have a good night together.' while he wanders off to his bedroom to listen! Brooke, Donna and Katie calling Eric to discuss his marriage or whatever they were doing was stupid. On and on with the lame giggling and so forth - what are they 1
  7. I feel like the writers are setting up Donna to solve all of Eric's alleged issues. Perhaps it's a mental thing because Quinn cheated not only with Carter but with Ridge (I know they didn't complete the deed but still) - both younger men then himself. Donna cure will involve honey I'm sure and Eric will declare her a miracle worker! Well at this point I am doubting he was much of a ladies man if he doesn't know sex doesn't require a penis!
  8. Justin's what?!? Is that still a thing?!? Hee. I kid ... I think ... though the audience seems to currently be the only ones to remember this happened!
  9. Eric sounded absolutely insane today. AGAIN, his sex life does not have to be over! He cannot hold her and touch her and kiss her? There are alternatives available and I hate to keep typing that but it so irritates me. Even if he doesn't have the same energy - they can still share intimacy. Geez. Yes. I mean at least Carter got to express this and basically reject the notion that now he was going to be some kind of on call sex toy for Quinn just because Eric deems it okay. I have no issue with them showing an open marriage if all three of them discuss this some more. Eric just mak
  10. I feel like you are completely missing the point. I am all in for Quinn/Carter and honestly they are the only reason I am watching the show at this time. And if the writers decide to have Quinn and Eric in an open marriage - great why not. It's the approach they are taking at this time. First, Carter is in fact an employee at Forrester. Second, presenting Carter as some kind of sex toy for hire for Quinn is kinda gross. Third there are plenty of examples in history and in movies etc of the black man for sex only trope. I'm glad the black characters are being given something to do oth
  11. I have to agree with you on this. Generally, actors really don't have much control over the storylines written for their characters. When the writers had Sally Spectra pregnant back in the day, Darlene Conley was not happy about it (my brother was married to her niece, so I heard about it through that grapevine). She thought it was ridiculous at her age and let's face it, it wasn't as though it was remotely possible for Sally to be that much younger than the actress playing her! Long story short, she expressed her unhappiness but she was still stuck with the story. Except he can i
  12. I'm very much hoping Carter's response will be no obviously but also admitting he cannot because he has actual feelings for Quinn. Of course with these writers ...
  13. But why does Eric need this? Is Eric not the kind of dude that goes down on his wife?!? Plus there are many toys out there that can be used in place of his non-functioning equipment. Don't get me wrong - I want Quinn and Carter together and they are my preference. I just don't want it like this. Plus: Agreed. Certainly I haven't seen a storyline like this on a soap - at least that i can remember offhand - but still. Come on.
  14. To me this is the biggest issue - the writers writing Dimm so dim. How much more interesting would the story be if Dimm was actually listening to his wife and in laws and Sheila would have to be fighting for his attention? Or if he at least was on the fence about everything and doing some basic research? This immediate acceptance and jump to calling Sheila mom is just dumb. All the way around. It's sad we spend more time on these idiotic storylines than the writers actually do - writers who get paid for this dreck.
  15. OMG that was the worst and it made zero sense. The thing is, I know for many adopted kids it's important to find birth parents. I respect that. But soaps generally treat this subject very poorly. And really how difficult could it be for Finn to jump online and do a simple search for Sheila and discover that everything Steffy and the fam is saying is true? Hells bells, they've barely scratched the surface since I don't think they've covered all the stuff she did in WI! Back in the day, it would have been harder to verify any of the info but now? Come on. I'm really supposed to be
  16. I despise the way most soaps treat the adoptive parents of characters. Generally shows write these stories like the birth parents are the be all and end all. It's just so insulting. In this case, Li raised Finn. She was the one there for all of his life events. She is mom. Sorry but give me a break. Plus, where is the proof Sheila is his birth mother? I mean did they do a DNA test already?!? Dark hair and a vague resemblance is not proof of anything. I'm already over this story. It's stupid and rushed. Why is Quinn back with Eric? Why? Why can't I ever have nice things? The show
  17. This is super easy to explain: because everyone has to worship at Sonny's feet and ignore the whole mobster thing. Oh and the other hard and fast rule of this show is Sonny, Jason and Carly always win. Always.
  18. That's fair. But I will give her this: she may not give a shit about what was going on, however, she also didn't open her big mouth and act like a moron. Faint praise I suppose but far more than Sonya or Ramona managed this episode. Actually Lu has managed to not be entirely terrible this season unlike Sonya and Ramona and Leah. I used to love RHoNY. This is the show my sister got me into and we used to call at commercial breaks to laugh over the Van Kampen's back in the day. I can barely tolerate this nonsense anymore. I don't mind Eboni and I do think these women do need a few lessons o
  19. Isn't Nina a bit ... old to be with child? I mean I know this is a soap and writers like to pretend these characters aren't the age they actually are but come on. As to the Sonny has amnesia storyline - am I sick of it? Hell to the yeah and I've only watched the last month or so! The story is just awful. Jax vs Sonny? Jax all day every day. Sorry but being a corporate raider is not a crime nor is it illegal. Sonny is a mobster. Now a mobster of what exactly who knows but still plenty of death and violence has followed this character lo these many years. He and his merry band of mob e
  20. They certainly are but I don't care. If he keeps Stuffy occupied and away from Liam and Hope? I'm good. I'd rather watch this insomnia duo than anything to do with the triangle of doom. Now I will say I wish they had cast the dude who played Vinny as Finn because he was a much better actor and I think he had more chemistry with JMW. I don't care one bit about how many people Taylor or Brooke slept with. Or Eric and Ridge for that matter. My issue with Brooke, Ridge and Eric going on and on about Quinn cheating is the hypocrisy. It's tiresome considering the things each of those cha
  21. Of course it would be better! It would make a lot more sense too. As it is, Eric and Ridge are acting as though Quinn is solely responsible for the 'affair' (if you can call it that) and she led Carter astray. I mean come on. Quinn gets kicked out but Carter keeps his job?!? What's worse is Eric saying Carter cannot see Quinn anymore. Excuse me? If Eric makes a choice to divorce Quinn, it's no longer any of his damn business who she sees. And if Eric chooses to keep Carter employed, his love life is not of any concern to his employer. Quinn is a questionable character to be sure but
  22. This is a very crowded table! I love them together. I'm intrigued. I think they have tons of chemistry and it's just so unexpected. I don't see a lot of chemistry on any of the soaps left, so I'll take what I can get with these two. I think RS and LSV are selling the hell out of this pairing and I didn't even think he had it in him! Quinn and Carter seem like completely different characters when they are together. I approve. But I know these writers will mess it up somehow - I mean the writers will go on and on and on and on with Liam/Steffy/Hope and sorry none of them have any chemistry
  23. But why is it over? Technically Liam and Bill covered up a hit and run. I mean certainly neither intended to kill Vinny and he somehow intended to die by getting hit, but they did cover it up. Also since he was able to send that video, he was alive after he was hit - so they left him there to die. Or at least Bill did. While Liam was passed out during Bill making these decisions, he certainly didn't run to cops immediately. He was willing to go along with Bill. Whatever. I'm spending way more time thinking about this storyline than the writers did.
  24. Yeah I mean there is no doubt Brooke needs to take several seats regarding this topic. But let's face it all of these characters are hypocrites and instantly forget all their wrong doings when it's convenient! I mean Ridge should for sure shut up when the topic is Quinn. I agree with everyone regarding Hope/Liam - that was just so bad. I have second hand embarrassment for the actors. This entire storyline is stupid and insulting. Vinny was able to find out Liam was driving Bill's car, was able to make a video for Thomas, was able to ensure he died when hit by said car and sent the
  25. My theory? The fans remember more about the history of this show than the writers do ...
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