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  1. This show is a bit of a Boardwalk Empire reunion with Bobby and Michael Shannon. They were two of the craziest characters on that show.
  2. Wherever Frasier ends up in the reboot, there better be a Jack Russell terrier in the cast. Maybe Eddie's great, great, great grandson. Seriously, it won't feel the same without John Mahoney and Eddie.
  3. I often wonder what would he do if he was told not to smoke pot because it endangered his life. I haven't watched in many months and turned in this week because the panel seemed interesting. I think I'm done for good with this show. Bill sits there with his smug, miserable face and is no fun at all.
  4. I had two cousins die from Covid and they were both thin people. I know obesity is a problem and a serious health complication, but people like Bill seem to think people deserve to get sick because they are overweight. He was also very rude to the woman on the panel and I wondered if it was because of her weight.
  5. One of the things I appreciate about this show is it shows what we deal with when we're aging. Sadly, losing friends and loved ones is part of that. It felt spot on as did Sandy's speech to his class about dying. Michael Douglas knocked it out of the park.
  6. I can't stand Toby. I find him to be a smug smart ass. I'm glad Kate finds someone new.
  7. In the Philly area and suburbs milk is in plastic containers. I live in the are and have never seen milk in bags.
  8. It appears to the be set in the Delaware County suburbs of Philly. There are a lot of working class suburbs outside of Philly with high unemployment and opioid addiction.
  9. I'm from Philly and I noticed that too. Some of the words were overexaggerated, but I'll give her a pass because it's Kate.
  10. I stopped watching a while ago, but drop in on the forums to get the feedback. I could excuse Bill for being an entitled "whiny little bitch" if he were funny and made me laugh. He stopped doing that a couple of years ago. Nothing sadder than an aging, unfunny comedian.
  11. I lost my mind when I saw the border collie. I had one many years ago and she was my doggie soul mate. I was relieved that she and the pups made it.
  12. Thanks Rose. It's been many years since I read the books and I don't recall that.
  13. Penicillin was discovered in 1928 by a Scottish doctor. I was wondering why they didn't use penicillin. Maybe it wasn't in full use in the 1930s.
  14. I watched for the first time in months. I turned it off when Bill was crying about his investment in the Mets. No one cares Bill! It sounds like the rest of the show was the same old Bill.
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