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  1. This bugged me throughout the series. If his mother was born in 1945 and he was born in 1958, she would have given birth to him at 13. Sloppy writing.
  2. monakane


    I finished season 2. I enjoyed it, but Miguel did not hold my interest the way Escobar did in the first two seasons. My favorite character was Pablo Acosta. He seemed to have the most compassion and humanity of all the bad guys. If they do a season 3, I'm sure it will focus on El Chapo.
  3. It's based on a Stephen King novel, so most likely it will.
  4. That was exactly when my Hulu Live froze and I missed that scene. I'll have to do a rewatch. Damn Hulu!
  5. I think it may be harder to put lighter lenses on dark eyes and CGI is probably expensive. The performances are amazing, but the eye color thing is very distracting.
  6. I have one small nitpick: both Elizabeth and Margaret have blue eyes and they were recast with actors who have brown eyes. There was a flashback scene with them as children and the actors had blue eyes. I love OC and HBC, but I find the eye color thing a distraction. That being said, I watched all ten episodes today and loved it. I especially like the casting of Prince Phillip and Prince Charles.
  7. I knew Bill would mention it when I heard Ronan was on the show. Ronan was on Colbert the other night and Colbert made a joke about it. That shocked me because I thought Colbert would have more class than to go there. Bill, not so much.
  8. This! It infuriates me when he says this. A recession will hurt everyone. Of course, he doesn't care because he is financially secure and will continue to be paid by HBO. Jackass!
  9. I'm rewatching this now on Hulu. I haven't seen it since it's original run when I was a kid. I loved Rhoda back in the day and always liked her wardrobe better than Mary's. I still do. My favorite part of the show then and now is the friendship between Mary and Rhoda. It felt real to me then and holds up well now.
  10. Actually I did check the fridge. Nothing was missing. Your burns sound awful. I hope you recovered quickly.
  11. I took it once following a long overseas flight home. When I woke up the next morning, every light in my house was on and I had no memory of how it happened. I won't take it again. I'm wondering if Celeste is dealing with some kind of drug problem. She mentioned the vicadin in a previous episode. I can see how a woman in her situation would develop an addiction.
  12. Nicole's botox look doesn't bother me. It fits the character of a wealthy woman in that part of the country.
  13. I binged this series over the past few weeks. I love scifi, but normally don't like time travel stories because they become hard to follow and break down logically. I have to say that I really enjoyed this one. I loved the characters especially David. I liked the ending and was glad Marcy and David got to meet in the alternate time line. By the end of the show, I was disliking the director. The only character I did not like was Kat. The last episode where there are nuclear explosions going off around the world and she's still focused on her marriage was ridiculous. WTF? How could you not be freaked out by the nuclear explosions? The last thing I would be thinking about would be the state of my marriage. I'm glad Mac reset that.
  14. Yep. I definitely think there might be some behavior that Bill is worried about coming to light. I've always noticed that Biden is "touchy/feely" with people, but I'm reserving judgement unless I hear that his behavior was sexual. I couldn't believe Bill was making light of the Kavanaugh accusations. WTF?
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