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  1. monakane

    S02.E04: She Knows

    Actually I did check the fridge. Nothing was missing. Your burns sound awful. I hope you recovered quickly.
  2. monakane

    S02.E04: She Knows

    I took it once following a long overseas flight home. When I woke up the next morning, every light in my house was on and I had no memory of how it happened. I won't take it again. I'm wondering if Celeste is dealing with some kind of drug problem. She mentioned the vicadin in a previous episode. I can see how a woman in her situation would develop an addiction.
  3. monakane

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    Nicole's botox look doesn't bother me. It fits the character of a wealthy woman in that part of the country.
  4. monakane


    I binged this series over the past few weeks. I love scifi, but normally don't like time travel stories because they become hard to follow and break down logically. I have to say that I really enjoyed this one. I loved the characters especially David. I liked the ending and was glad Marcy and David got to meet in the alternate time line. By the end of the show, I was disliking the director. The only character I did not like was Kat. The last episode where there are nuclear explosions going off around the world and she's still focused on her marriage was ridiculous. WTF? How could you not be freaked out by the nuclear explosions? The last thing I would be thinking about would be the state of my marriage. I'm glad Mac reset that.
  5. Yep. I definitely think there might be some behavior that Bill is worried about coming to light. I've always noticed that Biden is "touchy/feely" with people, but I'm reserving judgement unless I hear that his behavior was sexual. I couldn't believe Bill was making light of the Kavanaugh accusations. WTF?
  6. monakane

    S03.E03: Et in Arcadia

    I've read a few books on the royal family and both Albert and Victoria were very hard on Bertie. Victoria blamed Bertie for Albert's death from Typhoid fever. Albert was visiting Bertie who was misbehaving in college when he fell ill. I think Bertie was a very damaged person because of his parents. I would love for PBS to do a series on Bertie aka Edward VII. He was quite the character.
  7. Damn that scene outside the community center where Hayes is looking at Amelia is hot as hell. Ali conveyed so much longing in his eyes. He is an incredible actor. It was a small scene but definitely my favorite.
  8. monakane

    S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    LOL! Whenever I watch GOT, I always have to remind myself that Jamie pushed a kid off a ledge and also has sex with his sister because I am always charmed by him.
  9. monakane

    S02.E10: All Alone

    I immediately thought of Mathis. I'm assuming he will be in season 3. I hope they explore his sexuality.
  10. monakane

    S03.E07: Sometimes

    The Knick. I miss that show. Whenever I see Chris Sullivan, I think about poor Harriet.
  11. monakane

    S04.E02: Do No Harm

    Thanks for putting that together. I would love to see an appearance by Tobias Menzies (maybe a flashback).
  12. monakane

    S05.E24: Brett Kavanaugh

    Mine have already started!
  13. monakane

    S05.E24: Brett Kavanaugh

    Gritty will give nightmares to toddlers.
  14. monakane

    S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    I know from a family member that health issues can make you unqualified for an adoption. I don't know if obesity would prevent an adoption unless there were health issues because of the weight.
  15. monakane

    Gene speculation thread

    I thought the same thing. Also, the fact that he asked to be taken to a mall which is actually in ABQ and also the air freshener in the cab, made me wonder if