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  1. carolinagirl81


    Or even his children's mother, isn't she a Latina?
  2. carolinagirl81


    Gotta camouflage that 2nd pregnancy, also for what it's worth the daily mail reports that that necklace cost $350,000 and it's supposedly the logo from one of her makeup line products. However I don't think any celebrity pays full retail for any of these diamond pieces that they get custom made. Correction I don't think that the Kardashian-Jenner's and their men of the hour pay full retail. But Travis did go on tour and I know artist when they go on tours at all of that money goes directly to them so maybe he's banked quite a bit of money because didn't this past Christmas he purchased his mother a range Rover and his dad Porsche? those are $100,000 plus cars
  3. carolinagirl81


    When I saw this on Instagram earlier today I thought it was beautiful and then my second thought was who the hell is going to pick up all these damn rose petals and where in the hell are they going to go when they get cleaned up. Wait they could use a shop vacuum to suck them all up, But it'd take a lot of them. Also that was a lot for a birthday like a LOT, but I guess that's what that generation is about super flashy to post on social media.
  4. carolinagirl81


    So Ms Kylie has been promoting her birthday collection makeup launch pretty heavily on her Instagram stories and I'm sure her Snapchat stories and she posted a video of really just like her upper body, face fully made up, showcasing a lipstick that is in the product lunch. to me her face is looking very full and she seemed to have on this big old t-shirt and I am officially going on record to say she is pregnant again. I said it before back when she posted the pictures of her and her friends down on some island I think it was St Lucia for her Kylie skin care product launch and it look like and one of the outfits she had a little pooch to her tummy area.
  5. carolinagirl81

    Kardashians in the Media

    To hear Jordyn tell it was simply them being at the club at the same time. Nothing more, nothing less.
  6. carolinagirl81


    Not enough money for the Kardashian-Jenner's and NFL baller doesn't make as much as an NBA player. Nor do they have the star power as a star NBA player.
  7. carolinagirl81


    http://balleralert.com/profiles/blogs/kylie-jenner-is-reportedly-trying-for-a-second-baby-with-travis-scott/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=faceboofacebook So is this the pregnancy not announcement? Because she/they did the same when she was pregnant with Stormi lots of rumor and alleged information from sources but no confirmation from the horse's mouth that they were pregnant until like way after she had given birth
  8. carolinagirl81


    Yeah and it looks like her and Stassie got the same ass too. So did the doctor give Kylie a two for one deal?
  9. carolinagirl81


    So Kylie is on this girl's trip/promotion of her KylieSkin line and she shared this picture of her and it looks her friend Stasi and is it me or does Kylie look to have a little pooch? Too many cocktails? Or baby number 2?
  10. So Kim posted some pictures of her and her BFF Larissa Pippen in honor of Larissa's birthday and she low-key shaded Kimora Lee Simmons-Lesnar by saying that Larissa was such a nice person and never talks bad about anyone and that she's a great mother. In this picture it looks like it could be from the red carpet of Kim's paper magazine cover where she "broke the internet" with the champagne glass on her ass and she was all naked and the pictures. I low-key miss seeing that gorgeous cushion cut diamond engagement ring that Kanye gave her because that is legit my dream engagement ring. Also Larissa looks great in this photo. She looks her age and not the Kim clone she's beginning to look like now.
  11. carolinagirl81

    S16.E12: Aftershock

    Excatly. I agree with what all of y'all said about Khlo-Money. They were not married, they were not engaged, hell they were barely dating for a year before she got pregnant with True so she can miss me with this whole "my family is broken up" narrative. Girl if he didn't still with baby momma number one, and he cheated on her with you weather you were aware of his relationship status or not. What made Khloe think he was gonna stay with her? The fact that she had the means to I follow Tristan around the country like a lost puppy? 🙄 Khloe really is the poster child for the book he's just not into you and girl that man don't want you! Which is not a book but it should be cause some women are just that dense when it comes to men. Poor true she's going to grow up barely seeing her father unless that changes as she gets older and she'll have to deal with her poor mother chasing after men who just seem to leech off of whatever she's willing to give them with a smile.
  12. It's sad, IMO Kim now looks like a Rachel dozal type that nutzo white woman who called herself black 🙄 over the years and subsequent plastic surgeries Kim is turning herself into a racially ambiguous woman. Like if you did not know who her parents were like you just saw a picture of her and didn't know her name you'd like what is she is she black? is she Latina? is she middle Eastern? I've said it before and I'll say it again she's completely gotten rid of all of her Armenian heritage the thing that did make her different and unique from all the plastic Barbie dolls in LA. Now she looks just basic, like everyone else.
  13. IMO Kim's and the kardashian-jenner family as a whole is cultural appropriation vultures. Because they've taken bits and pieces of black culture and God given bodies and used them for their benefit while actual balck women get torn down over it.
  14. carolinagirl81


    why would she endorse her sisters product when she's getting paid already to endorse a competing product so that's bad business on Kendall if she promoted Kylie skin
  15. carolinagirl81

    Basketball Wives LA

    I did, it was one episode short and sweet. Reggie proposed and they immediately went to Vegas and got married, End of spin-off