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  1. There goes that amicable custody arrangement that they had come to a few months ago saying that their daughter is their top priority and they weren't going to be bickering on social media and in the courts anymore.
  2. I've seen her post Instagram videos of her dog's. There was one last month, they look to be Greyhounds
  3. Kylie isn't pregnant that we know of by her latest lingerie clad "thirst trap" IG post.
  4. I bet you it's one of Kim's and that North doesn't have her own Birkin bag.
  5. Well yeah lol I just can't imagine having a wax figure of ones self.
  6. Well damn Fashion Nova didn't waste any time with the knockoff Skims Cozy. I'm sure they'll be getting a cease and desist letter from Kim's attorneys. https://www.fashionnova.com/collections/sweater-sets/products/warm-lowarm-loving-fuzzy-set-ivory But Fashion Nova has some legal issues outside of copying designers. They're being investigated as being a sweat shop. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/16/business/fashion-nova-underpaid-workers.html
  7. Looks like y'all were correct in the Photoshop. North was Photoshopped
  8. The she's actually wearing a flesh colored bikini bottom underneath the suit. She posted a standing full picture of herself in the suit. It did not look half bad when she was standing, and she looked good in it minus the weird duck face "alluring" looks Khloe was trying to give.
  9. Have y'all seen this? I actually like the skims cozy collection and I love that this sista created her own so cheaply. I'd buy the DIY version. DIY SKIMS COZY
  10. His music isn't horrible. I like some of his singles, I probably wouldn't buy the album though. And I bet the earnings are mostly from his tour sales followed by any endorsements he's done.
  11. Thanks 🙂 after reading the article I see that my guess was correct. Beautiful dress but goodness getting married at 20/21? I wish them all the best and hope they can weather the growth and changes that come with age because I couldn't imagine being ready for a serious commitment at that age.
  12. Is this the daughter of the Duck Dynasty guy?
  13. Kylie sold the company, well a majority stake in it. https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/18/business/coty-kylie-cosmetics-deal/index.html
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