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  1. Well that was a failure on Jimmy Fallon's part for not haven't the creators of the dances on his show to begin with instead of "unseasoned chicken" doing the dances.
  2. Very pretty young lady, what exactly did she use to do on her TikToks? Is she the one who went on Jimmy Fallon doing the black created TikTok dances? Horribly I might add. I follow mostly dogs + food folks + black content creators and travel on TikTok so a lot of the super popular ones who are getting checks from TikTok I don't know of them. I also joined the app last year.
  3. They were the "first" the show was their content then as they got popular their social media audience grew. Now everyone is trying to get to their level which is difficult ASF to do when nobody knows who you are. Who? I didn't know who that Addison girl was until I saw y'all talk about her being friends (business associates) with Kourtney. Still don't know who she is, don't know who the other people you mentioned are either.
  4. For a LONG while. We are in the Influencer season folks and it is not going away anytime soon. Kim and her sisters are always in the top 5 on those social media lists.
  5. THIS! Seems everyone now wants the instant success/fame that they see with the Kardashians and that kid who makes like $20 million a year reviewing toys on YouTube. All you got to do is buy a ring light and BOOM your famous. Like some folks have the charisma and great personality to be able to "preform" on social media and put out content that people want to see and subscribe to. That is what folks fail to realize, any fool can buy moderately priced camera equipment to put out content but it has to be shit people are interested in.
  6. Oh Lawd!! 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣 Imma watch cause it's gonna be a total train wreck! PimpMomma must be tickled pink with her cash cow(daughter) Neither does Payton Manning and he wasn't too horrible hosting.
  7. now this is a great question. I suspect that they do not get anything extra because they singed the contracts to be on tv and could parlay that into a side hustle of endorsing random things. Maybe they are getting a small check from TLC but Ron and company who own Klinefields are not dishing out any more funds.
  8. But the question I have is Houston, Texas is home to several pro sports teams + that city has some WEALTH and if a star athlete or Monied person wanted to pay for a VIP trip to the zoo, would they (Houston Zoo) do the same things they did for Kylie & Co.
  9. Yeah. I read a few comments from people who were there and were miffed that they had to wait until Kylie and family were done.
  10. That's Malibu for ya. The articles I read on this said that the property had been listed for some time because it was built by or designed by rather a famous Japanese artist, so a particular type of buyer would be interested in something like that and y'all know how Kanye is about it minimalism and art so it seems like he's the perfect buyer maybe he got a deal for it since it was on the market for so long and didn't actually pay the $57 million.
  11. Is there even a FULL tape? I've only seen like 15 minutes of it on an adult site FOREVER ago when celebrity sex tapes were "in" and what I saw was most definitely Kimberly attempting to be a adult movie actress.
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