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  1. Exactly. She's got the clout and status now on her own that she doesn't need a higher profile partner to boost her up like she did a few years ago
  2. https://dlisted.com/2020/09/21/kim-kardashian-reportedly-has-her-divorce-to-kanye-west-all-planned-out/#more-380949 Looks like y'all are right, Mrs West will be Ms Kardashian again.
  3. She DEFINITELY dogged a bullet with Reggie. Yes he won a super bowl ring with the New Orleans Saints in 2008 and is a great athlete with lots of awards but after that he had the NCAA scandal with his alma mater USC. In 2006, reports surfaced raising questions about whether Bush's family received gifts in violation of NCAA policies. After the lawsuit by a former agent and investigation he voluntarily gave back the Heisman Trophy. After reading on Wiki the timeline of when he was with Kim, she dumped him just at the right time really because he was dumpster fire career wise.
  4. The other twin BFF(the married one) of Khloe's, khadijah Hagg-McCray is expecting her 3rd child so maybe that's where those baby shower pictures posted on Kylie's thread are from. https://people.com/parents/khadijah-haqq-mccray-pregnant-expecting-third-child/
  5. But are they still FameWhores when they are pretty damn famous dispute not having any particular talent or skill to make them famous. IMO a Famewhore is someone will will do ANYTHING to be famous and the Kardashian-Jenner's have definitely elevated themselves to a pretty high ranking status so they aren't at the bottom of the ladder trying to get a come up. Their "friends" are the true FameWhores because they are looking for the come up and are leeching off of their proximity and name of the family
  6. THIS! Also i refuse to believe that the amatur porn/sex tape wasn't leaked on purpose. Because if you recall celebrity amatur porn/sex tapes were the "popular thing" granted Paris Hilton and Tommy Lee and Pamela's tapes were leaked/sold and those persons caught charges. I do not care for this family, I was mildly curious about them because I knew of the Kardashian name due to the OJ trial but a few seasons in i was already over them. But the outright hate that people have for these folks is a little disturbing IMO like yes i can see dislike, but hate to someone you've never met personally, nor had any interactions, or acquaintance. Plus sex work it WORK, it does not make them a "slut" or mean they deserve to be treated less than for their JOB.
  7. Maybe because all of these were done last year.
  8. I follow the Home Edit on IG and they did Kim's house too because i recall a post Home Edit made about how Kim wanted all glass storage to be more eco friendly
  9. So Khloe can dish it out but can't seem to keep that same "harsh" advice when it comes to her own relationships?
  10. It's the end y'all... https://www.lovebscott.com/kim-kardashian-announces-keeping-kardashians-will-end-season-20-photo
  11. Yes I agree with y'all those first two brides wanted to be on TV. Also they have done the "I want a black wedding dress" bride before and I can't remember if any of them actually chose a black dress. The last bride Krystin? She looked beautiful and gave me a little bit of Meghan Markle vibes with her complexion. But that wedding and reception was simply stunning.
  12. I thought that irish/high school sweethearts bride's mom said that she'd wiggle a bit if they found a dress that they just LOVED.
  13. I am currently watching this weeks ep now, yay dvr and its called Luttrellstown Castle https://www.luttrellstowncastle.com/
  14. Yeah, the article said he tested positive on the 15
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