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  1. Oregonrain

    S01.E26: What Comes Next

    Portland resident here. First of all, Brianna lives in Newberg which is way outside of Portland. It is an agricultural community on the outskirts of the city. The restaurant that Brianna worked at is in East Portland, so her commute would have been at least an hour each way. No wonder that didn't work out. Moving there requires a lot of planing because housing is very expensive, which is why they are in Newberg and not Portland. It is very difficult to get a job here. For some reason, hiring managers are very paranoid and will not hire anyone without a minimum of three interviews. I had a stretch when it took two years to land a job because resume, phone interview, in person interview, second in person interview, rinse and repeat. it is not the fact that there are so few jobs because that is not the case. It is simply that they make landing job next to impossible but once landed, more hesitant to fire. The opposite I had in California where they were eager to eager to hire and very eager to fire.
  2. Oregonrain

    S03.E14: Stew Coup

    When I was in the service industry, it was made clear that smokers got the same amount of breaks as non smokers. One lunch, two ten minute breaks per shift. That was years ago when smoking was more acceptable. Nowadays, smoking is so unacceptable that I have found it be grounds for firing alone. I was fired from one restaurant because the owner saw me smoking at a train station prior to my shift. He said that he felt that it was unsanitary and that one cannot work in food service and be a smoker. I don't take any breaks and do not smoke at all while I am at work. Nobody at my workplace has ever seen me consume a cigarette and it will stay that way. I have found that once you are seen, the job disappears quickly.
  3. Oregonrain

    S07.E18: One Life To Live

    I don't want to sound sympathetic to Cate but she mentioned something about structure in the rehab. Being on this show gives them the exact opposite. When she is home, she smokes weed, eats nasty food, sits around all day, and must rehash Carly every second. How is a girl supposed to move on? She has no job. She has no reason to get up in the morning. Every day is a repeat of the previous. Shit, that would make me depressed. Of course, it is her fault. She has money and with that can make changes but clearly, she does not know how. The structure at the rehab is something she lacks at home and she is now realizing it. Is it selfish, yes. She better make the most of it this time. The next time, there will be no nasty food, no husband, and no money. Time to get those meds squared away and finally get some coping skills and get a JOB.
  4. Oregonrain

    S07.E23: Ready Or Not

    I still don't know why Javi chose to leave his house to Kail. She is living in a house his Air Force money paid for or faciltated a mortgage for. Why should he be the one to lose everything? Yes, it was wrong to break in through the basement but if he already went that far, he might as well stay. Everybody dances around her trying to avoid getting her upset. Somebody needs to stand up to her so that she can finally realize her scheming and manipulation has consequences. Right now, the only ones facing the consequences are the children. Barb needs to get a transfer and move to a Walmart far, far away from Jenelle. That kid is clearly being destroyed bit by bit.
  5. Oregonrain

    S07.E17: Privacy Please

    If I were Javi, I would have refused to leave that house. Attorneys often advise each party to remain in the house during a divorce until everything is settled. If he is on the deed or assisted in the paying for and maintenance of the house, he has rights. Kail is bullying him out of there because she knows that once he leaves, so do his rights.
  6. Oregonrain

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Yes, Bethany was less than honest about the adoption process but seriously, what did they expect? Look, I understand the pain having felt it myself but I find it hard to believe that they seriously think they have any say in how Carly is raised. They fact is that the adoption is way TOO open. Open adoption is supposed to be pictures and some correspondence here and there. Not the phone calls, visits, etc. That is why the situation is so unhealthy. Nobody can move on because no lines have been drawn. That is why both Cate and Tyler are at the same place in their lives. Their lives have not progressed at all. It is like an addict whose maturity stops they day they become addicted.
  7. Oregonrain

    S05.E10: Savon

    I finally finished watching this last night and there has to be more to the story than we are seeing. She seems way to tramatized by sex and it appears to be more than her ending up pregnant. Was there a rape involved here? That could explain her indifference to her child or her situation.