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  1. RubberDuckie

    S09.E02: Easter Wives Hunt

    You're right!! I don't know how I overlooked the years of contempt we've seen from Nonno towards Melissa. Damn.... in the bigger picture, I guess I understand her feelings. These people are all vile. It's like to trying to decide which piece of shit smells least offensive.
  2. RubberDuckie

    Married To Medicine

    Thanks for link. Her degrees are from a for-profit, meaning they carry very little-to-zero weight. I can say this confidently as Dr. RubberDuckie who works in higher education. I would never hire her, neither would anyone in my discipline. No offense to anyone who attends, has attended, or plans to attend a for-profit university.
  3. RubberDuckie

    S09.E02: Easter Wives Hunt

    I like the inclusion of the Turkish housewife. I hope we get to see some of their culture and customs on the show. I know there is a large Turkish community in New Jersey.. She seems harmless for now, but her children seem so unkempt and unruly. Her house is tacky. I do not for one second believe she planned that monstrosity with a builder. It's a "redone" home". Melissa, shut the fuck up. At this point, she has become a caricature. She adds nothing to show. There is no way I'll ever believe that she cares about Nonno. Delores is a mystery to me. Her "friendship" with Frank is not normal. There's some strange vibes from them. I do not understand why he funded her lifestyle for so many years. And that "boyfriend" of hers, I do not believe that shit is real. Marge can be funny at times and she has some good one-liners, but her life seems like a sham.
  4. RubberDuckie

    Married To Medicine

    Deep down, Eugene must be embarrassed of Toya. I would imagine that a hospital director would want a refined, articulate, woman on his arm. I'm not saying Eugene is Mr. Class and Pizzazz, but he seems a tad classier than Toya. Something is off about Dr. Damon. Like he's hiding something. Whatever it is, it will come out eventually. Contessa is not a good fit for the show, although, I do like the dynamic she has with her family. I like Simone, I can't help it. I could be friends with her in real life. Jackie is too good for Curtis. Curtis, because it cannot be said enough, shut the fuck up. Quad. Quad. Miss Quad. Time to go. You are no longer married to medicine. I'm not interested in her anymore. I liked her back in the day when she was friends with Mariah.
  5. RubberDuckie

    Season 7 Discussion

    Is it just me or was there a lot of tension and what felt like Nema bashing? I feel like they don't like him, which is okay, because they are a bunch of assholes. Nema seems too normal for the show. Good on him for defending his boring sister. I read up on Mona and I know she's "Dr. Mona". Good for her. She's highly educated and has several opportunities that others would not have. She reminds me of Lilly G in that sense. Lilly was an attorney (she's gotta have some level of intelligence) and used the show as a platform. Look at her success now. And MJ, shut the fuck up. Mona has the most potential to become "Amal Clooney" out this bunch of women. GG has so many issues. I think she needs to get off the show. She needs a real job. I blame her parents 100% for indulging her. Now they have a 35 year old child that cannot earn a living and support herself. Every time I see GG, I think, "wow, she, when did she start earning social security benefits?" I hope she has a Roth IRA. She just seems so emotionally and mentally unstable. She does not seem fun at all. I do not understand her appeal. Mike likes fake looking women with overdrawn lips. Duh. We figured that out a long time ago. He needs to chill with the roid rage. MJ has no choice but to woman up. She's about to become a mom so she needs to really get her shit together. I pray for that child. Tommy seems like he'd be a great dad. I'm not feeling Destiny. I do not find her interesting. She subscribes to the MJ School of Fashion--- which posits that women must have long stringy hair and look sloppy as fuck all the time. Reza is a douche bag. I cannot imagine being friends with him much less be married to him. He thinks it's entertaining to gaslight GG- an already unstable woman. Reza et al. need to stay out of her business with Shalom.
  6. RubberDuckie

    S03.E14: Growers and Show-ers

    Brandi looks dirty. The bronzer on her face during the last dinner was horrendous. Seriously, she looked horrible. She's cute but has zero clue about how to accentuate her best features. She adds nothing to the show. I find her low brow. I don't mind low brow, but it has to be the right kind of low brow. I would not want to travel with her. She's too much drama. Stephanie is fun. I'd love to go on vacation with her. I like Kam. She's snarky and funny. A little uptight, but I'd rather hang out with her than Leeanne. Cary is annoying. I can't put my finger on it, but I feel like she's always trying too hard. I don't find her funny, smart, cute, stylish. Nothing. Copenhagen looks amazing and they all seemed to enjoy themselves.
  7. Siggy's dad is a doctor (PhD). Maybe that's where the confusion came from... Anyhow....I could not stomach Tre's "surprise party". Are we really supposed to believe that Tre didn't see Melissa/Joe's BIG SUV parked outside her house? Are we really supposed to believe that she didn't know she had visitors? Tre didn't even sound surprised. Siggy comes off as beyond pathetic. She seems deeply lonely. She might have many friends, but she is a deeply lonely woman. Cannot stand Frank and Delores. Fuck them. Delores is classless. No wonder her OBGYN boyfriend hardly spends time with her. She is so uncouth in her actions. Her breasts are so distracting. I do not find her the least bit interesting. I do not get the love for her son Frankie either. He does not seem exceptional. Neither does her daughter Gaby. Big fucking deal. Nothing remotely interesting about them. Marg is a poser. Broke as fuck. Melissa is too rehearsed and measures her words. She is too aware of the cameras and it's really annoying to the viewer. The Gorgas seem like they're always acting. I do not like any of these people!! I don't know why I continue to watch these trash prostitution whores.
  8. RubberDuckie

    Season 6 Talk

    Besides Destiny, I also noticed that GiGi's friend Tara (they worked out together) is Tara Radcliffe from Bravo's Newlyweds The First Year. Do all the Persians in LA really know each other? It's an annoying coincidence that they're all fame whores. Bravo, you're not fooling us.
  9. RubberDuckie

    S07.E08: All Bets Are Off

    The Wakiles need to let it go. No one wants them on the show. They are DYING to be back on the show. They NEED Tre to reconnect with them. Good on Tre for realizing this and not allowing it to happen. The Wakiles are fucked because they have a monstrous house mortgage to pay for and they need the Bravo paycheck. Their Bravo gravy train is over and that is the true reason they are so desperate to have Tre accept them into the fold. Gia should not be camera. I understand why she is abrasive towards her dad, but we don't need to see this. If taken out of context, one would think she's a spoiled, disrespectful teenager rather than the child of two felons, one of which is an alcoholic. I feel sorry for her. I have no sympathy Delores. Get off your fucking ass and make your own way in life. It is never too late to start over and learn a skill. Chris Laurita is beaten up by life. The body bloat and bags under his eyes are not a good look. A black water and popcorn diet can't cure that. Melissa. Please go fuck yourself. You are boring. Your children are obnoxious. You do not have a sincere bone in your body.
  10. RubberDuckie

    Good Morning America

    Lara's hip replacement....crickets... I thought people would be talking about how's she finally getting attention and sympathy...
  11. RubberDuckie

    S03.E04: Here Comes the Brides

    I was not a Jackie fan in previous seasons, but I love her this season. She is cracking me up. I love her facial expressions and exasperation when dealing with Pettifleur. It is a riot to watch. LOVE that she tells the other woman to shut the fuck up. I feel like this is the real Jackie. Where has she been hiding? Can Pettifleur be any more shallow? I really cannot stand her. I imagine she has little to no female friends in real life. Pettifleur, PLEASE stop wearing those ridiculous blue contacts. They make you look like a vampire- and not a sexy one either. You look horrible, bordering on scary. Janet's house...not as grand as I imagined. Love her relationship with her ex and her stepkids. Lots of love in that family. So pleased to see her son Jake smiling and present. Susie...who? So boring. Adds nothing to the show. Lydiot. Reality TV gold. She is a caricature. I cannot believe she's for real. Her wedding dress is not cute. I don't care if it's hand-sown Dolce and Gabbana. The wedding dresses- I"m surprised most of them fit into their dresses. I threw mine away after my divorce. Chyka is adorable. Gamble, Gamble, Gamble...she's like a wounded little bird. She's like a cupcake with extra sprinkles. I cannot dislike her. I think she genuinely loves her stepson. Her pain about not having biological children is real. I feel for her. Her stepson seems to love her and he's very protective of her.
  12. RubberDuckie

    S03.E03: By Invitation Only

    What the fuck? Gamble invited them over for what??? I think Comast got it wrong....
  13. RubberDuckie

    Season 5 Discussion

    So, GG finally admitted that there is no tape of Reza blowing some guy at the gym and she did NOT have chemo. Shervin is the most articulate of the bunch. The way he explained GG's "chemo" treatment and defended GG spoke volumes about the type of person he is. I truly believe the show can go on without Reza. It's not his show. He is so nasty and pretentious. I'm sure there are plenty of interesting Persians in Los Angeles. Asa can fuck off too. She's not as enlightened as she wants people to believe. It was shameful the way she outed MJ by saying Shahs is her only source of income. Bitch, you're collecting a paycheck too.
  14. RubberDuckie

    Season Four: Another reason to TGIF!

    Three couch sisters plus dad need to go. They are not funny. They are too aware of the cameras and it always comes off like they are trying too hard or behaving "extra" for the cameras. Besides all that, they're creepy. I wish I could fast forward their scenes.
  15. RubberDuckie

    S04.E17: Beach, Please

    Yes! I remember Stassi saying something like that. Kristin is batshit crazy but she's my favorite on this show. I look forward to her scenes. I like that Kristin and Stassi are friends again.