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  1. I am not use to new Claire yet. She just did not seem like Shauns daughter in that scene. Vincent and Ciaras scenes were so interesting and intense.
  2. Eli and Lani I use to find sweet. Their first wedding was the last time I enjoyed the couple. Now she chooses Kristin over Eli every time. Disappointed 😔. It was nice having a sweet romance on the show
  3. Really ? I love Eric. Everyone here seems to hate him and I post regularly about that love lol.
  4. Wasn’t not watching during Jane Spears time but agree the actor does seem fun. Plus I love Shaun and Belle so anything that gives them screen time is okay with me lol. Why is Gwen so desperate to be with Jake? He slept with another women while dating her, For petesake she was in next room getting ready for their date! He didn’t even buy her the all you can eat dinner before dumping her. I would be so pissed about the shrimp. Hello Abigail you look refreshed like a whole new person.
  5. @DisneyBoy but Sami is so much more entertaining then Ben.
  6. He isn’t taking Julie with him *g will the character of Ciara be recast ?
  7. Did this really happen Gwen is getting ready for a night out in room and Gabi and Jake are sexing it up in the next room ? How long did it take Gwen to put that dress on ?
  8. All Justin had to do is stand there and let Sami talk. She blew her case all on her own.
  9. Maybe Tripp framed Claire. Guessing it would be funny if Eric found out he had a long lost twins and took off to find them.
  10. The show was interrupted here yesterday because the news needed to tell me it was raining outside 😒 what was Rafe dad deal? Did he escape jail? Was he there to take Rafe somewhere?
  11. Trying to figure this out. the story we saw on screen was that Ben and Abigail we’re engaged living together. Ben was possessive and had anger issues. Most though thought he was a nice guy. Abigail could not fight her feelings for Chad. They did some gardening one night which Ben witnessed. This drove him over the edge and made him start the killing and trying to frame Chad. So how and why would anyone have to hypnotize/brainwash him to kill Paige ? He had already killed Serena. He killed Paige because he thought she knew something and talked to the police He killed Wendy for no reason really He killed Will because Will figure out he was the killer.
  12. Ciara is reminding me why I hate horror movies. Stop talking and run away. Get out. Good grief girl.
  13. I am far from a fashionista so please forgive this question. Does Hopes outfit match ? Black white strip blazer Over polkadot shirt and purplish pants.
  14. I liked Paige. She was a young intelligent women who had goals. She wasn’t just about having a man. I also think she is a better actor than given credit for.
  15. That was so dark scary and sad at the same time. I always believed Ben would hurt Ciara but he has an excuse. Hope better not just forgive him if Ciara gets away or if he does kill her. She needs to protect her daughter.
  16. Lumi viewing Wills dead body and talking about tigers still makes me cry
  17. I remember reading here once that Nicole had a one night stand with Roman. I hope that’s not true.
  18. Run Ciara run! i don’t believe that is Paiges ghost. It’s Eve hallucination Repeating all the Salem talking points. Paige was much smarter and understood her mom better than this conversation. Eric at least you tried to make Nicole stop talking. Nicole took way too much joy and telling Belle what Sami said. And I like Nicole.
  19. Yikes that sounds awful. Paiges murder was terrifying.
  20. John falling to the ground like that was really scary.
  21. Belle was so wishy washy delivering that restraining order. Why can’t Lucas and Sami get a place together? Justin is adorable in the cowboy hat. How long is Sarah’s lunch break ?
  22. I want Ciara to save herself.
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