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  1. I've visited a nursing home that had an extensive collection of VHS tapes of the Lawrence Welk Show. That said...I can't believe the old Newlywed Show would be anybody's favorite nostalgia-binge-watch. So, while I agree it was meant to portray the realistic possibility of a nursing home showing TV shows from past decades, the choice of this particular show (and that particular dialogue--ugh) had to be some sort of commentary. Maybe a contrast to Kim & Jimmy's relationship? They would never participate in such tacky comments about each other, but also, they will never be newlyweds.
  2. I wonder if Amma enticed Camille into taking various drugs that night with the hope she would get a hangover (or feel ill in some way), thus prompting Adora to get out the blue bottle and alert Camille to what was going on. A cry for help. Or, failing that, Camille would feel ill and be "taken care of" by Adora's blue bottle and not be able to leave town the next day. Camille refused the blue bottle and left the house; Adora took Amma's second phone; and the laptop seems to be out of commission. I have a feeling Amma is going to do something desperate to try to get Camille's attention now. I have no idea how this relates to the murders of Anne and Natalie.
  3. I came here hoping some Terror fan would have an idea for the next show I can watch...I feel like I've seen every show on all those "best shows on Netflix" etc. sites. So thanks for this; I'll check it out.
  4. Misstify

    S01.E08: Prague

    Not sure either. Possibly it's so she can tell all the men she messes around with that she's married, keeping them at arm's length, and since she isn't emotionally invested in Tom at all, this setup protects her from getting too deeply attached to anyone. It broke down a bit when her father turned against her and she actually needed emotional support. By the way, her refrain of "we're both adults" as code for "I will be cheating on you often" is hilarious.
  5. Misstify

    S01.E08: Prague

    Yeah, I'm wondering why they've named two episodes after places in the Czech Republic. Both were scenes of battles in various wars, but they could have picked battle/city names from anywhere in the world. Tom and Greg are the absolute best at looking uncomfortable. Tom immediately regretted saying the details of his encounter out loud. I think Shiv and Roman don't feel shame, so they never have a chance to use that facial expression, and Connor is enclosed in a sturdy bubble of delusion that allows him to think everything is fine at all times.
  6. I'm a little confused about the board stuff. Can a CEO fire the board members? I mean, apparently he did. I usually hear about boards firing a CEO. I guess the reverse scenario can happen if their contracts allow it?
  7. Just caught up to this point. I'm not bothered by the fact that I don't like anybody; I'm interested to see how the pieces fit together, how each of them goes about manipulating the others, and wondering who will come out on top. Yes, he's been horrible (and I'm sure still is), but I felt a glimmer of sympathy because of his instinct to bring the crimes out in the open via a press conference. Of course he also saddled Greg with the knowledge, thus infecting him with the virus. Not that I think Greg is some doe-eyed innocent. He's an idiot who lost the first (?) family-connected position he had and is apparently unable to get a job on his own or make any move without calling his mom. I find him the most fun to watch; although in this episode, Connor's butter-fueled frenzy was the best. Any scene where Brian Cox is semi-conscious makes me think of his coma scenes in Rushmore. At this point I'm wondering why Logan ever planned to allow Kendall to step up? And I'm halfway thinking that it was always a scheme to pull the rug out from under Kendall after getting his hopes up. The stroke was an unexpected complication that allowed the Kendall thing to proceed a bit farther than it should have. Logan seems like he could be that cruel. No idea why he went along with making Roman C.O.O., unless it's that he doesn't see Roman as a threat.
  8. Absolutely. I can't believe they had no prearranged plan, let alone a code phrase, set up with Paige. I mean, we all know her training has been poor, with Elizabeth holding back tons of stuff, so it fits. But I was amazed nonetheless.
  9. Yes, it's great! The series ends with a START. Oleg starting his life in prison, Elizabeth and Philip theirs in the USSR, Stan lying to Aderholt for the rest of his career, etc.
  10. Code words? We saw Elizabeth say something to the border patrol guard and then he went to make a call.
  11. It was Philip's idea to leave Henry, and he persuaded Elizabeth. The recap gives the full dialogue, I think. You should watch the scene if you can, though, to see Elizabeth's face as she digests the idea that he's really better off in America. Philip tells Elizabeth right away about Father Andrei, and then after they're in a car driving to get Paige, she tells him what she did.
  12. I had been thinking that Paige could not possibly get off scot-free. I wasn't thinking of DNA evidence, but that she would crack under questioning. After all, we've seen her shout "Mom!" at a crime scene, forget someone's name, and forget that she shouldn't punch people in public. However, it does make sense to me that Stan might protect her, to prevent her from revealing that he let the killer spies go. So thanks to everyone who brought up that possibility. I do wonder what her alibi will be for that evening. Best bet is probably to admit she was on the run but say she was coerced. If she pretends she was out somewhere else, that's a whole complicated thing to make up and she'd have to explain why her ID is missing (unless she dug it up on her way back to the safe house). Then again, since she never spoke on the phone to Henry, she could plausibly claim she wasn't with P&E, but I don't see Paige being able to stick to a convincing story about where she was that night (one that holds up when the FBI checks it out, including asking Paige's friends or people at the school library or wherever she claims to have been). I thought it was interesting that P&E never told Paige before about the escape plan. She was shocked to hear they were going to the USSR, and so flabbergasted that she couldn't comprehend that she had to pack a bag. In the 2-3 years of her spy training, they never talked to her about the possibility of fleeing the country. No wonder she hopped off the train. What American kid would agree to go into exile, on an hour's notice. As an aside, Paige's disguise was a perfect 80s look. As she stood on the train platform looking tragic, her appearance reminded me of someone from the 80s, but I couldn't think of whom. Then it hit me: (Mike Mills, the bass player from R.E.M., center).
  13. Yeah, I agree that the FBI will put more together over time. I just wish we could have gotten a peep at Stan dealing with that understanding. "Beer-Drinking Buddy Stan"...every time Stan came over for a beer, it reminded me of Noah Emmerich's role in The Truman Show (he always carried as six-pack of beer, partially as product placement in the show-within-a-show and partially to distract Truman from questioning what was going on).
  14. The scene in the garage with Stan reminded me of The Sound of Music, in the churchyard when Capt. von Trapp tries to persuade Rolf to let them go. I can't believe Stan let them go, though. I guess he really believed, or wanted to believe, that they didn't do the murders? I would have liked to see a scene later on that showed Stan grappling with the fact that he let them go and basically has to live a lie now (he will have to lie to Aderholt, who had Thanksgiving at his house with the Jenningses, for the rest of his life). I also would have liked a bit more on what happens to Paige now. I can't quite believe she doesn't crack immediately under questioning.
  15. For me, that would not be a good ending. Spying continues...but within Stan's marriage? That seems like a whole other show, or at least something that should have been explored earlier, not in the final moments which, IMO, should be all about Elizabeth and Philip and the final choices they make after 6 seasons. Anyway...time to start prepping the viewing area! Have fun!
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