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  1. Clearlyhere

    S29.E11: As Easy As Stacking Cups

    There were times when she wasn't even touching the joystick or was just nudging it with one finger. Looks like she thought if she just randomly pounded on the buttons long enough she'd win. Joey, I know you're tired, I know you see the end and want to be in the final but no, the gamer isn't obligated to "let" your partner win or go easy on her. Sorry the challenge sucked but face it - if a gamer went easy on another player you'd be complaining they got an unfair advantage. It is possible to pick the wrong person to play against - Tara's opponent seemed to have had his sense of humor removed at some point but that's just luck of the draw. Not sorry to see Matt and Redmond go - I don't think I hated them even though they're annoying at times but they did see themselves as better than the other racers and after awhile that gets old (and entitled). I'd be happy with any of the remaining three coming in first except I want Scott to win but not Brooke, is there a way to arrange that? Basically i want Scott to win Andy Brooke not to get in his way.
  2. Clearlyhere

    S09.E10: Makeovers: Crew Better Work

    This was the most fun episode of the season so far. I wonder if the show will be better without the energy suck that is Nina. Fun performer, but total energy suck. Those girls did a great job on the crew. Even the cute ones had very masculine faces, so no one had an easy job. Though Alexis is annoying me a lot at this point, her crew member looked great. Her intergalactic hooker was maybe a little home sown, but she did it. They really looked good together. Sasha, my favorite, keeps turning out interesting looks. Her choreography may not have been as good as Trinity's, but we couldn't tell from the show. At this point, I think Trinity is going to win. Sasha needs to step it up in the entertainment department because her looks are amazing. She's got to be top 3. Loved the episode.
  3. Clearlyhere

    S09.E06: Snatch Game

    There is a high bar for Liza and Alexis nailed her. Sasha was great too, but her delivery showed she wasn't as practiced a performer. It was a much stronger showing than I was expecting. Cynthia's train wreck was expected and wow did she crash and burn. Snatch game always helps me figure out who to root for. If she can turn it out for snatch game, that is a girl to root for.
  4. Clearlyhere

    EHG 152: If It Please The Court: Better Call Saul

    Sarah talked about it last episode. I know. She hadn't finished and I've been obsessed with it this week. I was curious what the final verdict was.
  5. Clearlyhere

    EHG 152: If It Please The Court: Better Call Saul

    No Thirteen Reasons Why? It is the talk of my office this week.
  6. Clearlyhere

    S29.E10: Go Your Own Way

    I've been boycotting Bananas. I'm really done with him on the challenges. Maybe I'll start watching again now that he is off.
  7. Clearlyhere

    S01.E03: Mommie Dearest

    This line gave me life! And I have to agree with Joan's assertion here (minus the "bitch" part). Bette Davis was fabulous in All About Eve, but I've always felt Gloria Swanson deserved to win that year. ...And this is why, no matter my quibbles with the show, I eagerly tune into Feud every week. Where else are you going to hear debates about a 67-year-old Best Actress contest? Poor Gloria! That was a great moment. It also gives a nod to the theme of older actresses being treated like dirt in Hollywood. Gloria Swanson was only in her 50s when she was the over the hill Norma. In my head, I'm thinking, not all of these things came up like this, but I sure are loving it.
  8. Clearlyhere

    S01.E03: Mommie Dearest

    Sarandon's Bette is getting better and better. The first episode seemed like the warm up. The second, I started to see a portrayal of Bette. The third she is the character not Susan Sarandon playing Bette.
  9. Clearlyhere

    S02.E07: Invasion!

    I know! Kara has chemistry with just about everyone in Earth 1, but they cant find poor Kara a decent love interest back home! I know there are flaws, and when I read everyone's comments I will probably notice more, but I really did enjoy this whole cross over. Its just really cool seeing all the different characters from the whole shared universe interacting with each other, and fighting a bad guy, and doing cool stuff. Thats all I really want in a cross over like this. I liked seeing Sara and Oliver talk about how the island stuff started everything, Mick hitting on Kara, Cisco and Sara on the waverider, there was some good stuff. I do feel bad that the Legends crew got kind of screwed over this episode. They should have gotten to close the episode out, as much as I love Barry and Oliver together. I loved the group hug with Kara and Barry and Oliver. Poor Oliver, trapped in a puppy sandwhich! I hate that we had to spend so much time with Wild Dog last week, and Nate this week, while Thea and the West family got screwed out of scenes. Wild Dog sucks, as always, and Nate is a weirdly written character. Sometimes he acts like a brainy dork (basically Ray lite), and sometimes he acts like a wanna be jock who makes fun of the "nerds" and acts like hot shit. Did the writers realize they had just written him to be a less likable Ray? Supergirl is really likable (I'm still not on board with her show) and did pretty well. She really did have great chemistry in the crossover. Barry and Kara together is really fun. I always love Barry and Ollie together.The Flash and Arrow have proved they are interesting well drawn characters played well by Grant and Stephen (who I think has gotten better, I wasn't convince earlier in Arrow.) The Legends... well they are improving over last years... terribleness. No standout lead, no standout actor. I'm liking Nate more and Victor Garber is a national treasure, but still not totally enamored of his Stein character. The plotting of this cross over was a bit rocky. Thank goodness the Cisco/Barry fight has FINALLY been resolved. At least we can count that as momentum. The we need Supergirl was a little inexpiable.
  10. Clearlyhere

    S01.E04: Fall

    Emily's journey is certainly the biggest. I've been amazed/reminded, after watching the revival, at how great Kelly Bishop is. She provided most of the best moments of the mini and I found myself wishing for more her. She really had to change and let go of all her Connecticut society, everything that Lorelei ran from when she was 16. She basically had to make the same decision that Lorelei did to find happiness after Richard's death. After trying to draw Rory into high society for most of the series, she abandons it herself.
  11. Clearlyhere

    The Ellen Degeneres Show

    National Treasure Carrie Fischer. I didn't realize how much I missed her till I saw her in the new Star Wars movie.
  12. Clearlyhere

    Dinner For Five

    I forgot about this show. It is totally process-y and has good behind the scenes gossip. Keep the recaps coming.
  13. Clearlyhere

    EHG 125: The Question Is Zoot

    YES! to the canon. I'd been thinking about Everwood and debating what episode to submit.
  14. Clearlyhere

    Monty's Marathon Diary: You're A Wonder, Wonder Woman

  15. I agree with the Kalinda statements, but as she becomes Save-the-Day Kalinda people really love her. The show was surprisingly good from the beginning. They decided to get really great actors for guest stars and continued through the whole series. They add so much to the show, it is surprising that they can do it and you wonder why other shows don't do the same thing.