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  1. They just want to expand their very own publicity. It's nothing but a publicity stunt. Go and look at their Twitter account and it becomes very, very clear how this company uses everything with a mix of joking wink, pretending to care (they do things like using a hashtag like BlackLivesMattter to promote their stuff!). Nope, they don't really care about any matters but their money bag, while pretending to be progressive . Makes me sad to see, how many fans fall for it in a mix of naivity, ignorance, desperation and obsession for the show. Some wouldn't mind to prostitute the show even, because that would be pretty much what a sale to xHamster could be called. Meanwhile media of course love the scandal in sensationalist manner.
  2. Street football not so much, it's fast, it's dirty, it's a lot of fun. Indeed, the narrative and structure was quite comparable to how street basketball scenes are played out on US shows. But street football matches can have some similar function in neighborhoods in football crazy places. Basketball might be it for US neighborhoods and gang masculine sporty showdowns there, football (or for the US folks soccer) is the thing for pretty much the rest of the world.
  3. Rajan is the average dick, for the culture around him somewhat progressive but still stuck in it. He doesn't quite get that being nice and protective and helpful, a gentleman, doesn't equal being truly respectful and supportive, that doing seemingly a little bit of good is sometimes more harmful even than helpful and is far from doing things rights. Rose Tyler was a great companion but so was Martha Jones, and I loved Martha. Freema was one of the reasons I gave Sense8 a chance in the frist place, and Nominita is one of the reasons I got hooked to the show. Yep, sometimes it's cheesy and Amanita's family seems at times to be too good to be true, but sometimes a little bit of fairy tale fluff is exactly what is needed, an idea about how things could be good. I am a huge fan of gritty and dark and love film noir but as much need a dose of fluff sometimes. I couldn't stop laughing when Joaquin tried to grab Dani's bag. Wonderful line delivery by all actors. From the start found Jonas not as trustful as some people wanted to see him, ambivalent at best. Same goes for Angelica, though think she truly meant what she asked Jonas to do, to protect the cluster. But there are layers to both their motivations and actions.
  4. And might be worth to pay attention to it. Interesting who shows up in the end and the conversation there. One of the reasons I love to watch this show more than once.
  5. I beg to differ. Professional played basketball would look very much different as well, nothing like those two friends fun or rival matches so often shown on US TV shows or street basketball. It was street football or street soccer they played here, very much comparable with those backyard or public ground basketball matches but not so much comparable with official league football matches. That was no DFB club match, not even on Kreisliga level, it was some fun leisure time match. Germany is a football crazy nation, and after work company or other kind of football hobby teams are not unusal. 1. Felix did not just throw the ball away, he threw it to kick it. Not quite properly done, the ball should be stationary before kicked, but a quick free kick is something you can see even in league matches fairly often in midfield Quickly done to keep things going. In this case more wasted, they had no momentum to keep, but it's not a professional match 2. Of course the focus was on Wolfgang and Felix, mostly Wolfgang even, Kala marveling at his sweaty, muscular body, pretty much turned on by the sporty raw nature on display ;-) Made me grin, because, yep, that is exactly what happens when women watch football. Not. But sometimes. lol 3. Not sure who the other guys in their team were, though could have been some of Fuchs's guys I think, it's always mostly Felix and Wolfgang, with some casual people around maybe at a club, but they always seem to be on their own, and I was not surprised that it was just them celebrating 4. We don't get to see 2 minutes of the match straight, we see a cut of the match, scenes minutes apart, so think we shouldn't conclude that score happened right after the other 5. There are goalkeepers; it was not just Felix and Wolfgang playing in their team, though of course camera focus was on them, but in wide angle shots could see that there were maybe 4+1 players on each team, which would be a common player number in a street football team. Fuchs' team had proper shirts, which tells something about his character, likely has his own bar team or so, but Wolfi's team was playing topless, not because it was so warm but to differentiate the two teams. While shirts and even shoes are not that hard to afford, goalie gloves are a bit of a different thing. People playing football just for recreation and fun seldom have them, as they often don't have shin guards. The German word for kicking around the ball like that is "bolzen" and that was a "Bolzplatz" they were on. Some place, some empty site turned into a neighborhood football ground for kids and leisure teams to use. That place by the way has no grass in real, it's a tarmac one. Did anyone notice the elephant mural there? Nice beat in connection with Kala, who has a special relation with Ganesha, the Indian elephant god. But as well it tells were in Berlin that place is ;-) The mural is by a Berlin artist, Jadore Tong aka S.Y.R.U.S. As well it's a nice wink to the murals from season 1, notably in San Fransisco.
  6. Agree, it was the one slur that made little sense in this list. If Wolfgang were a German soldier or police officer that could have made a bit of sense maybe but otherwise he barely ever would have been called that considering what we know of his biography. Unless maybe by some Russian immigrants like maybe his cousins if Wolfgang were bullied by them as typical blonde German pretty boy or so. Otherwise , Nazi is used if as slur more to attack people seen as rigidly enforcing their views and certain behaviours on others, or for people seemingly favoring the surveillance kind of order politics, law and order types, In German it is often enough used in combination with the slur "pig" as"Nazischwein" (aka "Nazi pig). Particular in the context the other slurs have to be seen in this one made little sense for Wolfgang. Maybe something like Mafiosi, communist, Stasischwein (Stasi pig), or IM Gangster (for coming from East Germany, IM stands for informant, people who were giving the Stasi information, betraying co-workers, friends, family to the Stasi, and Gangster to reference to the crime family) but unfortunately that would have been something hard to understand for anyone outside of Germany.
  7. The "rumor" of Bae Doona leaving I take not even as rumor but as nothing but clickbait buzz. The sites making headlines about it are not credible, mostly plain black-hat SEO clickbait sites doing nothing but earning their money by pay for clicks, SEO spam. One of the things such sites frequently still do is article spinning, reusing the same article multiple times with a few changes in it, so search engines might not detect the SEO hack attempt. It's a mix of picked up gossip, social media posts, sketchy news and made up fake news, could be done by a bot even. Unfortunately such sites have been pestering for a while already the news search for Sense8, creating false rumors of cancellation and dramas around the cast and crew, very annoying. When Doona is "examing the project", it only says that she is considering to work for other projects aside of Sense8, it doesn't say she plans to leave. A lot of actors work on more than one project a year. Not even people with contracts as regulars on one of the big full season (aka 22 episodes) US shows on broadcast or cable networks by now have exclusive contracts if they are any smart and so do other projects in between seasons. Miguel Angel Silvestre (Lito) has done filming for the Spanish TV series "Velvet", Tuppence Middleton did Dickensian and War & Peace in between. Did anyone cry they are leaving Sense8? What is true is that filming for season 2 has wrapped up (well, those social media post where from the cast). It seems there will be a Christmas special, Jamie Clayton tweeted that a while ago, but there is still no official date for that neither for the release of season 2.
  8. myril

    The Fall

    It's Northern Ireland, which has its own jurisdiction while being a part of the UK, it's similar to England law but not all the same, in case you want to look up some day about the laws applying to the show's story. A sensational case she maybe would get, but doesn't mean Sally would succeed with it. One can question, if the emotional stress which might have lead to her miscarriage was result of the police work or result of her realization what the man did who she's married to and who is father of her kids. Sally already has enough sensation to deal with, media and particular yellow press feast on such a story anyway, so I am not sure if suing the department would be really in her interest. DCI Eastwood said, there will be an enquiry by the way. I get the sympathy for Sally, she's in an awful situation and has deserved nothing of this. Calling her "stupid and incurious" is hard, but on the other hand Sally did ignore things, she acted stupid, no matter what "good" (in the sense of understandable) reasoning she had for herself given her situation. Spector lied to her, he told her he had been in a relationship with their babysitter, a minor (age of consent in Northern Ireland is 16, Katie was 15), which is a sexual offense according to law, regardless what part Katie had in it. Sally broke up with Paul for a short time, but they get back together. She later wondered even, after talking to Katie, if Paul was lying and might have raped Katie. When they were arrested, Sally first thought, it was because of whatever happened between Paul and Katie. While she didn't know about what her husband was really doing and innocent in that, she did choose to turn a blind eye on some things. I would say, that was naive. Sure she was hoping by keeping silent and hiding things that somehow it would turn out okay, but things never turn out okay that way, more likely you make things even worse. I can feel compassion for Sally, particular for her miscarriage, and at the same time think, that she was stupid and made a huge mistake turning a blind eye the way she did. Maybe Stella could have shown a moment of compassion, but she was not shown as a type to show much compassion, warmth anyway. Not for adults, the one time she showed some feelings, or compassion, was when she was listening in on the interview with the child. Pretty sure most people would describe Stella more as an Ice Queen. She does have feelings, she shows them, but that happens usually very subtle, very controlled. She said and did some hurtful and questionable things all over the seasons. Still nothing that makes anything that Spector said something I could get any whiff of joy out. She doesn't get his situation he was in with having little children while "only" stalking women, holding back his compulsion to do more? Well, hopefully not. Paul called Stella a "barren spinster" to belittle her, to humiliate her, to hurt her by trying to question her womanhood, her humanity just based on that she is not married and has no kids. Stella might deserve some criticism but not that kind of offense.
  9. It's the same every summer and winter break, isn't it? The stories and characters, new as well as the old ones, seems to have potential, yes, alright, but what do they in fact make of it then? I've seen so much more interesting and more elaborated ideas coming up in speculations and discussions by fans over the upcoming seasons and episode than have been told on screen. It's sometimes like this board and some other places are what the writer's room should be. They end the season with Jykell and Hyde but now this trailer with Aladdin and Jafar is teasing something utterly different. I get it, just some Steampunk in Storybrook would be boring, not enough things and known characters there for the wild mashup popculture story book ride.Such a wild ride can be fun (if well written, ehm), but shouldn't expect anything different. That in the final they talked of all the forgotten stories might be still the theme for the season. So no elaborate Aladdin arc there, not much of Jafar , a bit of a hat tip maybe to the Disney movie through props and scenes, doubt there will be much of Wonderland connection either, the savior talk more of a keyword reference than creating actual context. But it's great how some of you still don't give up hoping this show would turn to the better. It's a show about hope, isn't it ;-) Funny, hadn't had the time to indulge as much in SDCC geekiness this weekend, only just dipped my toes into social media, and one of the first things I saw was talk about Jafar recast and that it might have to do with Naveen being busy with a different show, with Sense8 (which is filming at the moment, and doing so on quite a world tour, just seen pictures of him being in Amsterdam). Following Sense8 news not OUaT anymore, but was curious to see how you discuss that news about Jafar and Aladdin now coming to the show. Guess some things don't change.
  10. I don't know how Sean is using faves (or by now they are hearts and so more seen as likes) on Twitter, but being old school and long time Twitter user I for example use such faves as much if not more in the sense of bookmarks and things to keep track on for while, it doesn't equal liking or supporting something for everyone, after all with retweets, quoted or straight have a better tool to share what I like or point attention to something. So I would be careful about interpretations why someone faves something on Twitter, can be different reasons. Not saying. with that, that what Sean is doing on Twitter is any good though. I would understand if someone doesn't want to hold back their views anymore just for some alleged sense of professionalism. From a unionist POV: sometimes you have to speak up and take a risk, maybe even harm your chances for future jobs, but otherwise things never might change - but then better be clear about what is wrong and not vent in a somewhat muddy way, and from what I gather it's not that clear. I couldn't care less about the loss of Robin, aside of the usual notion of mediocre writing, I would care more about lordly treatment, mismanagement and bad working conditions. But guess that most uber-fans care more about their beloved characters than real world conditions and issues in the production of the show, so simply echoing their sentiment might be tempting. And the more fans then echo such reaction by Sean the more he gets sucked into that choir of fans whining about the dismiss of a character. Echo chamber at work.
  11. Think one problem is that though a lot of people nowadays are used to use social media most have little clue how social media work, or any kind of media even, media illiteracy is a rather common thing unfortunately. Just because people grew up with something doesn't mean they automatically understand it. That ignorance feeds very much into an anyway widespread tendency for looking for "easy" explanations (which are often getting amazingly complex though, while truly easy, or simple, and often right explanations are dismissed as unrealistic or naive) and plenty of guesswork creating some sort of logic leading to conspiracy theories: There has to be a plan, that must have been something done by someone on purpose, no way they don't know what they are doing... Add that many people stay inside what is called an echo chamber or a filter bubble, they barely get to see anything discussed outside their circles - something not so new, anyone who grew up in a smaller town or in a village or any kind of close-knit community knows something about people getting stuck in a small world and mind, ignorant to other information, but it's interesting how much such habits persist online, where we could have access to so much more and very different sources and information often with little effort. How many people are still surprised when hearing/reading that what they get to see in their Facebook timeline is filtered and sorted by Facebook, based on assumptions the Facebook team has about what you would prefer to see, assumptions drawn from statistics of your recent and past websurf behavior, likes, comments, shares, clicks, turned into an algorithm controlling your timeline? How many people still overlook, that Twitter tailors the trends shown on the websites next to your timeline to your location and who you are following? Or do you know that those trends are anyway hashtags and keywords showing a significant increase in mentions in the past hour(s), not what people at any given time are tweeting about in huge numbers? So someone at the Eastcoast sees for example #Rumbelle trending - but that doesn't mean that it's trending as well at the Westcoat at that time, let alone worldwide and it doesn't mean , that many people are tweeting about it at all, just that it is emerging as something relatively popular in a certain area at the moment (it can help to read the help sites of Twitter support, they explain some things there, and if you're tech-savvy enough you can see some differences using different proxy, VPN). Always find it cute when fandoms talk about making something trend on Twitter, often sounds like starting a hunting party for the mystical holy grail to me. It usually has nearly as little information value as most polls on popular gossip, eh, review sites have. But even something like People's Choice awards says not that much about viewer numbers and popularity, they are more about who is able to create the biggest buzz and has the most devoted fans having nothing better to do for days than to vote. Egghead accounts might be new or little maintained, so likely some troll alias or spammer, but on the other hand plenty of seemingly legit, real accounts are fakes, trolls, spammer as well. Don't get fooled by existing profile pics, bio and not even by a large number of tweets about (seemingly) different things. Spammers are getting more elaborate, bots creating such accounts are getting smarter, and trolls anyway might invest some time to have a number of accounts to use. Many of those accounts are following a number of celebs just because they assume that everyone does, so it makes them look more legit. As they follow each other to make it look like there is some circle of friends. Not to mention cases where accounts trick people into following them, pretending to be an actor, singer, some emerging or even better known celeb for a while, preferred if those have no account themselves or no verified one yet. Occasionally those accounts later claim they were just fan accounts, but frankly, if that were so they would made that visible from the start. Had such cases just recently with a different series, on Twitter and Instagram. Or those lovely accounts counting on people's compassion, performing for example as kid with cancer and so tricking people not just into following them but occasionally even manage to get a number of retweets even by celebs. Sadly social media are a paradise for cons. Looking at the rather limited range of answers and tweets by Horowitz would say he could very well let a chatbot do the work on Twitter for him. Well, maybe it is already a chatbot working for him ;-)
  12. Because it is no solution at all. Banning IP addresses is useless to get control of trolls and haters. An IP address is not like a social security number, it's not asigned to a person but devices You don't have the same IP address when using different devices, just think of the difference of home net (if you use a router your desktop, laptop and tablet at home will be a subnet, the router has the main address) and mobile internet use alone, but you might not even always have one and the same IP address when using one and the same device though. IPv4 are actually limited in number, and IPv6, a different standard with more possible addresses is still not that much in use. IP addresses are often assigned dynamically (DHCP), meaning they can change every time you disconnect or reboot the device. Banning an IP address is collective punishment, you will likely lock out a number of users from a site, not just the culprit, while the culprit with different device or the use of VPN, different proxy can very well still get access and annoy, using new accounts. While you might be able to block a simple internet consumer type casual ranter with that for a moment, it most certainly doesn't help much against the more tech-savvy trolls. Blocking/Banning is something different from figuring out the real life identity of a person eventually via the IP address they used at certain time to do a certain something, but even that is not always successful. Banning an IP address might work (more or less) for governmental censorship, aka stopping the population from getting information you don't want them to have, but that's about it.
  13. Sorry, but when I follow that link I don't get to see much besides a spammy site plagued by bad coding and advertising pop-ups. Are they talking about this project done by a fan for fans and sold at the con: http://www.badgesforftc.com/ ? Or is that another thing? I am not even sure if that is one of the event organizers or more a fan using the con to sell stuff. Before going ballistic about something I prefer to understand a bit what's going on. I agree though in general, approaching things in a respectful and more diplomatic manner is usually more successful in getting things done than a rather aggressive shouting will do, and certainly it has longer lasting merits by building good reputation.
  14. Who outside that closed FB group is even noticing that kind of bickering though? Not to mention that 175 Euro for a 2-day rather basic ticket (access to the panels, conference, vendor area, no autographs included, but you have the possibility to purchase autographs and photo-session tickets extra) is a lovely price - 3 days San Diego Comic Con with a lot more to offer are about the same price (but it's a lot more difficult to get those). I get it, such events cost money, and if you can't go big aka attract bigger crowds like comic cons you have to earn the money through high ticket prices. On the other hand, if having to pay such money can somewhat expect that people are getting finicky. I am not in that group, but would think with badges they indeed are talking about ticket design and not purchasable small pin-back buttons. Tickets at conventions often are designed as cards to wear around your neck or clip to your clothes, like name badges, sold instead of simple paper tickets. Makes them an extra item for collectors ;-) So of course people have wishes and hopes about the design.
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