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  1. CocoaGoddess

    S06.E08: Robert's Story

    Well that was depressing as hell. I knew something was up when he wasn't narrating his own episode, and I was tense and had a bad feeling the entire episode. I'm glad that I wasn't too much of an asshole while watching it, but it helps that I didn't find the parties involved all that offensive. As a side note, child molesters (Robert was a victim) can truly rot in hell.
  2. CocoaGoddess

    S05.E09: One K at a Time

    The look on Whitney's face before the start of the race was sheer terror, she looked like they were about to wheel her off for life saving surgery. Like sis, WALKING a couple of miles at a brisk pace should not put that kind of fear into your heart. There was no time limit. She wasn't required to walk or run. She didn't have money at stake. The fact that the very idea that walking was putting her into a such a state is yet another clue that your body is neglected and needs self care. How many more signals does she need? How many excuses will her family and friends make for her?
  3. CocoaGoddess

    S05.E09: One K at a Time

    This episode was a bad look for ALL of them. At one point during any of these truly pathetic incidents did it occur to her that her weight is holding her back in ALL areas of life? You can't put your own lubricant on your ass (and I'm going straight to hell, because I cackled for a good fifteen seconds at the massive width of the blurred out area that is her massive ass on the screen), you can't walk 7 minutes at a relatively normal speed without gasping for air and panting, and your feet literally cannot support you walking consistently for an hour and a half! While she's sitting there with her bottom lip quivering and writhing in agony, did "medical intervention" not flash into her head even once? Meanwhile, you have Buddy on his brand new Christian/Vegan/Atheist kick, grunting about addict behavior this, and addict tendencies that. STFU Buddy, pushing yourself to push through the pain through triumph is NOT addict behavior--especially in this instance, because I truly don't believe this heifer was in that much pain, she just wanted to suck up all of the oxygen/attention. She clearly cannot handle ANY level of discomfort because it doesn't feed into her "fit, fat and fabulous" delusions. I felt so sorry for all of the poor bastards who probably thought they were stopping to offer encouragement to the massively obese woman who at least looked to be undergoing a major lifestyle change, and couldn't help but be inspired and offer her some words of support. Clearly they don't suffer through this show the way my dumb ass does every week, and know that she was literally bribed to do this, and has no plans, no desire, no motivation to change a thing about herself, her weight, or her fitness level. Leave it to Whitney to take something positive and inspiring for all participants involved and to make it all about HER. Your 75 year old father is carrying you across the finish line, but go off sis, I guess.
  4. CocoaGoddess

    S06.E03: Alicia's Story

    These people seem too normal and well adjusted to be on this show. After last week's episode of Janine using her scooter in the McDonald's drive thru, this episode was truly lacking in snark and memorable moments. She did her own shopping, made her own food, kicked back with donuts she bought herself, wiped her own ass, wore shoes, undergarments, drove herself to Houston like ... I'm not used to patients with this kind of independence and determination. They better give us something good next week, or else! *shakes chubby fist*
  5. CocoaGoddess


    So I'm not sure how it happened, but I've started binge watching this show every Sunday afternoon on (I think) Hallmark--the Golden Girls/Reba block. I'm a little annoyed that I missed the original run of this series, I'm enjoying it so much and I think it was an interesting way to show a blended family. Still, Reba is really, really, REALLY a better person than most people would be. Can't wait to see how it ends, I hope the network gave them a proper send off.
  6. CocoaGoddess

    S05.E03: Cynthia's Story

    Currently binge watching the show through the TLC app and Chromecast, so I don't have much to add that hasn't already been said. But I did want to touch on Cynthia's financial situation a bit--my sister and her husband adopted their son about 13 years ago, and they receive a monthly stipend (I believe around $500, plus medical insurance for my nephew) for him until he is 18 years old, so if you multiply that times three, then we can definitely see how Cynthia's lifestyle is supplemented. Plus, any of those kids could have a disability related to their abuse that we don't know about, which would make them eligible for some sort of SSI benefits and food stamps.
  7. Yeah, Wes' death scene was not cool, and it was all the more infuriating that it was done by some random dude we meet ten minutes before the show ends. Just nonsensical, and there's no way in hell I will ever be convinced that this was part of the main plaaaaaan all along. They killed off the character and then decided to throw something together later on. And I'm certainly not here for Laurel: The Miniseries. I'm good on this show, I'll catch Viola in every other awesome project she will be part of.
  8. CocoaGoddess

    All Episodes Talk: Picture It. PTV. Today.

    We just have to ignore the ages I think, especially in the pilot, as Dorothy just described Stan as a 65 year old man who windsurfs ...
  9. CocoaGoddess

    All Episodes Talk: Picture It. PTV. Today.

    I'm starting the series over on Hulu! I'm so interested in seeing if these episodes are unedited, I'm sooooo sick of the edited versions on TV. It's also weird to see the ABC logo on the sitcom when it originally aired on NBC. The layout of this house is never more confusing than in the pilot. smh
  10. CocoaGoddess

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Smyrna's husband long passionate speech about hipsters made me roll my eyes and wonder how many times he practiced it, what a try hard. Didn't seem authentic to me.
  11. CocoaGoddess

    S03.E10: We're Bad People

    This was a pretty good episode, but the line about Wes packing just made his death all the more senseless. As much as I bitched about Wes, it feels like he really was a key part of the emotional component of this show (I mean, we basically got to see him grow up), and without him, that component is missing and it feels hollow. I can already feel a shift in my interest and I just don't think I'm going to like this half of the season as much as I've liked all of the previous seasons. Killing Wes off was a mistake.
  12. CocoaGoddess

    S03.E09: Episode 9

    Brenden Fraser also looked much, much hotter in reality than as the prison guard. When he had on those glasses and was comforting his special needs kid .... whoa. Hey there Brenden! (And yes, his acting was absolutely aces, I really hope he gets some kind of guest Emmy nod). With Helen, I think that she ultimately will be able to move on knowing that Noah really didn't sacrifice himself for her, but for Alison (that was the impression I got anyway, even though in Noah's POV, he stated that he did it for his "wife" and because he had an Affair. But .... he was married to Alison at the time, not Helen. Anyway ....), so that kind of frees her up to move on with her life. And Alison is right, sorry that Scotty is dead, but he was a scumbag and who knows what he would have done to Alison if given a chance. There was no way at all Helen could have avoided hitting him at all. At. All. Move on Helen and commit your asshole surgeon who adores you and your asshole children. That being said, I really, really, REALLY don't like writing in these spur of the moment conflicts for these characters that really don't make any sense in the grand scheme of the story. Helen hit Scotty years ago, why is she just now unraveling? Is it because Noah is back in her life? And five, six years later, there's still a memorial for Scotty at the side of the road? Really.... How is it that the lobster shop is so profitable now, that it totally supports all of these people and allows Cole to build a massive house on beach front property, along with the swanky, House Hunters Holy Trinity style house they currently live in? Mama Lockhart's pies that she's making in her kitchen (wtf show) are so amazing that this business venture is supporting her now? Who knew that slinging pies and lobster rolls would be so profitable in such a wealthy beach town. This doesn't make any sense. None. Noah is totally irredeemable to me now, and there's no fate I want to see him saddled with except in a canyon somewhere, screaming at the moment of his death. Or whatever. He didn't merely help his mother commit suicide, he basically drove her to it. He gave her sugar pills to make her suffer and give up living. I can't get past that. I can't get over it. He raped his ex wife and drove his mother to suicide. He's a lousy father, a lousy husband and a lousy human being in general with absolutely no redeeming qualities. If a dead Noah Solloway is what will be needed for every last one of these characters to move on and repair their lives, then they need to sacrifice his ass at an alter.
  13. CocoaGoddess

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Has anyone discussed the super hot husband from the White Bear Lake, MN episode? I swear I'm sitting here with my mouth hanging open not even paying attention to the houses ... is that how they're made in Minnesota?
  14. CocoaGoddess

    Pet Peeves: The Holy Trinity and Beyond

    After selling our house, we had to move in to a temporary apartment two years ago and the Black appliances were absolutely dreadful to keep clean. I honestly don't remember them being that difficult to keep clean when we had them in another house we rented ten years ago! I actually think it depends on the brand and the type of finish on the appliances. In our last house, the stainless steel was impossible to keep clean. In this house, they don't seem so bad at all. We have moved a lot, being in the military. I feel like everything, every style has pros and cons. I think I prefer gray cabinetry because it is a nice compromise between stark white and dark espresso and really warms the kitchen area a lot, so I will stick with that in future homes. And not necessarily I've seen a whole lot on HGTV, but I've noticed that buyers are now starting to refer to wallpaper as "wall coverings" and "wall decor". Please, it's wallpaper.
  15. CocoaGoddess

    S03.E08: Episode 8

    I'm full of self loathing that I actually watched the Cole/Alison scene three times with longing in my heart. I actually feel damaged, like one of the characters, because this is nonsensical and this won't end well. The heart wants what the heart wants.