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  1. hkit

    S04.E17: I'm in Love

    I wasn’t a fan. It’s been pretty obvious for the past few episodes they were setting Rebecca up for her big Kelly Taylor “I choose me” moment, which makes so much of the last season a waste and her revelation of her creative genius felt rushed. I’m perfectly OK with her not ending up with any of them, but I think it could have been executed better. Overall, I’m going to miss this show, but going out on a whimper instead of a bang will soften the blow.
  2. hkit

    Good Girls

    Those were my thoughts. It was heavily implied that Boomer raped her - she very likely blames the girls for putting her in that position. Although a setup like this requires more neural capacity than she has displayed to date.
  3. hkit

    S16.E03: Naughty and Nice

    I loved Blais on his season, became neutral on him once he started publicly stating he should have won over Stephanie, and grew to loathe him during the Vegas season when it was revealed that he was close with that little troll Eli. The company you keep says more about you than the character you try to play on a reality show. And you, sir, are not wanted on my TV. Brian was so obnoxious. I hope he goes soon. And his partner in hair products, Brendan, can follow.
  4. hkit

    The Ranch

    I’ve seen that this was renewed for a 4th season (parts 7 & 8). I think I’m out. I didn’t care for Rooster as a character. He had no depth. I didn’t care for Masterson as an actor. He lacks range and nuance. You don’t even want to know what I think about him as a person. Regardless, this show cannot survive without him. Other thoughts: I hate the character assassination on Mary. She was always such a fun mix of redneck, ambivalence, and having to be the adult in the room when it came to her fucked up family. I don’t like this arc with her. I hate the tired old sitcom trope of hiding things from each other. It’s so tedious. Of course Abby would find out about the herd, and of course she would react accordingly. It was so unnecessary to create drama in this way. Finally, speaking of Abby, I’ve never been a fan. She’s dramatic, immature, and selfish. She married someone who also embodies those things, but he at least seems to attempt to try to work on the marriage and make things work. I always wanted Colt with Heather, but I’m sure that won’t happen. And if it does, I won’t be around to see it. Take this one behind the barn and put a merciful end to it.
  5. hkit

    S11.E03: Right On Target

    Probably the only way we’ll ever be free of Cleen.
  6. hkit

    Forged In Fire

    I’ve scaled back to every 2nd or 3rd episode because of this. I think even the higher caliber of talent in the first season or two would have the same results with theses parameters and this stupid strength tests. And now for my controversial opinion. I like Doug and he seems like a nice guy. But I’m tired of the it will keallll tests. Knives aren’t just instruments of death; they are tools. It would be nice to see tests that don’t involve Doug wildly slashing and stabbing with large arcs from his side. Outside of being in a knife fight, who does that? Use the knife for a task that it’s intended for.
  7. hkit

    S11.E02: Not On My Watch

    I usually don’t mind Dave as a tiebreaker. Unlike Ollie and Nunez, he does tend to vote based on the art and not the artist. He is the only judge who has consistently held the contestants accountable to the challenge requirements - Ollie and Nunez both have a history of applying that arbitrarily. The only knock I have against Dave as a judge is he can be swayed by the subject material.
  8. hkit

    S04.E04: Forgiving.is.Living

    Of all the things that there are to complain about on this show, this one seems so obvious. Yet it’s why I’m out. The way women are portrayed on this show is disturbing. Only Charles's wife and whoever Spence is currently sleeping with are portrayed as intelligent, supportive, and independent characters. Everyone else is a gold digger, shrill, manipulative, and just unpleasant. Jason’s girlfriend is the woooooorst. I know I’m expecting too much out of a show that’s basically Entourage for professional athletes, but I just can’t anymore with these stereotypes. In the end, I could’ve survived the weak writing, even weaker acting, and the presence of Russel Brand.
  9. hkit

    Season 6 Discussion

    A few thoughts: I was never onboard with the Piper Hare and didn’t see why she was such a divisive character. However, I was surprisingly happy to see her released so we hopefully don’t have to see (much of) her next season. I think I’m just over her entire arc. I fast forwarded through the wedding. I couldn’t bring myself to care. Thought I’d miss the rest of the cast sent to other prisons, but I didn’t. The ensemble got too big. I found Badison pretty obnoxious but I was supposed to, I guess. The insecure bully angle was pretty overdone and one note. The only part of her storyline that was interesting to me was her flashback. It was sad that while in that scared straight program, the leader/teacher/counselor/whatever was trying to give her the life advice to get over her insecure need to win the bullies over, but instead, he inadvertently guided her into realizing her full psychotic potential. Tragic. Mackenzie Phillips was inspired casting. If you read her book, she’s detailed bug visions while high, so her hallucinations in medical with Nikki seemed very well done.
  10. hkit

    General True Crime Shows

    Watched this episode of Fear Thy Neighbor on Saturday: My favorite part of some of the ID shows is how disparate the reactors are to the real people, and this episode was heavy in talking heads from the real people. All I can say is, really ladies? This is the man you fought over?
  11. hkit

    Forged In Fire

    I think this is really the crux of the issue. The final weapons are becoming more and more esoteric, featuring many different elements. The really talented people at the beginning made a signature knife without weird twists using commonly available steel. They progress, they got a saber, which they are probably familiar with and have knowledge of making something similar, even if they had never tried before. Now contestants have to make hatchets, using less commonly available steel, in difficult to manipulate shapes. Those who survived (barely), get a bizarre lions spear, which is part axe, part blade , and almost certainly something they wouldn't have been familiar with. I'd like to see the challenges go back to the first seasons, even if it means repeating. Only then can we really compare the skill levels.
  12. hkit

    Ink Master: Angels

    It was great to see Katie - I always loved her and her personal style. She looks great, but not at all like the same quirky lady. I found it interesting that she was completely covered up in both of her scenes. I wonder what her rapid and dramatic weight loss did to her inked skin. Regardless, if she's happy with her new look, then good for her. She is one my all time IM faves.
  13. hkit

    S10.E11: Quit Buggin' Me

    That was what actually made it so brilliant. Usually when we see the artists trying to talk the canvas out of something, they are going on about how it can't be done in 6 hours, they'll leave with an incomplete piece, blah blah blah. It becomes about their limitations, and that's why the difficult canvases dig in their heels. Josh is an evil genius where he basically insults the design (even if in a passive aggressive way) and has them questioning their design choice so much that they don't bother asking things like, "Aren't roses cliche? Why does the octopus have to be in a jar? Do humpback whales and hot air balloons go together?"
  14. hkit

    S10.E11: Quit Buggin' Me

    Has this season been going on for 6 months now? Sure seems like it. Josh may be an ass, but he sure is smooth with the canvases. So much of this show is spent on strategizing for the skull pick, botching about previous skull picks, and freaking out about which skull you are going to get during the actual pick. Josh just waves it off. If he wasn't on team DJ douchenozzle, he might have won me over.
  15. hkit

    S10.E10: Some Assembly Required

    DJ and Chris arguing over if an octopus could fit in a jar was more douche than my tv could handle.