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  1. Hard to believe this was NINE years ago! Luann certainly has fallen off the high horse (camel?) since then.
  2. I do too. I like remote places that aren't perfect and trendy. Trendy makes me ill. I could live there no problem. And I can't believe that anyone would think that going to a gay bar and watching that crazy woman singing cabaret in the gaudiest outfit I've ever laid my eyes on wouldn't be hilarious and fun. I'd be way drunk tho.
  3. There are about bajillion cookbooks out there. Isa Chandra Moskowitz has tons of great vegan cookbooks including ones for just cupcakes and just pies. Robin Robertson is another great vegan chef who has written many books . It's no sacrifice to be vegan, believe me. I eat the fuck out of some food and I've been vegan for many years.
  4. Erika with her "That's not friendship, that's bullshit!" comment. How the actual fuck would Erika know know what real friendship is? Her friendships are bought and paid for. And another thing - I dont believe for a second that any of Kyle's dogs are "rescues" as she claimed on WWHL. If any of them are, please enlighten me.
  5. I am the first one to tell people that you dont judge how people grieve. Everyone has a process, but Bethenney's reaction to Dennis's death has convinced me, as if I wasn't already, that she is a textbook narcissist. "It is getting easier" at less than two months???? No bitch, that's when the reality sets in and it gets harder. Not to mention that it is just pathetic to me that she is already talking about dating. That is just sad that someone, especially someone with her resources, cannot be alone at all. It must be awful to live in her head. Her need for attention is so enormous that she can even entertain the thought of being with anyone else at this point just disgusts me. I can't imagine what it's like to be that needy. You would think her social media acolytes would keep her black hole of need satisified for just a little while, but no. And I don't believe for one second that if they truly were engaged (as if you can be engaged to a married man), that she could keep her yap shut about it. Bitch talks way too much to keep a secret like that. She can't help herself. But kadooz for the relief work. I guess. She does that for attention and validation too, but the people are being helped and that's really all that matters.
  6. Right there with you. Once you walk down the rows of the shelter with dogs and cats on either side of you and they are all pretty much doomed and you have to decide who you are going to rescue that day and who you are going to have leave there to die, if you still think breeding is ok in any form or fashion you have a black, rotted soul. I don't believe in responsible breeding - I've never witnessed such a thing even from ones that have waiting lists and make you drive across the country to get the puppy and all the things "responsible" breeders are supposed to do. They are part of the problem, period. ETA I love Amanda, she's a badass.
  7. I did too! I thought "oh man, Robb better watch out - she's gonna F his shit up." I LOVE Dr. Foster.
  8. I just kept thinking, "It's Fiore, he'll be back to kill another day!"
  9. Thank you! I am so distracted by her makeup and weird lips that I can't even hear what she says most of the time. She is SO desperate in regard to Gus, it's just hard to even watch.
  10. Cudlitz seemed to indicate on TD that the dog was fine.
  11. I hate that I have something in common with Gage. When I leave the house, I also say "Bye puppies and kitties!" Every. Single. Time.
  12. I thought she was just plain bitchy. I would have clocked her if I were Ricki after JL made that dig about the fire Ricki started being "so irresponsible!" I'm sure that's one of the, if not THE biggest regret of R's life and for JL to say that and immediately follow it with "I'm not judging you." Nope.
  13. Ditto. And I despise her even more after seeing what a douche JL was on WWHL last night. Her appearance on there ruined her for me and I always LOVED her. She was so fake, . So "hollywood."
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