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  1. Deadline says they are moving up the hiatus due to positive COVID tests in "Zone A", which apparently includes actors. Hard to say how many episodes they will be able to produce.
  2. I get what you are saying, not sure where Judge Ito came into this - haa haaaa!!! I'm just saying, I worked for over 20 years in law, no Judge, even in small claims court, is going to figure out who the crockpot belongs too. They are backed up, they need to move it along. It's a waste of time and money. That's just it. Not small claims, but in Civil Cases, like a bad divorce, usually the Judge will tell the attorneys their clients need to negotiate who owns "the pots and pans" or they will just make a decision one way or the other and fast. There's just no time to ar
  3. In fairness to JJ, I worked in law. Most judges aren't going to figure out who the silverware or the crockpot belongs too. They'd be there all day on one case and they are already backed up. I haven't watched in awhile, was today the first new episode since the pandemic?
  4. I agree Mathis was way easier to watch with the new format. Maybe it will just take some getting used to but I hated the Zoom on People's Court.
  5. JMO - the Hosts aren't the problem - the Z-list celebrity dancers are the problem. I don't think Tyra solves the ratings problem if they don't get better celebrities. And yeah, if this crashes and burns, Tyra is on the hook.
  6. Yeah, I love Firefly - I was talking about commercially successful series - not quality. Might have worded that wrong. Anyway, happy for him.
  7. Yeah, happy for him. He had some losers before he hit with Castle and now The Rookie.
  8. Homecomofficial has a Rookie conference May 16th, All the main players, including Nathan, will join in. Pretty sure I spelled the link wrong,
  9. Yeah, I don't know how close the virus breaking was to this being filmed, maybe they were rushing to write and film it I liked the first part - this part was just bad. Who knows?
  10. WAYYYYY too Predictable. I was hoping they'd throw suspicion on a bunch of characters but they zeroed in on Armstrong early. Always hate when the lead is put in danger on the cliffhanger it is ridiculous. We all know he is coming back. It's so 80's too me. Disappointed.
  11. All the shows likely know by now if they are coming back or not. Shooting starts in July and pre-production starts late March (Covid will push it back of course - but they all know).
  12. NF apparently let it slip in an interview today that Season 3 is a go. Don't want to spoil, but talked about the Season 2 Finale leading into Season 3,
  13. I though this was a mess from beginning to end, and I love Patricia Heaton. It looked bad visually. Instead of feeling I was in a hospital, I could see the sets. They underused Kyle M. The mess with her husband and 2 women writers quitting because of it must have caused chaos behind the scenes. JMO, For her next project, she needs to leave the husband at home and team a Producer who has a lot of experience and a proven track-record. Not sure if he wants to do another comedy, but I were Heaton I'd be giving Phil Rosenthal a call.
  14. It's one of those things - chemistry is hard. If they get a 3rd Season (and it looks like it is in the bag) they have to address this. If they want Nolan to get a love-interest, they need to find someone he has chemistry with and they can write for. It just hasn't worked so far. It's a problem on this show. They also need to start making Nolan less of a boy-scout and be a person. A lot to do this off-season.
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