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  1. The cheesy, terrible dragon flying scene was sort of predicted by an Australian TV cult hero (he mashes TV/movie scenes with political goings-on) when he combined the wall destroying scene from last season's finale with The Neverending Story. It's all I could think about when watching it. https://youtu.be/lun3MCpZA48
  2. I appreciated 'After Life'. I couldn't like it because I found the subject matter hard going at the moment but I enjoyed most of the tertiary characters. I liked 'Derek' mostly too though. My personal context is worlds away from anyone discussing it on the podcast so maybe that accounts for a different interpretation. No arguments that Gervais can be a self-indulgent wanker however! And now I feel self-indulgent for typing this!
  3. Kat and Jocelyn were great guests - looking forward to tracking down their podcast. Alyssa Sutherland (mentioned as appearing in an upcoming 'SVU') is not one of 'the' Sutherlands. She's an Australian model turned actress. I know this because she won a modelling comp for a teen magazine here and I was thrilled when a popular mean girl told me I looked like her. After reading the 'Vikings' forums, I see that her looks are pretty divisive so it was probably an insult!
  4. Thank you for the Game Time Raymond - I especially love the quizzes that require a bit of word play. My husband says I don't laugh enough so he was thrilled to hear my reaction to the Perfect Strangers clue.
  5. I'm an Australian who has never watched 'Rake' but have family and friends who enjoy it. I don't think it's my jam but I thought that about 'Outlander' and now I'm considering giving it a crack. Sadly the TalkBack radio host inspires race riots storyline was ripped from the headlines here https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2012-10-02/tribunal-rules-alan-jones-incited-hatred/4292052 On 'Bodyguard', as a viewer of the UK 'The Office', it was impossible not to yell "there's been a rape up there" or other lines every time Mike was on the screen.
  6. As an Australian, Michael's attempt at the accent was better than whatever the actress playing Simone was trying to do. It really took me out of the show so I hope there's a good explanation for it - not like there isn't a lot of Australian actors they could have cast. Worse for me was looking on Twitter to see if the accents were really bothering anyone else only to find a whole heap of Americans shocked that Australia isn't all white people.
  7. I was waiting for Windward Circle the entire game time - very lucky for Tara to get it as the last question. There's another possible episode for the Nonac. The worst part of it was an actress (Sherilyn Fenn) they later brought back as another character who is possibly the worst part of the whole series and I'm pretty sure there was a lot of Miss Celine as well. I'm glad Alex Borstein won an Emmy this year but I still find it hard to look past that role.
  8. The five months thing threw me especially considering how much Iris Apatow as Arya has aged!
  9. The book with John's essay is called 'Neptune Noir: Unauthorized Investigations into Veronica Mars". There is at least one copy on a bookshelf in regional Australia (spoiler: it's mine).
  10. Well, Landry's a dick here. I enjoyed it; I love thinking being proven wrong when I think I've figured out where something is going which Black Mirror does to me consistently.
  11. I was so excited to hear Tara discuss 'Rosehaven' - it's amazing. As an Australian, Celia Pacquola is a national treasure. Daniel and Emma's friendship is definitely platonic (4 episodes into season 2 and not even a whiff of this changing).
  12. The audio of Duncan attacking the car sounded like a 'grunty' tennis player. Since racquets aren't made of wood anymore, I can't think of an appropriate pun.
  13. Was Debbie keeping Frannie in a cat carrier whilst she worked?
  14. I found the whole Haaron 'redemption arc' to be in line with his character - everything was a calculated act and he could justify all of his behaviour (even the most heinous) because of his past and the occasional good deed. Or maybe I, like others, loved HH's performance so much I totally fanwanked it.
  15. Due to geographical challenges, we originally viewed this episode in a format that required me to check the quality before we started watching. The bit that I randomly clicked to was 'the kiss'. Instead of being annoyed at such a spoiler, I was captivated by it and watched it over and over (and pretended to be surprised when I watched with my husband later). The music, the cheesy crane shots, the acting...all perfect! I wasn't ever really a Logan fan but it was a great moment.
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