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  1. kitticup

    Small Talk: a.k.a. 'The Meet Market'

    Thanks camera one!
  2. kitticup

    Small Talk: a.k.a. 'The Meet Market'

    So I saw the last episode and it good. I like Tilley and think the voodoo doc is a good match for Regina. I haven't watched this season since the third episode and was wondering which episodes I should watch if I only interested in Hook and Tilley. If this is the wrong thread, moderators feel free to move it. It's been so long I forgot my username.
  3. kitticup


    I saw the pilot at comic con and I saw it last night. It seems they really chopped it up to make it 30 minute instead of an hour. I can't put my finger on what exactly was missing but my recollection was that it was longer with more scenes to make it flow. It's a shame. It it was ok. I will give it a chance.
  4. Youtube has most of the panels now.. here is one link : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SqQi_E60BGY
  5. kitticup

    The Exorcist in the Media

    If you want get tickets, you have to first get a member id months before comic con. Go to the comic com web page to see how to enroll. Then in April or March, you will get an email telling you when tickets will be sold online and a link to the online sale. On that day you go on line, login into the waiting room and hope you get selected to go into the purchase room. My friend got the ticket but only one day. The other days were sold out. I hope you like San Diego. I live there and like it a lot.
  6. kitticup

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    Zumpie has Colin's parts ink the new Warrior panel yesterday. It's the hot guys panel http://zumpie.tumblr.com/post/163264639958/sdcc-2017-brave-new-warriors-panel-with-colin
  7. kitticup

    The Exorcist in the Media

    Yes, I believe those were the names and what I meant. Neither man was there. I forgot got to add they thanked the fans.
  8. kitticup

    The Exorcist in the Media

    I went to the panel and enjoyed it. John Cho, Brianna, Alfonso, Ben, Kurt and 2 producer types were on the panel. Ben seemed really into it. He seemed giddy. Brianna is a big horror film fan. She seemed happy to be on the show. The only thing is she didn't get a lot of questions I felt bad for her. When they filmed in Mexico City, Alfonso took his co stars to Lucha Libre and got them ant egg pizza. apparently the director of the film was not happy about the series, but the book writer was fine. The producers met with some exorcists off the record. They said that the priests were very soft spoken, but had very frightening stories. So these priests were the best actors in the world or they truly believed what they were saying. The Regan twist was not something they pitched to the network. Most of the cast was not aware of it. Although Ben felt that the mom had to been possessed because she so readily knew something was wrong. He was very astute. Spoilers
  9. kitticup

    The Exorcist in the Media

    I am going to Comic Con on Thurs and will try to get into the Exorcist panel (no guarantees). I saw the premiere last year but left early because I wanted to go another panel (star trek, i think) so I left before most of the q and a. Alll three priests will be there. i am pretty excited.
  10. kitticup

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    I went to D23 and felt the EW covered the panel well. I will add that explaining the Cinderella thing, E&A talked about how different cultures had their own versions of a character of Cinderella so you could different versions of the same character. Second episode is very Hook heavy. A&E seemed to be trying to make all fandom happy. They seemed to try to stop trolling, like when asked if other actors might appear in episodes, they started to hedge, but then said definitely yes. I was surprise we didn't get any sneak peaks. The energy was a little lower than before. ETA: I was surprised that they didn't take questions from the audience.
  11. kitticup

    The Cast in Other Lands/Roles

    Good for Jennifer.
  12. Colin and A&E are going to be ar D23. Yay!!! I am going.
  13. kitticup

    OUAT vs. Other Fairy Tales: Compare & Contrast

    I always think of Voyager when I think of OUAT too. Both had the potential to be stellar. The cast was great, although OUAT is better. The premise awesome, but the writing ream and show runners of the shows Bergman and braga (killer b's) and A&E, threw everything away. Technobabble was answer in Voyager, like magical macgruffin in OUAT. Seven of nine dominated the show like Regina and the other characters suffered for it. At least, Lana wasn't sleeping with A or E, unlike Jeri Ryan with Braga. I have loved Star Trek since I was a little girl. Voyager killed a lot of my enthusiasm for all things Trek. I refuse to watch anything Braga is a producer of (like Salem), even when he is working with DS9 producer, Ron Moore, whom I love. Fortunately, there only collaboration since/during Voyager was a Mission Impossible movie. Braga was so thin skinned that he and Moore had a major falling out when Moore joined Voyager to help make it better after DS9 ended. I believe they patched things up. Regardless, I don't bother to go watch the Trek reboot on screen unless I am with a friend who wants to go. It's sad because I did love Star Trek. I will watch TOS repeats on TV, support most Trek actors by watching their shows, and went to Comic Con last year because they had a few Trek panels for the anniversary. I ended up liking the other panels better. I go to the smaller panels, not the big ones that you see on youtube. Maybe because I went in with a whole history of loving Trek and watched it destroyed by B&B, that I don't feel as strongly about A&E. it is unlikely I will watch anything they produced, but not out of the question, unlike with B&B. I also refuse to watch anything in which Ryan stars, while I can see myself watching Lana in another series.
  14. Wow! I have new found respect for Bobbie, granted he is probably in a better position than the others with respect to career prospects and being at a much later point in his career so can afford to be more open. At the same time, I feel so bad for Josh. He has been such a good sport about everything.
  15. kitticup

    S09.E01: Los Angeles Qualifiers

    I don't have a problem with top 5 woman moving through so long as no more wildcards to women. The last couple of years the wildcards all seemed to go to women. I probably would cap at 3, but not a big deal. I think the women did well overall. I liked the episode. I love Flip. Hated him before. Love Kevin bull, esikmoo ninja, the single mom.